In 2021, the Centurion Lounge at New York-LaGuardia Airport was reopened. It has doubled in size from its original 10,000 square feet to a total of 12,000 square feet. The lounge at New York City-LaGuardia Airport features all the usual amenities found in Centurion Lounges. It also offers local cuisine and cocktails created by mixologists.

Centurion Lounges offer a more luxurious experience than other lounges that are available through credit card perks like Priority Pass lounges. Centurion Lounges offer a more exclusive experience, since admission is a perk for a small number of cards. This means that they are generally less crowded.

Centurion Lounges are distinguished by a distinctive style and vibe that is visible throughout the airport, ensuring continuity in the lounge experience. This is in contrast to Priority Pass lounges which are not owned by one entity such as American Express.

Centurion Lounges offer the best lounge experiences. Chase and Capital One are looking to expand their reach in this market. In 2022 and 2023, Chase Sapphire Reserve lounges will open. Capital One opened its Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport lounge, and plans to open additional lounges. Credit cards with associated benefits allow you to access the Capital One and Chase lounges.

What to expect when you visit the Centurion Lounge at LGA?

Layout and seating area

You will be greeted by two comfortable chairs as soon as you enter the lounge. (Photo by Elina Geller)

You’ll find the business center to your left when you enter the lounge. To your right is seating with a large television and a dining area. You can see the airport from the business center and dining area.

American Express Centurion Card Holders have access to phone rooms, work stations and other areas.

(Photo by American Express)

Continue walking and you will find open-space seating to your right. The unique couch island is the centerpiece of this room. Through the door to the right of the TV is the private room for American Express Centurion cardholders.

American Express Centurion Cardholders have their own private room. (Photo by Elina Geller)

American Express Centurion Cardholders have their own private room. (Photo by Elina Geller)

Ask one of the staff to allow you into the private room if you are an American Express Centurion Cardholder. You will find a number of couches, tables, a bar and a TV in the private room. This can be a great place to relax or work, especially if you are traveling with a few others.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

If you don’t have an American Express Centurion card but still need to do some work, head to the business centre or one of the other spaces. If you prefer to take in the sights from the airport terminal, the business center has booths, long desks and seats by a window. You can also find booths in the entertainment area.

(Photo by American Express)

Instead of offering individual desks in the business center, there is one extended desk area with additional booths. You have the option of working at a desk, or tucked away in a corner with a little more privacy.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

You can also use the business center’s stand-alone private booths to make phone calls or join videoconferencing.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

A semi-private area is available in the business center for American Express Centurion Cardholders.

Food & drink

The lounge’s food and drink options were excellent. Cedric Vongerichten, a New York City chef, is the lounge’s executive chefs. You will find many vegetarian and vegan options as well as Centurion Lounge favourites.

Signature cocktails are also available at Centurion Lounges. Jim Meehan, a mixologist, created the bar’s main menu. It includes original cocktails such as the Lower East Cider or Grand Central Express.

(Photo by American Express)

You can eat and drink in the lounge’s left-hand side, which is where you will find the bar and other seating areas.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

The bar offers signature cocktails as well as wine, liquor, and beer. Local sources include Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. and Coney Island Brewery. Wine lovers can also enjoy local options that Anthony Giglio, Centurion Lounge wine director, has selected. These include Wolffer Estate Cabernet Franc on Long Island, and Silver Thread Riesling on the Finger Lakes.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

A section of couches is reserved for American Express Centurion Cardholders within the bar area.

Employees keep the buffet stocked and fresh, despite crowd levels.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

I chose the roasted chicken with coconut flour, beans, Brussels sprouts, squash soup, and coconut flakes. It was delicious, and I finished my meal with a signature cocktail.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

I ate the meal and then took my laptop to a high table with a view of the new terminal.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

Even though I did not choose coffee, there was a whole coffee and tea station with Brooklyn Roasting coffee.


The Centurion Lounge at LGA measures 10,000 square feet. It is spacious and offers plenty of space to relax or work. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the lounge. There are large flat-screen TVs and newspapers as well as magazines and other entertainment options. You also have access to a copy and fax machine, a printer, and copies. There are many workspace options in the lounge, including long desks or private rooms.


Excellent service was provided at the lounge. Check-in was quick and easy. To gain entry, you will need to present your government-issued ID, eligible American Express card and boarding pass. Although the lounge was busy, the food was always replenished and there was no wait for drinks. This can vary depending on how busy the crowd is.

What’s the American Express Centurion Lounge?

Centurion Lounges make up the Centurion Network with more than 40 locations around the world. These lounges also belong to American Express’s larger network of lounges, the Global Lounge Collection. It includes over 1,400 lounges in 140 countries.

These lounges tend to be more exclusive than Priority Pass, and are often more crowded. Centurion Lounges feature premium food prepared by award-winning chefs, as well as top-of-the-line cocktails made by mixologists. The lounges offer plenty of space for both relaxation and work.

How do I get into the LGA Centurion Lounge

You can only get into the Centurion Lounge if you have a same day boarding pass for your onward travel, and one of these cards:

Terms and Conditions apply.

Only departing passengers can access the lounge. If you just landed, you won’t be able to enter unless you have a connecting flight. The Centurion Lounge is located at Terminal B. If you are not flying from this terminal, you will not be able access the lounge.

To be allowed to board, you must present your boarding pass and a valid ID issued by the government. Only Delta SkyMiles(r), Reserve American Express Card holders can access lounges in the United States of America, Hong Kong, and London.

Centurion Lounge guest policy

The Platinum Card(r), The Business Platinum Card(r), and Centurion credit card holders can currently bring up to two guests free of charge.

If you have The Platinum Card(r), American Express, or The Business Platinum Card(r), you will be required to pay $50 for each guest, $30 for children 2-17, with proof, unless you spend $75,000 in eligible purchases on your card in 2022.

Although it is unwelcome, the change to the guest policy was likely made in order to reduce overcrowding. It may be a good idea to add your frequent travel companion to The Platinum Card(r), or The Business Platinum Card (r) from American Express depending on your travel habits.

A $175 fee is required to add an authorized person. If you plan to visit Centurion Lounges at least four times per year with a travel companion, it is well worth the cost.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Hours of operation and directions to Centurion Lounge LGA

The Centurion Lounge LGA can be found in Terminal B. It is one floor above security and the Eastern Concourse pedestrian bridge.

To access the lounge, you will need to pass security. LGA’s Centurion Lounge is open from Friday to Saturday, from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. ET and on Saturday, from 5 to 8 p.m. until 8 p.m. ET.

LGA Centurion Lounge recapped

LaGuardia’s Centurion Lounge is a large lounge that offers a variety of spaces for relaxing, dining and working. You can move around the lounge if you feel uncomfortable or are too loud.

American Express Centurion cardholders have access to many areas. You can request a private room if you have one of these cards.

It is large and has many choices for food and drinks. This lounge is worth stopping by if you fly out of Terminal B.

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