Loyalty programs are now embracing customization. Instead of all members receiving the same rewards, more hotels and airlines offer their loyal members a variety of perks. American Airlines offers Loyalty Choice Rewards to elite members of its elite status.

How to earn the valuable Loyalty Choice Rewards perks, and your choice at each of five reward levels

Loyalty Choice Reward vs. Elite Choice Reward

American Airlines launched a new program called “Elite Choice Rewards” in late 2020. Instead of being eligible for systemwide upgrades, AAdvantage Executive platinum elites could choose from a variety of rewards. American Airlines also added a reward option to the program for Platinum Pro elite travelers.

However, Elite Choice Rewards would not last. American launched “Loyalty Choice Rewards” as a slightly different program in its move to the new Loyalty Points Program.

Loyalty Choice rewards offers customized rewards to AAdvantage elite members at higher tiers, just like its predecessor. Only one difference: Loyalty Choice Rewards members must meet new flight qualifications.

Loyalty Choice Reward

Members of AAdvantage earn Loyalty Choice Reward based on how many Loyalty points they have earned. To unlock Loyalty Choice Reward, however, you will need to fly a minimum number of qualifying flights.

Loyalty Selection Rewards flight requirement

American Airlines requires that AAdvantage members travel 30 eligible flight segments in order to unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards. This means that no matter how many Loyalty points you earn, you will not be able earn Loyalty Choice Reward without flying.

These flight segments are eligible for paid fares with the following airlines:

  • American Airlines.

American Airlines award flight segments are eligible, but only if booked through their AAdvantage program. American Airlines award flights booked through another loyalty programme won’t count towards the Loyalty Choice Rewards requirement.

Loyalty Point requirements

After earning 30 flight segments, and 125,000 loyalty points, AAdvantage members are eligible for the first tier Loyalty Choice Rewards. This is the same Loyalty Level threshold that is required to achieve elite status at AAdvantage Platinum Pro. You’ll be able to choose from the Level 1 rewards at this point.

You’ll then earn two Loyalty Choice Reward Points at each of these thresholds:

  • 200,000 Loyalty points.

  • 350,000 Loyalty points.

  • 550,000 Loyalty points.

  • 750,000 Loyalty points.

You’ll receive nine Loyalty Choice Reward points if you reach 750,000 LoyaltyPoints. You can choose from 11 systemwide upgrades and 54 Admirals Club passes, or $1,800 worth of American Airlines trip credit. This is the maximum you can earn. American Airlines does not reward members of AAdvantage for earning more than 750,000 loyalty points.

Loyalty Choice Rewards options

American Airlines offers five levels in Loyalty Choice Reward Programs. The choices between the levels are somewhat different, which is frustrating. You can choose from a few important travel perks.

  • Systemwide upgrades.

  • Bonus miles for AAdvantage members

  • Admirals Club Day Passes or an Annual Membership (Starting at Level 2).

  • $200 American Airlines trip credit.

  • 15% off your first level order.

  • Gift of the AAdvantage elite status.

You can choose to skip these travel perks by making a charitable donation or choosing a Bang & Olufsen product.

Loyalty Choice Rewards

You’ll be able to choose from the eight following rewards after you have earned 125,000 Loyalty points and unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards.

  1. One systemwide update.

  2. One-Day Passes to the Six Admirals Club

  3. $200 American Airlines trip credit.

  4. 15% Off One-Time

  5. Gift of AAdvantage gold status.

  6. Carbon emissions offset.

  7. $200 donation for your choice of 10 partner charities

Every traveler will be different about how they value perks — that is why it is important to give them the option. We believe that the minimum value should be set at 1.5 cents per AAdvantage mile. NerdWallet has a baseline value of 1.5 cents per mile AAdvantage. This rate means that the bonus miles option can be worth at least $300 and up to $375 for cardholders of AAdvantage.

NerdWallet estimates that AAdvantage Gold elite status offers $849 in benefits. This value assumes that elite status holders enjoy these perks. Your one Loyalty Choice Rewards reward might not be worth the cost to a friend or family member who doesn’t use Gold status as much.

Loyalty Choice Rewards

Upon reaching 200,000 loyalty points in a calendar year, you will be awarded AAdvantage Executive Platinum status and two additional Loyalty Choice Rewards. This reward level has a slightly different list of options:

  1. Two systemwide upgrades.

  2. 20,000 bonus miles from AAdvantage — or 30,000 miles if you have an AAdvantage creditcard.

  3. One-Day Passes to the Six Admirals Club

  4. Admirals Club individual member (requires both options).

  5. $200 American Airlines trip credit.

  6. Gift of AAdvantage gold status.

  7. Carbon emissions offset.

  8. $200 donation for your choice of 10 partner charities

  9. Choose one Bang & Olufsen premium product.

This level doubles the systemwide upgrade options. This means that you can choose up to four systemwide upgrade options by using both your options. American Airlines offers systemwide upgrades that allow travelers to upgrade to first or business class wherever they fly.

This makes systemwide upgrades a popular choice. Travelers who find the systemwide upgrades too cumbersome might want to consider another option.

The 30,000 bonus miles are a tempting offer if you’re an AAdvantage cardholder. This is $450 worth of miles based on NerdWallet’s base valuation. This option can be selected twice to receive 60,000 miles worth at least $900

Membership in the Admirals Club might sound appealing. This reward comes at a cost to both options. This means that you will have to give up to four systemwide upgrades and up to 60,000 bonus points to obtain this lounge membership. You can also get Admirals Club membership, plus other perks, for a $450 annually fee through Citi(r), AAdvantage (r) Executive World Elite Mastercard.

Loyalty Choice Rewards options

This is an overview of the Loyalty Choice Rewards options for all five reward levels:

Loyalty Choice Rewards perks

Loyalty points

  • 350,000 (Level 3).

  • 550,000 (Level 4).

  • 750,000 (Level 5).

Numbers of options

Systemwide upgrades

Bonus miles for cardholders

20,000 (25,000).

20,000 (30,000).

Admirals Club Day passes

Admirals Club membership



American Airlines trip credit

Carbon emissions offset




Charitable donation

One-time discount

Status gift

  • Gold (Level 3)

  • Platinum* (Levels 4-5).

Bang & Olufsen product


*Requires both options.

American Airlines Choice Loyalty Reward, recapped

American Airlines offers frequent flyers the opportunity to choose from a variety of benefits once they have flown 30 qualifying segments and earned at least 125,000 loyalty points. You can also earn additional rewards by meeting certain Loyalty Point thresholds.

Each level offers different Loyalty Choice Rewards options. Travelers can choose from systemwide upgrades, bonus points, Admirals Club day passes and American Airlines trip credit. There are also other rewards that may be available, such as travel or non-travel related. Travelers can choose the rewards they receive, instead of simply earning systemwide upgrades which not all travelers are eligible for.

Maximizing your Rewards

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