Budget - Ideas That Work

When looking for a budget planner some people find it necessary to go to a cash based budget system. This is sometimes referred to as the "envelope method." It works by simply cashing your paycheck and depositing only the amount you need to cover the checks you write for bills or to cover payments that are set up as an automatic withdraw from your bank account.

The cash that remains is divided into several envelopes labeled for expenses such as gas, food, etc. When the money in any envelope is gone, if you need to make any additional purchases you would either shift money from one of the other envelopes or just wait until your next payday. If you stick with it this budget system really aids you to develop good budgeting habits.

You may eventually find that there are no more expenses to cut and you need to come up with a source of additional income. This doesn't necessarily require you to go out and take on a second job, although that is an option.

If your looking for a free budget planner and the idea of the envelope system appeals to you, but you would rather not have stacks of envelopes on your desk and your just more comfortable in front of your computer try Mvelopes Personal.

Here are some ways to increase your available income without getting a second job:

First, review your tax return. Are you paying Uncle Sam to much money each week? If you're using your income tax return as a savings acount and getting a large refund every year, you're allowing the government to borrow your money interest free! In my opinion this just doesn't make good sense. You probably wouldn't make a loan to me interest free, why do it with your tax dollars! Consider raising your number of exemptions. You can fill out a new W-4 form by visiting your Human Resource department or manager.

Next, save and invest wisely to earn some dividends. This is your money working for you instead of you working for your money!

Third, learn new skills that could help you get raise or a promotion, maybe even a better job. Get your GED or college degree, if you haven't done so already. There is a lot of financial assistant available today to continue your education, and you may even be able to attend college for free.

Fourth, think about starting your own home based business. There are a variety of tax deductions you can claim with a home based businesses, plus the added bonus of the extra income that may come from just a few hours effort a week. Owning your own business may not have been in your plans, but you never know you may enjoy it enough to turn it into your next career!

Using a budget planner and living within your budget is possible, but you must have a good reason to motivate yourself. Track all of your expenses. Eliminate expenses for things you can do without or increase your income if need be. Set up a simple budget and stick to it. Make a decision to implement some changes in your spending habits and do it today.

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