You can make money quickly in one day by doing side jobs. These 37 ideas will help you learn more on how to make an additional income within a single day. 1. Rideshare is a great way to get around. Drive for a ride-sharing service that is based on an app. The base amount of […]

You can make money quickly in one day by doing side jobs.

These 37 ideas will help you learn more on how to make an additional income within a single day.

1. Rideshare is a great way to get around.

Drive for a ride-sharing service that is based on an app. The base amount of your ride, the time taken and the distance traveled are used to calculate the earnings. If there’s high demand in an area for drivers, such as a popular location or on the day of a special event, you can make even more money. So keep this in mind before choosing an area. The following may be considered minimum requirements:

  • Your state or local driver’s age requirement must be met
  • A valid driving license is required
  • At least 1 year driving experience is required.
  • Four-door vehicles are eligible
  • Proof of auto registration and insurance is required

After you submit your application, you will likely be subjected to a background check that includes a review of your criminal and driving history.

2. Presell your labor

You can still sell your work before you finish it, even if no one in your family or neighborhood needs the service. Print a certificate that states you will mow the lawn, snow shovel driveways, water gardens, or do any other chore they may need. You can schedule the work once they request it.

You must be reliable, and do what you say. These jobs can become regular options for extra money if you gain trust.

3. Seasonal work

Consider seasonality when offering labor. Do you have any seasonal work available in your region?

  • Winter — Snow shovel the roof or driveway
  • Spring —Fertilize grass
  • Summer – Mow the lawn or landscape your yard
  • Autumn — Rake leaves

4. You can sell your clothing

You can sell clothes you no longer wear by cleaning out your closet. Consider items still on-trend but not worn anymore. Visit a thrift store or consignment boutique to find out how much you can get for your clothing.

You can sell your items online through a marketplace or an app.

5. Become a tutor

Are you a math expert? Do you speak another language well? You can use your knowledge to help others by becoming a teacher. Contact the local schools to find parents who are looking for additional help.

You can also find tutoring jobs in your locality through online communities. You may have to go through an application before you can land a tutoring gig.

6. You can sell your furniture

Have you got an old sofa in the garage, or some furniture that was passed down from a relative in your attic. Your unused goods could be worth a lot more than you think.

Try selling furniture using resell apps and online marketplaces. Consider cleaning your furniture before listing it. You may get a higher price.

7. Have a yard sale

Search your house for things you no longer use like furniture, clothing, books and records. You can ask your neighbor if he or she is interested in having a joint sale if you do not have enough items for one.

Here are three great tips to help you host a yard sale that is a success.

  1. Get a permit. Check with the city clerk to see if you need a permit. You could be fined or shut down if you don’t have a permit.
  2. Choose a time that is convenient. Most people are not at work on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so these times tend to be ideal for yard sales. You can hold a yard sale over several days if you’ve got enough goods.
  3. Advertise. Advertise in the local paper or online. You can also make signs for your yard sale and place them all around your neighbourhood. It is important that as many people know about your sale.

8. Bookselling

You can sell your books, whether they are textbooks or just for fun. Sell your used textbooks to a college or university near you. You may even have better success if the current courses use that textbook.

Re-sale sites are another way to sell your used books.

9. Deliver food

The use of app-based technology has opened up new opportunities for food delivery. You can earn extra money by using food delivery apps.

Food delivery apps allow you to earn quick money by working when and where you choose.

10. Find a roommate

What is your opinion on living alone? You may not be able to earn extra money if you don’t use the extra bedrooms in your home. You can check online and in apartment apps to find out what rooms are being sold for around you.

11. Craigslist – Find jobs quickly

You can find a side job through Craigslist or other catch-all sites. Find a job based on your unique abilities or strengths. It’s important to be safe and meet in an area that is well traveled if it’s your first meeting.

12. Pet sitting is a rewarding career

According to the ASPCA approximately 44% households have a pet dog, and 35% own a pet cat. Pet sitting is an excellent way to earn money, either overnight or throughout the day.

You can use apps such as Rover to create your profile and be matched up with local pet owners. If you are able to provide excellent customer service and communicate well with your pet owners, then it is possible that they will hire you again.

13. Freelance work

Have you got a flair for writing? Or a background with development work? For people with different backgrounds, there are thousands of jobs that require freelancers. You can create your own profile on sites like Upwork and Freelancer. Then, you can apply to jobs that match what you do or be sought by employers. As a freelancer, you should know how to manage your taxes.

14. Cleaning houses

You can search for cleaning and housekeeping jobs on job boards in your area or online. You can find local job opportunities on sites like Care or Indeed.

Apply for the job as soon as it is posted by the employer. Include your experience in the cleaning industry in your application. It may help you get hired.

