A specific type of insurance is available to protect your investment in your vintage car. This is classic car insurance and provides specialized coverage for your vintage vehicle. These are our top picks for classic car insurance.

Best Overall: American Collectors

American Collectors is different from the rest.American Collectors offers discounts as well as access to experts in collector insurance. The insurer offers products that can be customized to fit your needs. American Collectors offers the standard “agreed value” coverage for classic car insurances. This means that if your vehicle is totaled, you will receive the entire agreed value without any deductions for depreciation.

American Collectors offers car insurance discounts for vehicles equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes or anti-theft equipment. For cars worth more than $150,000, high-value discounts are automatically applied. A discount rate can be obtained for taking an accident prevention course, or becoming a member of a car club.

This insurance covers many types of classic vehicles.

  • Collector cars
  • Trucks and SUVs
  • Hot rods and custom cars
  • Collector and exotic imports
  • Motorcycles from the past

To customize your coverage, you can choose from a variety of policy benefits. You have the option of selecting from a variety of policy benefits, including travel loss coverage, safety glass coverage, auto tools and spare parts coverage, and pet coverage.

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The best for classic car collections: Grundy

Grundy is a good option for classic car collections.Grundy offers coverage that is specifically tailored to protect car collections. Grundy covers the majority of the 200 top private automobile collections in the United States, according to ARTnews.

Grundy’s Special Collections department covers larger car collections worth $500,000 to more than $5,000,000. Grundy employs the same method to insure collector cars and car collections: They are covered at their agreed value. The company’s experts will work with you to determine the value of your vehicle using photos that you provide. Grundy will not reduce the value of your vehicle once it has been established.

Each car is covered by this provider under a 150% coverage cushion. Grundy will pay 150% of the agreed amount to offset a total loss if the vehicle’s insured price is lower than its market value.

Safeco This is the best option for classic car drivers.

Why Safeco might be a good option for classic car owners:Classic insurance usually has low mileage limits. This gives you protection for those few miles you drive to auto shows or meet-ups. Safeco also offers regular-use coverage that covers higher mileage, making it a great choice for classic cars.

Regular use insurance allows you to drive your classic car up to 10,000 miles each year. Safeco offers coverage for many types of classic cars. This includes restorations, replicas and modified collector cars as well as modern classic cars.

Safeco offers discounts that could help you save money on your insurance. Safeco offers discounts for drivers who have successfully completed an accident prevention course. Safeco offers multi-car insurance as well as multi-policy discounts to add motorcycle, boat or RV insurance to your classic vehicle coverage.

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For drivers who might need assistance finding replacement parts, Hagerty is the best:

Why Hagerty might be a good option for drivers who need help finding replacement parts. Some parts for classic cars may be difficult to find. Hagerty’s Carcierge Help Desk gives you access to experts who can help you find the right parts for your vehicle. You can get in touch with experts to help you find the right parts for your car. These experts can answer your questions about the car’s worth or help you locate a specialty shop.

The company offers agreed-value coverage on many types of classic cars. This includes collector cars, trucks, and SUVs, modified cars and classic military vehicles as well as classic and antique tractor models and collector motorcycles.

Hagerty also offers roadside coverage that allows unlimited emergency use. Hagerty’s towing services include guaranteed flatbed transport with soft straps to protect your vintage vehicle.

The best for classic race cars: Heacock Classic

Why Heacock Classic might be a good option for classic race cars.Heacock Classic provides coverage that is specifically tailored to protect vintage race cars. Agents are racing enthusiasts who live and work at the events. They have the knowledge to give you the expert care that you require.

Heacock, like other companies on the list, offers a fair agreed value for your vehicle. It can be difficult to arrive at this value with race cars. However, Heacock Classic agents and underwriters are well-versed in market trends and will give you a fair and smart valuation.

Heacock Classic provides comprehensive insurance for physical damage, from the moment your car leaves your garage until it arrives at the track. The company covers you against theft, fire, damage to transport, and accidents on trailers. Additional programs are offered by this company to protect race trailers as well as spare parts.

FAQs regarding classic car insurance

What types of vehicles require classic car insurance?

There are many definitions of classic cars. They can include classic cars with a minimum age of 25-30 years, hotrods, modified cars, exotic and luxurious cars, classic trucks, and muscle cars. Classic car insurance might be required for vehicles that fall in this category.

How do I get classic car insurance?

It doesn’t matter if your car is older to be eligible for classic car insurance. Many insurers have usage limits that prohibit you from using your car for commuting or errands, and require you to keep it locked up when not in use. Some insurers may also disqualify you from coverage if your driving record contains serious offenses.

Does classic auto insurance cover specialized repairs and restorations?

A classic car restoration and repair may be twice the cost of a regular car repair. Insurance that covers vintage cars is available.

How did we choose these insurers

To choose our candidates, we looked at classic car insurance companies. We looked at the coverage available, the choice of insurance products offered by each company, as well as the specific offerings for five categories. We also considered customer service discounts and benefits.