A note from our editor Are you looking for auto insurance for the very first time? Or are you trying to lower your monthly insurance premiums by shopping around for insurance companies? This article is a good place to start your research on car insurance. While you won’t see the exact rates we found, you […]

A note from our editor Are you looking for auto insurance for the very first time? Or are you trying to lower your monthly insurance premiums by shopping around for insurance companies? This article is a good place to start your research on car insurance. While you won’t see the exact rates we found, you can get an idea of which insurers offer the lowest premiums in your state.

Illinois has many roads to explore, from Lake Shore Drive to Route 66. Could you save money on car insurance?

We compared the estimated auto insurance rates of several Illinois insurance companies to determine the average rate, as well the insurers that offered the lowest estimated rates.

Our calculations were based on a driver profile that was relatively neutral — a person who had no accidents, tickets, or claims — to compare insurers’ basic coverage rates fairly (see the full methodology). You may see rates that are higher or lower depending on your driving history and other factors such as vehicle type and age, mileage and coverage options.

Learn about the average Illinois car insurance rate and how to find the lowest rates.

Insurance rates for cars in Illinois

The average monthly premium for auto insurance in Illinois can range anywhere from $50 to $100 for the basic coverage depending on your driving profile.

Average monthly car insurance premiums in Illinois

Driver coverage

Avg. Monthly cost
Minimum auto insurance requirements in Illinois $51.31
Illinois drivers with bad credit $82.11
Illinois drivers with multiple claims $112.02
Young drivers in Illinois $88.95

Based upon our standard driver profile

Five cheapest auto insurance companies in Illinois

Geico is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in Illinois. They offer basic coverage to a variety of driver profiles. We’ve calculated rates for a specific Illinois profile of drivers to compare insurers fairly and give a good idea of the costs. Learn more about our methodology.

Our Illinois driver, unless otherwise stated, has between a 680 and 719 credit rating, is 36 to 45 years old and drives a car worth between $20,000 and $30,000. He has no traffic tickets and has never had a coverage gap. We’ve calculated the cheapest options for different drivers profiles.

1. Geico

Geico offers our Illinois driver profile auto insurance as low as $11.25 per week for the minimum coverage. Geico offers a wide range of coverage options, including standard and add-ons. They also offer a number of discounts. Geico offers a mobile app that allows drivers to manage their policy, locate ID cards, request roadside help, and get a quote for repairs based on a photo.

Geico Auto Insurance Reviews: Read customer reviews.

2. Mercury

Mercury offers basic auto insurance for as low as $32 per month. Mercury offers insurance via local agents, who can help customers choose from collision, comprehensive, liability, medical payments, personal injury protection, rental car and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Mercury offers a 24/7 claims service as well as guaranteed repairs on work performed in Mercury-authorized shops.

Mercury Auto Insurance Reviews: Read reviews about Mercury auto insurance.

3. Westfield

Westfield offers basic auto insurance to Illinois drivers for only $32.63 per month. Westfield offers standard insurance options like collision, comprehensive, liability, medical payments and personal injury protection, as well as extras like roadside assistance, loan/lease gap coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, motorcycle and RV insurance and umbrella coverage. You’ll be working with an agent at Westfield to create your policy and file an insurance claim.

4. Hastings Mutual Insurance

Hastings Mutual would be able to offer our Illinois driver profile an affordable monthly minimum coverage policy starting at $33,08. Hastings auto insurance policies come with extra features such as emergency roadside assistance and pet injury coverage. They also include travel interruption coverage, replacement of keys, and other services. Drivers can also get discounts such as the discount for drivers who are away from school, discount for defensive driving courses, discount for good students, discount on multi-policy, and discount if they have not made a claim.

5. Pekin Insurance

Pekin Insurance offers our Illinois driver profile an affordable monthly policy starting at just $37.48. This is for the basic coverage. Pekin Insurance offers bodily injuries insurance, property damage insurance, medical payments coverage and coverage for hitting a pet. Pekin also provides roadside assistance, reimbursement for rental cars, new car replacements, and auto loan/lease insurance. Pekin offers policies for high-risk motorists.

Cheapest minimum state car insurance in Illinois

Illinois mandates that drivers carry at least a 25/50/20 policy. This policy is the minimum required by the state and could be the cheapest option available.

The companies that offer the lowest prices are those who only want to purchase state minimum coverage.

