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American Airlines’ AAdvantage(r), elite status provides both domestic and international travellers a lot of value, especially when you consider the shared status benefits that American Airlines offers on certain of its partner airlines.

A glance: American Airlines AAdvantage status

American Airlines AAdvantage is free for travelers. However, depending on how frequently you fly and how much you spend on credit cards, you may be eligible for up to four elite status levels. Here are the differences.


Platinum Pro

Executive Silver

Mileage bonus
40% 60% 80% 120%

No cost checked bags
1 2 3 3

Free upgrade window
24 hours 48 hours 72 hours 100 hours

Upgrade-eligible Airlines
American American American and Alaska Airlines American and Alaska Airlines

Loyalty Choice Reward
None None 1 Multiple

Status benefits for partner airlines
Yes Yes Yes Yes

American Airlines AAdvantage Gold Status

What does a Gold status get you?

Members with Gold status earn 40% more miles for cash tickets than members with basic AAdvantage. Unlimited auto-requested complimentary upgrades are available, as well as an upgrade for one companion flight for someone who is traveling on the same flight. Upgrades may not be confirmed until 24 hours prior to your departure.

Priority check-in is available, as well as priority security, boarding and boarding. You will also receive complimentary preferred seats, Main Cabin extra seats, priority security, boarding and boarding, priority security, a discount Admirals Club membership, and many other perks. You’ll also get basic perks when flying with Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways or oneworld(r), alliance partners.

How can I get Gold status?

You must earn 30,000 loyalty points within a 12-month period that begins on March 1, each year, in order to attain AAdvantage Gold status. Loyalty points can be earned by:

  • Traveling with American Airlines, American Eagle or any other oneworld alliance airline.
  • American Airlines credit cards earn 1 Loyalty point for every eligible AAdvantage miles earned.
  • Earn miles with AAdvantage eShopping and AAdvantage Dining. SimplyMiles is another program.

American Airlines AAdvantage platinum status

What does Platinum status mean for me?

You can earn 60% more miles when you are a Platinum member. You’ll get all the Gold status benefits plus priority bag delivery, a longer confirmation window for upgrades, free Main Cabin Extra seating, and more benefits from Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

How can I get Platinum status?

To attain AAdvantage Gold status you will need to earn 75,000 loyalty points within a 12-month period that begins on March 1, each year.

American Airlines AAdvantage platinum Pro status

What does Platinum Pro status mean to me?

Platinum Pro status will allow you to earn 80% more miles for cash tickets once you have reached that level. Platinum Pro benefits include an extended upgrade confirmation window, complimentary upgrades with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines, same-day flight changes, and other benefits.

You’ll also be eligible for Loyalty Choice Reward if you are a Platinum Pro and fly at least 30 segments within the same 12-month period. This may include systemwide upgrades, discount coupons, Admirals Club passes, and other benefits.

How do I qualify for Platinum Pro status?

To earn Platinum Pro status, you will need to earn 125,000 loyalty points within 12 months starting March 1, each year.

American Airlines Executive Platinum status

What does Executive Platinum status mean to me?

Executive Platinum members receive 120% more miles for cash tickets when they are at the top tier of AAdvantage status than basic members. Executive Platinum members get all the Platinum Pro tier benefits. They also receive complimentary upgrades on award tickets.

How can I get Executive Platinum status?

Executive Platinum status can be earned if you earn 200,000 loyalty points within 12 months that begin on March 1, each year.

What American Airlines elite status level would be best for me?

It can be worth pursuing elite status if your home airport serves as a hub for American Airlines, or if you are loyal to American Airlines when you fly. Your ability to travel frequently, your desire for benefits and your willingness to fulfill the requirements will determine the status that is right for you.

For those who just want to get free upgrades

With just Gold status you can get complimentary upgrades. This can be quite easy if you have an American Airlines credit cards. You won’t receive a confirmation until 24hrs before your departure. This means that other elite status members will be ahead of you on this waitlist.

Even if you don’t receive a first-class upgrade you can still get preferred seating and possibly even a Main Cabin Additional seat

Flying a lot

If you fly more than 30 segments per year, you should aim to attain at least Platinum Pro status. This gives you complimentary upgrades on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines and one Loyalty Choice Award.

If your AAdvantage miles are a lot

Executive Platinum might be a good choice if you are a business traveler, have accumulated a lot of miles through other means, and travel frequently. You can receive complimentary upgrades on award tickets, more award availability per flight, free alcohol and snacks, regardless of the cabin you are in, and much more.

American Airlines AAdvantage Credit Cards

American Airlines’ co-branded credit cards are the best way to achieve elite status. While Loyalty points can be earned with any credit card or credit card, there are no differences in the way you earn them. However, some credit cards may have additional perks that you can use to achieve elite status.