• Prequalification online
  • Funding available in a matter of hours
  • Refinance personal loans


  • Credit score requirements are high
  • All loans come with an origination fee

The essential information you need about an Axos bank personal loan

Axos Bank, a full-service online bank, was founded in 2000 in San Diego. The bank offers personal loans as well as a variety of business and personal financial services such checking accounts, mortgages and investment accounts.

Axos Bank offers customers free access to ATMs throughout the country. Online personal loans cannot be obtained, but you can contact the bank by phone or email if you have any questions.

Online prequalification

Axos Bank makes it easy to apply for a loan. You can also see the terms and rates available on personal loans. According to Axos Bank, the entire process takes less than three minutes. Potential loan offers will be displayed quickly based upon the information you provide about income, credit and employment. However, you will need to support this with documentation once you submit a loan application.

Same-day funding available

Axos personal loans may be transferred to your bank account as soon as you agree to the loan terms. It can take up to 2 business days for your money to reach you, according to the company. You should also consider your bank’s policies.

Loans require a fee for origination

Axos charges an origination charge of between 1% to 2% depending on your credit score. This fee is taken from your loan funds. Insufficient funds fees can also be applied if there isn’t enough money in your account to pay a payment. Late fees may also apply if payments aren’t made on time.

A closer view of an Axos Bank personal Loan

  • Minimum credit score of 700 is required to qualify for an Axos bank personal loan. This is higher than what other lenders require.
  • A relatively high minimum APR — Personal Loans from Axos Bank come with an APR of 7.15% to 17.99%. Although this maximum APR is lower that some lenders, it’s possible to find a lower minimum elsewhere.
  • Axos Bank loans range from $5,000 to $50,000. This is a higher minimum than what you will find at other lenders and a lower maximum.
  • Flexible loan terms You might be able choose between three and six year loan terms
  • Refinance your personal loan at a lower interest or for a longer term.
  • No cosigners — Axos bank does not allow cosigners for personal loans.
  • Personal loans are available in all 50 states by Axos bank

For whom is an Axos bank loan suitable?

Axos Bank might be a good choice for someone with credit scores of 700 or less. This is the minimum required for personal loan borrowers. Axos Bank has a lower maximum APR than most competitors. This means that you are more likely to get a better rate here than elsewhere, especially if your credit is good. You may be able to find other lenders that have a lower minimum rate if you have excellent credit.

How to Apply with Axos Banking

Axos Bank allows you to apply online for a personal loan. Before you apply for a personal loan from Axos Bank, make sure that you meet all requirements. These are the requirements:

  • Minimum 700 credit scores
  • You can prove income
  • Minimum of four years credit history

Once you are ready to move on, you will prequalify using an easy online form that takes only three minutes. Fill out the form to determine how much money you want to borrow, for what purpose, and your contact information. Axos suggests that you have your Social Security number and a valid ID to speed up the process.

If you are eligible, you will receive loan offers and other options as soon as you complete the prequalification process. You will need documents to prove your income and assets if you decide to proceed. These documents can include:

  • Paystubs
  • W-2s
  • Returns on taxes
  • Statements from banks
  • Statements of benefits

The Axos Bank Underwriting Team will receive completed applications. Loan decisions are usually made within 48 hours. Axos will require you to link a bank account. This will allow the company to deposit your loan funds, and to collect automatic payments.

Axos Bank loans have a fixed interest rate, and a fixed monthly payment. This is similar to personal loans. There are no prepayment penalties for paying off your loan early.

Are you unsure if Axos Banking is right for your needs? These are some alternatives.

  • SoFi – SoFi may be an option if you want to avoid fees. You don’t have to pay late fees or origination fees and loans as high as $100,000 are possible.
  • Happy Money :If you are looking to consolidate your debt, a Happy Money “Payoff Loan” is a good option. It is specifically designed to help you get out of credit card debt. This also includes paying your creditors directly.