It can be addictive to reach elite status. It can be difficult to give up on elite status once you have earned the privileges such as priority access and waived fees. You may wonder if Frontier can match your elite status if you want to fly with Frontier. It is possible. Let’s take a look at Frontier Status matches, their benefits, and everything you need to know.

1. It is not always possible

Frontier does not have a status match opportunity. Some airlines may offer it, but Frontier doesn’t. Frontier has a status match promotion that allows for matches, but these are not usually available. It’s been quite some time since Frontier offered this opportunity.

It is important to note that there have been two cases of status matching reported in the past year, but these were not related to official promotions. These were both at, a paid service that approves status matches.

2. It can be costly.

Many airlines will offer you a status challenge, rather than a direct match. These cases will give you temporary elite status and the chance to keep your status by flying for a specified amount of time.

Frontier’s status matches do not generally do this. You will need to pay an application fee. The fee was $49. The $49 fee is quite affordable considering that you would likely spend a few thousand dollars to complete the status challenges with other airlines.

Frontier allows flyers to purchase additional status levels if they don’t meet the criteria for the tier they want, but it doesn’t specify the price.

3. Benefits of elite status are great

Frontier is a low cost airline. This means it can offer cheap fares, but high fees. These fees can include paying for a seat or bringing a bag.

Frontier Airlines elite members receive many of these benefits free. The benefits you receive will depend on your status. There are currently three levels of Elite 20k, Elite 50k, and Elite 100k. The Elite 100k membership has the most benefits.

These are just a few of the many benefits Frontier’s elite status can bring.

  • Free carry-on bag.

  • No cost checked bag.

  • Priority boarding.

  • Upgraded Seats.

  • Additional bonus mileage.

  • No redemption fees for award redemptions.

  • No standby fees

  • No phone booking fees

  • No same-day changes fees

4. To be considered for elite status, you will need to be already in place

Although it would be great to have elite status for free, the odds are not in your favor. To be eligible for a status match, you will need to have elite status as with other airlines.

Frontier is a unique airline. While other airlines require you to have status with the airline, Frontier’s latest status match promotion allowed for you to match with hotel elite status.

These included status from hotels chains like Hilton Honors and Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham Rewards, Choice Privileges and Marriott Bonvoy. Most importantly, many of these statuses could be obtained by customers using credit cards and not hotel stays. These could then be transferred to Frontier by paying the application fees.

Frontier’s status match promotion allowed cardholders to match up to Elite 100k, Frontier’s highest status.

5. Group travellers benefit most

You probably think of elite status as something that benefits individuals, not groups or families. Frontier’s elite status offers many benefits to members who travel with them. Elite 100k offers the best perks, including upgraded seats and priority check-in. The WORKS bundle includes free upgraded seats, priority checked-in and free carry-on.

These benefits are available to up to eight individuals traveling with an elite member. These benefits are worth a lot, especially when you consider that carry-on bags can cost more than $50.

6. You must be a member

Although it may seem obvious, you must be a Frontier frequent flyer member, Frontier Miles, in order to apply for a status matching. Although signing up is easy and free, you will need to have your personal information.

7. Sign up to receive notifications

Frontier doesn’t offer a status match option at the moment, but you can sign up for notifications to be notified when one does.

Go to Frontier’s dedicated page for status matches. Enter your personal information including name, email address, and MileageDen number. You’ll receive an email whenever Frontier launches a new promotion.

To status match with Frontier Airlines

While Frontier doesn’t offer status matching, it is possible to get incredibly generous offers when it is. Travelers have had the ability to match their status with Frontier using their elite hotel status or airline status in the past even if they have a credit card.

Frontier permits you to match status rather than challenge, but there may be additional application fees. Frontier’s elite members can enjoy many benefits that more than offset the expense.

(Top Photo courtesy Frontier Airlines)

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