Emirates is one of the most recognizable airlines in the industry for its premium in-flight products. Emirates has the largest fleet of Airbus A380s in the world and flies around the globe, connecting destinations with one the most luxurious in-flight product.

Emirates is known for its in-flight showers, which are reserved for first-class passengers only. It also offers stand-up lounge bars to business and first-class passengers. However, there are still some issues that prevent it from being perfect. Middle seats in business class are the biggest problem on certain aircraft.

There are four types of Emirates service: economy, business, premium economy, and economy. The reality is that there are superior products and inferior products even in business class. The seats in business class can be quite different from those on the ground.

What you need to know about Emirates Business Class and how to maximize your mileage when booking.

What can you expect from Emirates Business Class Flying with Emirates

Emirates business class is a completely different experience than U.S.-based airlines. You will find many of the same things that you know about premium cabins, but the inflight service and airport lounges is a cut above the rest.

Chauffeur service

Emirates will pick up business class passengers at least 12 hours prior to departure if they are not offering mileage redemptions or discounted fares. You can get to the airport from any city you like, but you will need to check before you buy a ticket.

Baggage allowance

Emirates allows passengers to fly to and from the Americas with up to two bags, each weighing 70 pounds (32 kg). Two carry-ons are allowed — one standard and one briefcase, or a garment bag. Maximum weight for each carry-on is 15 pounds span>

Priority airport services

Priority check-in at the airport is available before you head to the lounge or priority baggage reclaim. Business class passengers can board direct from the lounge at Dubai Concourse A.


Emirates offers its passengers luxurious lounges with lavish food and drink options, as well as impressive bar selections. These are part and parcel of the business class perks. Arriving early at the airport is half the fun.

Dubai is home to the airline’s most impressive business lounges. These include a barista-made espresso and a new wellness buffet. All Emirates-branded facilities will have the airline’s trademark touches.

You can visit the Moet & Chandon Champagne lounge in Dubai’s Concourse B. Here you can enjoy top-quality bubbly at no cost.

Lie flat seats

(Photo by Emirates)

Although Lie-flat seats are the most popular reason people book Emirates business class tickets, the airline also offers a variety of business class configurations. Before you can determine which seat you will find, it is important to understand your aircraft type.

Emirates A380 Business Class

You’re safe on the Airbus A380. You don’t need to worry about middle seats as all business class seats have direct aisle access. The seats on the sides alternate between being closer or farther from the aisle. The seats in the middle section can be positioned closer to the aisle, or tucked into it for privacy.

The best part? Passengers can enjoy the famous onboard bar and lounge (exclusively for the A380).

Emirates 777 Business Class

The Boeing 777 is where it gets tricky. Only the Boeing 777-2LR has a 2-2-2 configuration. The majority of other Boeing 777s will guarantee that you will have the 2-3-2 configuration. This means that the person in the middle will need to climb over their neighbor. These seats are angled and lie flat, not like the 180-degree-flat seats found on other aircraft.

(Photo by Emirates)

Avoid getting stuck in the middle seat, especially if flying solo. This article will help you make the most out of your business class investment whether it was paid in miles or cash.

To create a luxurious cabin, the airline uses lots of creams, hardwoods, and gold finishes. It may not be for everyone, but it is striking. Although no one would want a middle seat in an expensive cabin, they still enjoy the best in-flight service.

Enjoy a glass of wine and a meal in the sky

Emirates has some of the best menu options, including Arabic mezze appetizers or champagne breakfasts. Passengers can enjoy fine bone china from Royal Doulton with Robert Welch cutlery.


Emirates publishes the menus for its different flights on its website. Enter the flight details online and you will see the menus.

Start your meal with an aperitif, appetizer, followed by the main dish and decadent desserts. All Emirates meals are halal. Passengers can order light bites between main meals. These include items such as tofu pokbows, ravioli, and pecan cake.

There are many labels on the drink menu, including Hennessy X.O cognac or Chivas Regal 18 year-old Scotch whisky. Cocktails are available, as well as a long wine list, and many soft drinks and juice options.

Emirates offers meals at fixed times but will accommodate dine-on demand requests. Qatar Airways is one example of an airline that offers dine-on-demand for all passengers.

For those who enjoy eating (or drinking) at your own pace, Airbus A380 planes offer in-flight lounges that allow passengers to meet up for a drink or snack.

In-flight entertainment

Emirates’ entertainment program is known as “ice” and features hundreds of movies, documentaries, music tracks, and games that keep passengers entertained. More than 5,000 channels can provide entertainment.

Although everyone has access to the same programming, passengers in business class have a bigger screen than those who are seated in lower cabins.

What is the Emirates Business Class?

For a one-way flight from New York-John F. Kennedy to Dubai, sample searches showed that March 2023 flights were $4,975 (or Chicago-O’Hare). The cost of a one-way flight from San Francisco or Dubai will be slightly higher at $5,768.


Financing can be arranged through Lift .

Avoid sticker shock by booking your business class flight with points and miles instead of cash.

From a range of bank programs, you can transfer miles or points to Emirates Skywards.

You can use your Emirates Skywards points earned from other programs to help you save money on travel.

Emirates uses an award calculator to help travelers calculate how many miles they will need to fly. While the number of miles required for a route is constant (no dynamic pricing), each route may have a different requirement.

A flight from New York-John F. Kennedy in business class to Dubai costs 115,000 miles.

Look out for Emirates’ fifth-freedom flights between the U.S.A. and Europe. These include Newark, New York, Athens, and Newark. These flights cost only 72,500 miles each way in business class.

For those who only need to redeem once, they may choose to keep their credit card and accumulate valuable points and miles until they can make the big Emirates trip.

Book business class on Emirates

Go to the Emirates website to start your search.

Make sure you select “Business Class” in the drop-down menu and indicate if you would like to book with cash, rewards or both.

Choose your flight and enter passenger information. Follow the prompts to book the flight.

Are Emirates business classes worth it?

Emirates offers a superior airport experience and an onboard experience that’s miles ahead of any other airline. No matter where you are in business class, you will be treated well, no matter if you’re flying to Europe, the United Arab Emirates, or anywhere else.

You can maximize your experience by earning Emirates Skywards points, transferring points from a rewards program credit card or applying for one the airline’s creditcards. You’ll be happy you did, the next time you enjoy a cocktail at 36,000 feet above Earth in the lounge of an Airbus A380.

Featured Image courtesy Emirates

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