Credit Karma Study

October 28, 2022

According to the 2020-2021 U.S. Census estimates, Buffalo, New York has a population close to 277,000. Buffalo is the 78th largest city in the United States. Credit Karma data for August 17, 2022 shows that the average total debt of the 103.801 Credit Karma members living in Buffalo is $30,000. This includes auto loans, auto leases as well as student loans, mortgages, credit cards balances, and medical debt. (Click here to see the complete methodology.

Continue reading to see a snapshot on Buffalo’s debt.

Snapshot of Credit Karma Stat

Total debt in Buffalo

Buffalo’s 103,801 Credit Karma members had a total debt of $5.6 billion. While the average individual debt was $30,480, the median overall debt was only $92,211. This means that only a small portion of Buffalo’s residents have more overall debt than the rest of the population. This debt has an average payment of $339.

Credit Karma members have an average national debt of $49,454 and a median of $11,223.

Buffalo’s debt dial


Image: buffalodebtgauge

Student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and credit card debt in Buffalo

Below is a table that shows the average and median debt levels of Credit Karma members from Buffalo.

Debt type

Credit Karma members who have debt type

Average debt

Median debt

Average next payment
Auto loan 64,978 $20,253 $16,780 $488
Student loan 45,578 $31,687 $16,426 $44
Hypothec Mortgage 27,533 $154,142 $124,418 $1,209
Credit card 97,390 $5,304 $2,407 $161

How does Buffalo’s population compare with the national average? Below is a table that compares the national average to the averages for Credit Karma members in Buffalo.

Debt type

Average national credit of Credit Karma members

Buffalo member average debt
Auto loan $24,042 $20,253
Student loan $32,004 $31,687
Hypothec Mortgage $235,194 $154,142
Credit card $6,469 $5,304

Credit Karma members in Buffalo had overall less debt than the national average across all categories.

Where does Buffalo rank in comparison to other cities?

We compared the average Credit Karma member living in 100 top cities by population, according to U.S. Census population estimates for 2021.

Buffalo is the 100th most expensive city in the world, with the highest overall debt. Credit Karma members rank it 97th out of 100. This means that Buffalo is the fourth-lowest overall debt among Credit Karma members.

Here are the rankings of Buffalo against other top 100 American cities:

  • Auto loan debt: 93rd most
  • Credit card debt: 92nd most expensive
  • Student loan debt: 54th highest
  • Mortgage debt: 95th highest

Credit inquiries, past-due accounts and credit inquiries in Buffalo

Credit Karma members in Buffalo had an average VantageScore 3.0 credit score of 661, while the median was 668. Both are good scores. Credit Karma members had a national average VantageScore 3.0 score of 673 and a median score of 682.

Buffalo residents had on average four credit inquiries, while the national average was 4.

Buffalo residents have an average of 0.82 accounts 30 days overdue. Nationally, the average account is 0.74.


We analyzed the accounts and transactions of approximately 103,800 Credit Karma members who were active within the past 36 months to determine the averages for each type of debt. This included auto lease, credit card, auto loan, credit cards, student loans, medical, total, and auto loan. The averages were calculated using information from TransUnion credit reports for members from the 90-day period prior to data pull on Aug. 17, 2022. This analysis includes auto lease, credit card, student loan, auto loan, credit cards, mortgage and medical debt. All numbers were round to the nearest whole in this report.

All data in this article were pulled Aug. 17, 2022.