Illinois minimum coverage

Geico $31.25/month

Mercury $32.00/month

Westfield $32.63/month

Hastings Mutual Insurance $33.08/month

Pekin Insurance $37.48/month

Based on our standard driver profiles seeking minimum coverage in Illinois

Cheapest auto insurance for good credit in Illinois

Credit is one of many factors that influence your auto insurance premium. In general, drivers with good or excellent credit will pay less for their car insurance.

These companies offer the lowest rates to drivers with good credit.

Illinois best car insurance for people with good credit

Westfield $26.61/month

Auto Owners Insurance $27.06/month

Mercury $27.64/month

Geico $28.63/month

Pekin Insurance $30.68/month

Based upon our standard driver profile and adjusted to show rates for a driver in Illinois with a score of at least 720

Cheapest auto insurance for bad credit in Illinois

Poor credit drivers often pay more for the same coverage as those with good credit. There are ways to lower your insurance rates, including qualifying for discounts and maintaining a clean driving record.

The lowest rates are offered by these companies for drivers with bad credit.

Illinois car insurance for people with bad credit

Geico $42.57/month

Mercury $44.52/month

First Chicago Insurance $45.92/month

Hastings Mutual Insurance $50.83/month

Secura Insurance $54.04/month
Based on our standard Illinois driver profile, rates are displayed for a driver with a score of less than 580

Cheapest auto insurance for drivers in Illinois with multiple claims

The cost of car insurance is also heavily influenced by your claims history. Multiple claims mean that drivers will pay more for their car insurance.

The following five insurance companies offer lower rates to Illinois drivers who have multiple claims.

Illinois multiple claim

Hastings Mutual Insurance $55.33/month

Secura Insurance $58.77/month

General Casualty $59.33/month

Geico $64.21/month

American Family $65.05/month

Based on our standard drivers profile, adjusted for a driver in Illinois with two claims rather than zero claims

Cheapest auto insurance for young drivers in Illinois

Your age will also affect the cost of your car insurance. Insurers tend to view younger drivers as more risky. As you age and keep a good driving record, your rates should go down.

These companies offer the lowest rates estimated for young drivers aged between 18 and 21.

Illinois car insurance for young drivers

Westfield $46.04/month

Geico $51.67/month

Pekin Insurance $56.38/month

Mercury $57.46/month

General Casualty $58.42/month

Based on our standard driver profiles, we have adjusted the rates to reflect a driver in Illinois aged 18-21 years instead of 36-45

Illinois auto insurance requirements

Illinois requires a minimum of $25,000 bodily injury liability per person, $50,000 per accident and an additional $20,000 property damage coverage per accident. Your lender may require that you carry higher coverage levels if you have a loan or lease on a vehicle.

Does Illinois offer usage-based insurance?

Use-based insurance allows drivers to pay based on how they drive. Drivers in Illinois can save money by taking part in their insurance company’s UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) program.

FAQs on the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Illinois

Which insurance company offers the lowest car insurance rates?

The cost of your car insurance depends on many factors, such as your driving record, credit score, and the coverage you select. Geico was the lowest-cost car insurance provider for several Illinois drivers profiles.

Does it make sense to have auto insurance in Illinois if you don’t?

Illinois mandates that drivers carry liability insurance. You could be fined $500 and your registration suspended if you are caught driving without liability insurance.

Does Illinois have high car insurance rates?

Illinois’s car insurance rates are pretty average compared to those in other states. You can lower your insurance cost by ensuring you are eligible for discounts and UBI programs offered by your insurer, as well as maintaining a good driving record.


The rates estimated in this article are based on a profile of a 36-45 year old driver living in Illinois. The rates shown assume that there is only one driver on the policy, with no traffic tickets and no coverage gaps or claims. This estimate assumes that the vehicle is worth between $20,000 to $30,000, and that it has a mileage of between 12,000 and 15,000. The estimated rates for insurance with good credit are based on scores above 720. Insurance rates are estimated for scores between 350 and 579. The estimated rates for young drivers are those between 18 and 21 years old. The estimated rates for multiple claims are based on the first two claims.

Quadrant Information Services provides rates every six months. Quadrant Information Services does not include all insurance companies when calculating its rates. These are only estimates meant to be a comparison and frame of reference. Rates may vary based on factors like age, driving habits and history.

Full coverage auto insurance is a monthly average premium that includes coverages for bodily injury, property damages, uninsured motorists, personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive, and collision. The average monthly premium of state-minimum auto insurance includes the Illinois mandated 25/50/20 policy.