What Can You Do To Repair Your Credit And Boost Your Credit Score?

Credit repair is something that can make a big difference for you. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your bad credit report so that you appear to be not only credit-worthy but worthy of a promotion or worthy to a potential soul mate. Yes, even your love life could be impacted by your credit history.

Because credit is such an important factor to people today in terms of their ability to reach their goals, a lot of people now talk about credit history when they are building a relationship. Your poor history could make you less than attractive to a person you are interested in building a future with because it could hamper their goals and plans.

Note: Time doesn’t really heal all credit wounds. Even if you’ve laid low long enough that seven years has passed, you still need a good credit score.

Here are some credit score boosting tips to help:

  • A secured / pre-paid credit card. You pay the credit card company a deposit (they usually keep the interest) and you pay fees to use it as a normal credit card. They report to credit bureaus that you pay your bills on time. You can get two or three types of prepaid credit cards in Canada, for instance. Consider Home Trust Secured Visa and Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard, for help. (Note: Debit cards or pre-paid credit cards typically do not report to credit reporting agencies.
  • Check your credit history with TransAmerica and Equifax to ensure that there are no errors. You can also work to negotiate with bad debt lenders listed to pay off your debts. Some will agree to update the file once you’ve paid off your outstanding balance.
  • A car loan can help. Only do this if you aren’t out of your depth with your finances (i.e: you are solvent) and if you buy a car you can afford. Car financing companies will often approve bad credit car loans but generally with a high interest rate and often a sizeable deposit will be required. If you shop around for a good deal and stick to a payment you can afford, you will probably help your credit. Be sure to deal with a financing company that does take the time to report payments monthly.
  • A secured loan. If you have collateral, you can often obtain a loan that you can use to boost your credit score.

Time can heal things and making payments on time will help. Do be careful you don’t sink into an abyss of debt in an effort to make your credit report look better. Consider living on a cash budget such as with the money jar budget and be sure to use credit wisely.

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