The Credit Card, also known as the Unicorn Card is designed to help build credit and protect you against fraud, overspending, or late payments.

It can be difficult to comprehend the card, which was created by financial technology company and issued by WSFS Bank. It doesn’t work exactly like a traditional credit-card, and the card’s website has slick marketing copy.

Let’s take a look at the buzzwords. It’s a card that keeps you out of debt. Based on the amount in your linked deposit account, you are given spending limits. Funds are saved as you shop so that the money is available when your credit card bill comes due. You don’t have to miss a payment because payments are made automatically.

There are two drawbacks: Once you have established credit, there is no card that will allow you to earn rewards. Secured credit cards that require a deposit to open up the possibility of cash-back rewards or the possibility of upgrading to an unsecure card with proper usage.

These are five facts about the card.

1. Credit score won’t be affected by applying credit cards can be applied for without affecting your FICO score as you would with credit card applications. The card’s website states that a FICO score doesn’t need to be submitted to apply. This is great news for those who are just starting to build credit. Approval is not guaranteed if you provide additional financial information such as your income.

2. All of the card’s benefits have cute names’s credit card has a variety of creatively-titled features that sound high tech. Here is a translation

  • Flux Capacitor – Get your paycheck as early as two days before the deadline. You will also receive a two-day notice about any recurring charges. This is part of a deposit account. More information in the next section.

  • Stealth card: This is basically a virtual card number that allows you to make purchases and not give your card number to the merchant. Your information will be safe even if the merchant’s data is compromised. This feature is available on many other credit cards.

  • High Security: You can set up authorization windows for a limited time that you will only use if you have a purchase in mind but don’t wish to pay any merchant fees. Although traditional credit cards do not allow you to set up such expiring windows, many offer general card lock functionality.

  • Cred Optimizer: The algorithm that the card uses for optimizing your credit utilization is called this. It ensures that you don’t overcharge and protect your credit score.

  • Friend and foe: You can list approved merchants (or “friends”), and any charges that are denied incorrectly will be processed anyway. You can also list disapproved merchants, or “foes”, and all purchases made with them will be blocked.

  • Check Please: This feature claims to “eliminate the embarrassment that your card is declined” at important meetings or events, as well as on dates. This feature is not yet fully implemented, but other cards allow you to spend up to a certain amount.

3. With a deposit card, you get more from your card

The credit cards can be opened on their own, but you will need to open a deposit or checking account. The card’s full functionality is only possible if you have both. You will have access to many features, including automatic payments and a safe spending limit.

You’re automatically enrolled in automatic payments. Opting out will make you ineligible to the Guaranty, which covers interest and fees in the event that automatic payment is not successful.

4. You don’t have to pay any fees for the card. does not charge an annual fee, foreign transaction fees, or cash advance fees. You may be charged ATM fees for cash advances and a higher interest rate for the amount you withdraw.

Although technically has a late fee, the automatic payment function exists to avoid you having to pay it.

5. It is made from metal

The Card is made from metal with a striking silver unicorn design on black background.

Website states that it weighs more than other fancy black cards, but doesn’t give any numerical data.

The card will not give you celebrity-like access, but it will allow you to enjoy the invitation-only American Express Centurion (that’s the “other fancy dark card”). It’s a great option if you want credit-building that includes good looks.

NerdWallet has collected all information regarding the American Express Centurion credit card. NerdWallet no longer offers the card.