Financial Resolutions

Are you ready to start a new year with a new outlook on money? Don’t let this be a resolution that wears off by January 31. If you resolve to change your spending habits and stick to it, you’ll have a brighter future.

Have you got the recession blues or even just the recession fears? There’s never been a more important time to be careful with your money. The state of the economy doesn’t indicate that things are going to get better any time soon and those who live on cash and get out of debt will be in better shape to ride out the financial storm that’s upon us.

How do you get out of debt when your income is down?

It’s important to cut expenses and pay your bills on time as much as possible.  Do MORE than the minimum payment and you’ll inch your way towards being debt free. Strive ot save money and for every bit of money you save, use that to your advantage by: stocking up on essentials, putting money away for emergencies and paying down your debt.

Bargain hunting is fun once you get started and you can even get your family in on the challenge to see who can find the family ways to save money.  From saving on your hydro bill to your automobile expenses to groceries, you can cut corners here and there that can help you get debt free and have more disposable income!

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