15. Research studies

People can participate in studies through programs such as NIH Clinical Center or ITHS if they fulfill certain criteria. Find studies that are happening in your locality and do some research on the benefits of taking part to decide if you’d like to continue.

16. Wash or detail cars

You can offer your services on the internet or contact local dealers to find out if there are any openings. You might be able to find work as a car wash to help dealerships prepare their vehicles for the showrooms and attract potential customers.

17. Music Review

Sign up for sites such as Slicethepie and get paid to share your opinions. The site allows users to listen to new music and give feedback on artists in exchange for cash.

18. Reduce your monthly bills

You can easily forget the costs associated with your bills when you set them up on automatic pay. You might be surprised at how much money you could save by analyzing your expenses.

Are you able to save money by sharing your music and video streaming membership with someone else? Could you share them with someone else to reduce costs? You could save $60 a year if you divide the $10 per month.

19. Extraordinary?

It’s not necessary to be in Los Angeles, New York City or anywhere else to earn extra money on the set. You can find casting calls near you by using sites like Backstage or Central Casting.

When you are applying for an opportunity where the criteria is met, be prepared to submit a photo of yourself.

20. Unclaimed Money

Do you know that the states return over $3 billion of unclaimed property each year?

You can find out what you are entitled to by looking for money and property that has not been claimed in each state where you have lived. Start online by contacting the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

21. You can rent out parking spaces

Rent out parking spaces when they are in demand if you live in an area with limited parking or near an event. For extra money, encourage people to park on your driveway or in your backyard. Parking your vehicle at someone else’s house or on an adjacent side street is a good option if you are limited in space.

22. Childminding

You may find that there are families looking for a reliable and experienced babysitter in your locality. Find babysitting work that fits your schedule using sites such as Care or SitterCity.

23. Negotiate a pay raise

You may feel intimidated to ask for a pay raise, but taking the initiative could result in a bigger paycheck. Bring your argument to work and explain why you are entitled to a pay raise. It will still show that even if your boss doesn’t agree, you are working towards your request.

24. Freebies

People may give away their things for free when they move or alter their lifestyle. Browse marketplaces and check out any items you find on the sidelines that are marked “free”. You might be able spruce the item up and sell it at a profit with a bit of elbow grease.

25. Focus groups

Join a local focus group to get paid for sharing your opinion. FocusGroups, for example, can connect you to available studies.

26. Gift cards can be sold.

You may have received a gift certificate for your birthday, holiday or a restaurant you are unlikely to frequent. GiftDeals and CardCash let you earn money for gift cards. You’ll receive a quote and then send in your gift cards for payment.

27. Becoming a Mover

Some people prefer to hire independent contractors rather than pay for moving companies because they are expensive.

Sites like TruckPlease and Dolly can help you find work helping people relocate. It’s possible to get a job last-minute that works with your schedule.

28. Photographers are a great way to learn.

You can sell your photographs as stock photos on sites such as Shutterstock and Getty Images if you are a photographer. Once you have completed the application process to become a contributor, your photos can be listed for sale. Shutterstock paid over $1 billion in contributor payments to date.

29. Get help with landscaping or gardening

Offer your gardening or landscaping services to your friend or neighbor if they are going on vacation or just need a little extra help in their yard. Offer to help them with their landscaping, lawn mowing, gardening, or anything else that they may need.

Earn money every day

Check out the following strategies if you want to learn more about how to earn extra money.

  • You can earn money by delivering groceries. Instacart pays you to shop for people in your locality.
  • You can rent out your vehicle for the day. List your vehicle for rent using sites such as Turo.
  • Take part in paid surveys. Sites such as Survey Junkie or Swagbucks will reward you with cash for your opinions. The amount paid for each survey can be in cash or as gift cards at popular retailers.
  • Transcribing video and audio. Websites such as Rev and GoTranscript will pay people to listen and type the text. For each audio or video, you’ll be paid per minute.
  • Help someone with their chores and handiwork. TaskRabbit makes it simple to locate people who need help in your locality. TaskRabbit has a market of people looking to hire someone to help them with small tasks.
  • List your handmade items for sale. Search for art markets or fairs in your area that might be interested in selling your products.
  • Becoming a driver is a great way to earn money. Do you know that you can work only when you choose? The average driver earns between $18 and $25 per hour.
  • Review and test websites and applications. Apps such as UserTesting or Beta Testing pay for providing feedback about their functionality.

Mastering budgeting and savings

Budgeting effectively can help you stretch your money further once you begin earning. Budgeting can be used to get rid of debt or build an emergency fund. It may also help save for big purchases like a home.

Consider putting the money that you make into an account with a high rate of return, such as Credit Karma Money ™Save.