Alaska Airlines is not the only airline that offers elite status matches to lure valuable flyers away. Alaska Airlines offers a standing, elite status match. There is no end date to apply and you can do so whenever you like.

There are many important things to remember when considering an Alaska status match. These include timing your request and Alaska’s once in a lifetime rule. Here are eight things you should know before you request an Alaska match.

1. Alaskan airlines are not allowed to status match.

Flyers cannot complete an Alaska status match with nine airlines based in North America.

  1. Aeromexico.

  2. Air Canada.

  3. American Airlines.

  4. Delta Air Lines.

  5. Frontier Airlines.

  6. Hawaiian Airlines.

  7. JetBlue Airways.

  8. Southwest Airlines.

  9. United Airlines.

2. Alaskan status can only be matched with those who have earned elite status

Alaska status match terms and condition state that elite status must be earned through actual flight miles or segments in a different program to be eligible. Alaska explicitly excludes any status that is based on credit card activity or transferred points, nor any other promotional offer. ”

Alaska may allow you to status match a program if your elite status is partially earned through credit card activity. American Airlines AAdvantage recently merged credit card spending with elite status. Flyers can also earn Delta Medallion Qualifying Points and United Premier Qualifying Points by spending on eligible credit card cards.

3. Alaska MVP Gold 100K status is not comparable.

You’ll instead receive MVP Gold 75K elite status for matching with any of these top-tier elite status levels.

4. Temporary Alaska elite status is only available for 90 days

A match with Alaska will grant you elite Mileage Plan status for a period of 90 days from the approval of your status match. It can take up to 4 weeks to approve and verify Alaska status matches.


If you are planning to use your status match request on a upcoming trip,

This is a provisional Mileage Plan elite level status. You won’t be eligible for all the perks. Mileage Plan members who earn MVP Gold 75K by flying will not be eligible for the 50,000 bonus miles.

You will not be granted additional perks such as Gold guest upgrades and lounge day passes, or MVP nominations, unless you have met the criteria to upgrade your elite status.

5. Oneworld elite benefits available from day one

In March 2021, Alaska Airlines joined Oneworld Alliance. Alaska Mileage Plan MVP Gold or higher status grants you certain benefits on Oneworld partner airline airlines, such as free checked bags and priority boarding.

These benefits will apply even during your provisional 90 day status period. This means that you may want to think about an Alaska status match prior to flying long-haul on any of these partner airlines.

Oneworld Sapphire elite status can be obtained by completing a status match for Alaska MVP Gold. This is enough to get you access to American Airlines Flagship Lounges for qualifying international flights, and all business class lounges at other Oneworld airlines.

6. Fly Alaska to increase your elite status match

You can extend your provisional status as an elite pilot by flying Alaska Airlines within your 90-day provisional period. You can travel a different amount depending on which tier you are matched to Alaska.

  • MVP status: 5,000 Miles

  • MVP Gold status – 10,000 miles

  • MVP Gold 75K Status: 20,000 Miles

This requirement applies only to flights operated by Alaska Airlines. This means that flights on Alaska Airlines’ many partners, such as American Airlines or British Airways, won’t help to extend your Alaska status match. If the flight is assigned an Alaska flight number, however, it will count towards your requirements.

7. July is the best month to match Alaska status

When applying for Alaska status matches, timing is crucial. You can only extend your elite status if you start your match before June 31st. You can however extend your Alaska status until the end of the next year if you start your status match between July & December. This can provide you with an additional year of elite status.

Let’s say, for example, that you apply to match Alaska status in June 2023. You’ll be awarded Alaska elite status only if you meet the flying requirements. This is until Dec 31, 2023. If you wait until July 2023, you will be able to begin the status match.

8. Alaska is the only place you can status match.

Be sure to be ready to change allegiance to Alaska Airlines before you complete an Alaska status match. Alaska status match terms and condition clearly state that a member can only receive one match during the lifetime of their account.

Make sure you’re using that golden ticket now.

Alaska status match recapped

Status matches allow you to enjoy the benefits of elite status without the need to work hard to achieve it. This is certainly true for an Alaska status match.

Enjoy perks such as first-class upgrades, priority boarding and free checked bags when you fly Alaska Airlines. You can also enjoy Oneworld partner airline perks.

There are many things to take into consideration before applying for Alaska status matches. Alaska offers only one status match per account life, so make sure to have everything in order before you click “apply.” ”

(Top Photo courtesy Alaska Airlines)

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