Teachers are an important part of shaping young minds. This could have an impact on your car insurance options. Many auto insurance companies offer products for teachers or offer money-saving discounts to teaching professionals. These companies offer the best auto insurance for teachers looking for coverage that is tailored to their work.

Best Overall: Liberty Mutual

Why Liberty Mutual is different than the rest:Liberty Mutual provides insurance products that are tailored to meet the needs of teachers. The company offers a variety of discounts that can help you save money. It’s an affordable, well-rounded option for educators.

Liberty Mutual offers zero-deductible coverage for vandals on school property and school events. Teachers will be pleased to know that Liberty Mutual has no deductible. Liberty Mutual’s personal insurance covers you and your school’s property in the event that they are stolen or damaged while in your vehicle.

This insurance company offers zero-deductible collision coverage if your vehicle is in an accident while you are driving it for school.

Teachers may also be eligible for Liberty Mutual’s multipolicy discounts. You can get home, condo, and renters insurance from Liberty Mutual. There are also potential discounts available to homeowners, drivers with clean driving records, drivers without any violations, and military personnel.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Liberty Mutual received fewer customer complaints in 2021 than the industry average.

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Ideal for teachers associated with educational organisations

Why Geico might be a good option for educators affiliated with educational organisations:Geico offers discounts to teachers who are members in good standing of certain educational groups. If you are an educator enrolled in any of these groups (American Association of School Administrators or the Association of American Educators), you could save money.

Additional car insurance discounts can be offered by this insurer to reduce your monthly premium. You can receive discounts for having a clean driving history or taking defensive driving courses. Multipolicy discounts and multivehicle discount are also available.

Geico is a solid company for teachers. However, there are some flaws to be aware of. In a 2022 J.D., Geico was ranked lower than the industry average for large companies. According to the Power auto claims satisfaction survey, Geico ranked below the industry average for companies of its size in a 2022 J.D. According to the NAIC in 2021, Geico received slightly more customer complaints that the industry average.

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The best for teachers looking for coverage with specialized benefits. Horace Mann

Why Horace Mann might be a good option for teachers looking for coverage with specialized benefits.Educators who have a Horace Mann Auto policy are eligible to a wide variety of benefits specifically designed for teachers. These benefits are offered at no extra cost.

Horace Mann auto insurance provides teachers with the Educator Advantage package, which includes a variety of benefits and features. The package covers the cost of a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is declared total loss. If you are away from your home and cannot safely drive, the package covers transportation costs up to $35.

The Educator Advantage package provides zero-deductible coverage for vandalism and collision losses on or near school property, or at school events. You can also get personal property coverage up to $1,000 in the event that job-related items are lost or damaged while you’re driving.

Horace Mann’s insurance also offers benefits to teachers who have pets at no extra cost. If your pet is injured in an accident covered by the policy, it will pay up to $1,000 towards your vet bills. NAIC reported that Horace Mann received fewer complaints than the industry average for 2021.

For teachers with custom-built equipment, California Casualty is the best:

California Casualty is a good option for teachers who have cars with custom equipment.Some auto insurers don’t include custom equipment in their standard car insurance policies. California Casualty is a different company. The standard auto insurance policy of the company for teachers also includes coverage for custom equipment. This coverage covers up to $2,000.

Teachers also have other benefits from this company. It provides protection with zero-deductible if your vehicle is damaged or vandalized on school property. Additional perks include zero-deductible windshield repairs and identity theft resolution with a specialist in personal fraud.

According to the NAIC, California Casualty received fewer complaints than the industry average for 2021. California Casualty is a car insurance company that sells in all 50 states, despite its name.

FAQs regarding car insurance for teachers

How can teachers cut costs when purchasing car insurance?

By looking for companies that offer discounts, all drivers can save money on their car insurance. You should also shop around as rates can vary between companies.

What amount of car insurance should teachers have?

All drivers must have minimum liability coverage in most states. To provide additional protection, you might want to speak with your agent to discuss raising your liability limits. Comprehensive and collision coverage may be an option. This will cover your car’s value and any repair costs incurred after an accident.

What type of insurance should teachers have when they lease a car?

When leasing a car, all drivers must have the required auto insurance. They will also need collision and comprehensive insurance. This coverage is required by the financing company, as it helps to ensure that funds are available for repairs if you are involved in an accident.

How did we choose these insurers

We examined insurers that offer coverage for teachers in order to help us choose our candidates. Each company offered a variety of insurance products. We also considered benefits, discounts, NAIC customer complaints information, and J.D. Power auto claims satisfaction data.