Making the Credit Card Companies Work for You

Believe it or not, there is a way to come out ahead in the credit card game instead of it being one-sided. If you are able to be financial saavy and resist temptation, then there are actually many benefits and was to save money!

The first rule of thumb is to always treat your credit card bill like a utility bill or rent/mortage payment…pay it in full, on time all the time. If you are there emotionally and financially with your budget then the world is yours…and your credit rating can do nothing but go up.

Decide what you really want the credit card for…they all have different perks and offers to consider. On the road a lot? Then check out gas credit cards or cards that offer airline miles or hotel rewards. If you have a family to feed, there are some offering grocery and dining discounts.

Also, don’t just snatch your first offer or settle with the cards you have, go out and take the time to compare credit cards so that you aren’t screwing yourself over with hidden fees. When’s the last time you looked at your APR, late fees or annual fees on your statement? You are probably overpaying and missing out.

once you start using your credit cards wisely, you’ll see the impact when you start to receive good offers, not junk ones. I’m talking the premium cards with cash back bonuses and other lucrative rewards that come a long with your good credit rating that will reflect your responsible credit habits. Just don’t fall back into old spending habits or stop paying balances in full every month or it can become a credit nightmare…we’ve all been there and that’s what these companies are just waiting for…to jack up your rates and cash in on late and over the limit payments. Don’t do it, stay in charge and they will be putty in your hands :)

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