American Airlines AAdvantage Dining - Thing you need to understand

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Let's learn how to use the AAdvantage dining plan to instantly earn AAdvantage points when you dine out.

What is AAdvantage Dining?

American Airlines' dining rewards portal AAdvantage Dining allows you to earn AAdvantage points from dining at eligible restaurants. You can earn AAdvantage points every time you dine at AAdvantage dining restaurants by enrolling a card into the program.

These earnings can be used in conjunction with the miles or points you earn via your credit card, and not as an alternative. This means that you can double-dip your mileage earnings by using an AAdvantage card and AA dining.

Earn miles with AAdvantage Dining

Members of AAdvantage dining earn a base rate of one mile for every dollar spent at participating restaurants. Choosing to receive email from AAdvantage Dining can increase that earning rate up to three miles per $1. This makes opting in to emails a crucial choice for enrollment.

The best thing about this is that you don't have to do anything at the restaurant in order to earn these miles. You don't need to present a membership card, or receive a punch on a frequent diner punch card. To earn AAdvantage points, all you have to do to get them is to pay with an enrolled card.

AAdvantage Dining VIP Membership

Frequent diners get more miles. You'll be awarded VIP status after you have completed 11 qualifying dines within a calendar year. You'll start earning five miles for every dollar you spend starting with your 12th qualifying meal. You'll keep earning at this rate until the end of next calendar year.

You'll be earning more than standard members, and you can also earn miles at more restaurants. VIP members have direct access to VIP Member Services if they have any concerns.

American Airlines Dining: New Member Bonus

New members of the AAdvantage Dining program have the opportunity to earn bonus miles if they complete certain tasks within a specified timeframe after signing up. At the time of writing, new members could earn 1,000 bonus miles for spending $25 or more in the first 30 days after they open a new account.

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Be sure to read all terms and conditions before accepting this bonus. To qualify for a bonus, you may be required to review the restaurant online. This requirement might not be stated in all places that the bonus is advertised.

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These bonus miles will not count towards elite status as loyalty points. This is because these bonus miles are not considered elite status-related.

How to locate a AAdvantage dining restaurant

AA Dining has compiled thousands upon thousands of restaurants participating across the country. Go to the AAdvantage dining search page and enter your zip code or city name to find restaurants near you. The search results will list all restaurants within 30 miles of your location unless you specify otherwise.

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Entering a name of a restaurant or type can help narrow down your options.

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Not all participating restaurants are located in large cities. There are approximately 3,000 participating restaurants located within 30 miles of New York City. AAdvantage Dining offers 16 restaurants within 30 minutes of Odessa in Texas, including four Jack in the Box.

Choosing between dining programs

A number of U.S.-based airlines offer similar dining rewards programs. You might be wondering if you could enroll in all these programs and earn miles for every meal. This is not possible.

All of these portals are operated by the same company, Rewards Network. Enrolling in a credit card through one program will unenroll it from any other program.

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You can't combine Citi Merchant Offers and the AAdvantage Dining Program. You can't enroll your Citi card in any Citi Merchant Offer that is related to dining. This card will be removed from all airline dining reward programs. This means that you will need to choose whether you want to earn miles via the AA dining rewards program, or cashback on dining purchases via Citi Merchant Offers. You can't do both.

American Airlines Credit and Dining Cards Stackable

You'll be able to rack up AAdvantage points by enrolling an AAdvantage card in the AAdvantage dining program. This will allow you to earn AAdvantage points through both your credit card purchases and the dining program.

You can maximize your earnings by achieving VIP status and using an AAdvantage credit cards that reward dining purchases to maximize your earnings. The Citi(r), AAdvantage(r), Platinum Select(r), World Elite Mastercard (r) earns you two AAdvantage points per dollar spent at restaurants. A VIP member can earn seven AAdvantage points per dollar by enrolling in AAdvantage dining and using the card at participating restaurants.

We found that the base value for AAdvantage miles was 1.2 cents per -- though you can often get more value through Web Special and premium cabin award.

Frequent diners may be eligible for AAdvantage elite status by simply dining out. To earn 30,000 loyalty points, you would need to spend $5,000 on qualifying meals at a maximum earning rate. This is enough to get AAdvantage Gold elite status.

You can earn American Airlines miles by dining at AAdvantage dining.

Enrolling in AAdvantage dining is the first step to earn AAdvantage points from restaurant purchases. Once you have signed up, make sure you read the terms and conditions to receive a bonus or email. Register a card, find a participating restaurant and start earning 3x miles for dining purchases.

If you are serious about accumulating AAdvantage points and miles, then you will need to use an AAdvantage card and attend at least 11 qualifying dining events. You'll be able to earn VIP status and 5x miles for qualifying dines until the end of the calendar year. To continue earning miles, eat at participating restaurants.

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