You are planning a trip to Walt Disney World and you have the desire to stay at a Disney resort. We don’t blame you.

There are many benefits to staying on Disney property , such as free transportation to the parks and on-site dining, and complimentary parking.

Let’s take a look at these properties to see the differences between Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Pop Century vs. Art of Animation

A quick overview of the similarities & differences between these Disney resort options is

Pop Century

Art of Animation

Resort level

Start price



Wide World of Sports resort.

Wide World of Sports resort.

Room types

Standard, suites, and story rooms.

Fast service, seven food stations.

Four food counters, quick service

Four pools.

Three pools.



Park transport

Bus, Skyliner.

Bus, Skyliner.


A closer look at Pop Century

There are three levels of Disney resorts: deluxe, moderate, and value. Pop Century is a Value Hotel, meaning it’s the cheapest option.

Room rates start from $194 per night. However, discounts may be available if you are a Florida resident or an annual pass holder.

Room types

There are four types of Disney Pop Century rooms, each accommodating up to four people. These include:

  • The standard area.

  • Standard pool view room.

  • The preferred area.

  • The preferred view room for pool views.

The primary difference between standard and preferred rooms lies in their location. Preferred rooms are closer to transportation and dining options.

Pop Century does not have suites. You’ll need to search for them at another Disney resort.


The Pop Century Resort can be found in the Wide World of Sports and is close to Hollywood Studios.

The Art of Animation Resort is directly across the water. Both share access to Disney’s Skyliner gondola, which offers free transportation to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. There are buses that can transport you to the parks.


Pop Century is a Disney resort that offers many amenities, including

  • Four pools.

  • Campfire S’mores.

  • Outdoor movie showings.

  • A jogging path.

  • A playground.

  • An arcade.


Pop Century Resort’s food is fast-service. It’s more about casual dining than white-cloth experiences. Only one restaurant serves American food, and it has seven stations. This includes:

  • Sandwiches.

Breakfast with Mickey Waffles is also available in the dining room.

An in-depth look at Art of Animation

Art of Animation also offers a great value resort with rates starting at $232 per day. Pop Century is a bit more expensive than Art of Animation, but it offers a few more rooms and is pet-friendly.

Room types

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers a variety of rooms, including suites that can sleep up to six.

The only room that is standard in the Little Mermaid type of room is the Little Mermaid, which can sleep up to four adults with two queen beds and one king bed.

You can also reserve a room at one of the resort’s story rooms. You have three options:

  • Finding Nemo.

  • The Lion King.


Pop Century is a close cousin of the Art of Animation Resort.

The closest theme park to Hollywood Studios is Hollywood Studios. Guests can use the Skyliner to travel across the skyline to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Buses are also available to get to the Disney Springs and theme parks.


Art of Animation has the largest pool at Disney property with 308,527 Gallons. It also features a children’s pool and two other pools.

You’ll also find similar amenities to Pop Century:

  • An arcade.

  • A jogging path.

  • Campfire S’mores.

  • Outdoor movie screenings.

  • A playground.


Art of Animation has only four food counters that serve American cuisine. This includes:

  • Sandwiches.

Breakfast also available and includes the same Mickey waffles.

What is the best option for you?

Pop Century or Art of Animation is better? These resorts are not all that different. These resorts are right next to one another, and both have Skyliner access. They also offer similar amenities as well as different dining options.

The only difference between the resorts are the types of rooms that you can reserve. Art of Animation primarily offers suites and caters for larger groups while Pop Century rooms are identical, except for the location. Pop Century does not offer family suites.

For families traveling together, the Art of Animation Resort may be a good option. It has six themed rooms that can accommodate up to six people.

The Pop Century Resort’s rates are $38 per night lower than Art of Animation.

Art of Animation Resort vs. Pop Century Resort, recapped

Disney has done an excellent job with its resorts, both in terms of design as well as the amenities they offer. Pop Century and Art of Animation are both value resorts that are less costly than their counterparts.

Consider the differences when deciding whether to stay at Pop Century Animation or Art of Animation.

Art of Animation caters heavily to those who need more space, and has a comparable price. Pop Century is cheaper, but offers nearly identical rooms across the resort.

You will be staying at Walt Disney World properties for an unforgettable vacation, no matter what hotel you choose.

(Top Photo courtesy Walt Disney World)

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