You’re likely to have shopped at an REI Co-op if you spend a lot of time outdoors or have a gear storage area in your home. The outdoor retailer encourages loyalty with a generous return policy and additional perks for members. The REI Co-op(r), Mastercard(r), has been redesigned and gives members even more reasons to shop with the brand.

It’s not as flexible and easy to use than a general cash back card. The REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard(r), which offers significant rewards for purchases, is a great option if you don’t want to shop elsewhere for your outdoor gear. The card’s perks and ongoing rewards make it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want more than one credit card.

What you need to know regarding the REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard (r):

1. While there is no annual fee, you will need to be a member of the Co-op.

Capital One issued the REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard(r). There is no annual fee but you must be a member of the Co-op to apply. A $30 one-time fee will get you a lifetime membership that includes:

  • Standard shipping free of charge.

  • You can return most items within 365 days of purchase, even if they have been used.

  • An annual member reward that can be used at REI. It usually consists of 10% of eligible full-priced purchases for the year. However, it is not guaranteed.

  • Get more sales on used gear.

  • Get discounts on rentals and other services in-store

It can be a bit annoying to have to pay membership fees before you can apply for your card. Membership is worth it if you shop for most of your outdoor gear at REI. Take this as an example: If REI pays the full 10% member bonus (which it often does), you will need to spend $300 to cover the membership cost.


Your preferred name can be used if it doesn’t match your legal names. However, your legal name will still appear in your REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard(r). However, if a merchant asks you to verify your identity using your ID, they may need to call Capital One.

2. Every time you spend money, you’ll reap rich rewards

REI cardholders get 5% back on all purchases You can earn exceptional cash back on your outdoor retailer purchases when you combine the annual membership reward. You’ll also earn an additional 5% when you shop at REI during the annual double rewards event. Outdoor gear is hard to beat.

Many retail credit cards have very low value for purchases that are not made by the brand. The REI Co-op Mastercard(r) offers 1.5% back on all purchases, but this is not the case with them. If you don’t want multiple credit cards, the REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard (r) is a good way to earn rewards for your next big purchase.

The Wells Fargo Active cash(r) Card earns 2% back on all purchases and offers higher rewards for all purchases. You could also use a combination of both cards: the REI Coop(r), Mastercard(r), at an outdoor retailer, and the Wells Fargo Active cash(r), Card anywhere else.


The annual reward for membership expires in less than 2 years. However, the rewards that you earn with the REI Mastercard(r), don’t expire so long as the card is still valid.

3. You can redeem them only at REI

Contrary to many credit cards, which don’t allow you access to your rewards until the end of your billing cycle (like most credit cards), rewards from the REI Cooperative(r) Mastercard(r ) appear in your account when you earn them. Reward points can only be used for REI purchases. Outdoor enthusiasts who buy a lot from REI will not have this problem. For casual shoppers, however, a card that offers flexible redemption options will be more appealing.

With the card, you’ll earn 3% back on a category you choose from this list: gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drugstores, home improvement/furnishings. You’ll also get 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% back for everything else. Online shopping could be a 3% option for members of the Co-op. They can earn 13% on all purchases at

4. A solid introductory bonus and a yearly statement credit will be yours.

You’ll receive a $100 REI gift certificate if you make a purchase within the first 60-days of opening your card. This is a substantial sign-up bonus considering you don’t have to spend any money to receive it.

Cardholders get an annual $50 credit that can be used on REI Co-op experiences. This credit can be used to pay for classes on gear care, day trips, or longer overnight excursions.

5. The REI Co-op (r) Mastercard can be used for adventures abroad

The REI Coop(r), Mastercard(r), is a great travel companion if you prefer rock climbing in Patagonia over the Rockies. It doesn’t have foreign transaction fees. Although it is possible to find a credit cards that waive foreign transaction fees, this perk is rare on retail cards. You’ll still be able to earn decent rewards for any international purchase, even if you don’t make it through REI.