Drivers looking to earn crypto rewards have just made the more valuable.

All existing and new cardholders will be eligible for bonus rewards starting Nov. 15, 2022. For a limited period, you can earn 10% in cryptocurrency for gas and electric vehicle charging purchases up to $2,000. These purchases must be made within a calendar month and cannot exceed $200.

WebBank, the card issuer, stated that new applicants must be approved by the bank before January 15, 2023 to receive the promotional offer. Existing cardholders are automatically enrolled.

The promotional period is for 12 months and begins in November 2022. It ends in December 2022 for existing cardholders. New applicants will be approved in the month of November 2022. Only purchases made at the pump or EV purchases are eligible. The 10% discount will not be available for purchases made at a gas station.

Gemini Mastercard holders will continue to receive 3% back for dining, 2% back for groceries, and 1% back for all other purchases. Cardholders who reach the $200 monthly spending limit will be eligible for 1% credit on gasoline and electric vehicle purchases.

Is this a good deal?

If you are interested in crypto rewards but won’t spend more that $200 per month, 10% back on gasoline and EV charging purchases for the full year will be hard to beat. If you are looking for cash back or traditional rewards for gas purchases, we recommend the best gas credit cards.