This spring, eligible Discover cardholders will receive a reward for dining out and buying wholesale products.

  • Restaurants.

  • Wholesale clubs.

For the 10th consecutive year, restaurants are included in the Discover bonus category. Wholesale clubs such as Sam’s Club and Costco have returned to the 5% category after a hiatus in 2022. Costco customers will not be able to use their Discover cards in the store. To earn bonus rewards, however, you can use your Discover card to make purchases on the Costco website.

All cashback earned within the first year of your card membership is doubled by Discover For purchases in bonus categories, new cardholders will earn an additional 10% cashback.


Discover’s entire 5% bonus calendar will be released quarterly for the first time in five year. It was a unique feature that made it easier for cardholders time their purchases. Discover now joins other 5% rotating bonus card categories, such as the Chase Freedom Flex(sm).

Full-service restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food outlets are all eligible for the bonus rewards category. Wholesale clubs bonus categories do not include purchases made at standalone stores located within a physical location. Affiliated services (such delivery services), travel, and cell phone purchases are also excluded.

Online activation of bonus categories is possible at, via a single click email from Discover, through the issuer’s mobile application or by calling 800-347-26683 You won’t earn any bonus cashback if you activate after activation.