Customers who frequent Marriott hotels may need to contact customer support for any reason. Request a photocopy of your hotel bill, or to inquire about missing points or Elite night credits from Marriott Bonvoy. Perhaps it’s to verify that the hotel’s shuttle runs. There isn’t one contact that can help you with all these issues. […]

Customers who frequent Marriott hotels may need to contact customer support for any reason. Request a photocopy of your hotel bill, or to inquire about missing points or Elite night credits from Marriott Bonvoy. Perhaps it’s to verify that the hotel’s shuttle runs.

There isn’t one contact that can help you with all these issues. Each reason for contacting Marriott is different.

How do you contact Marriott Bonvoy customer support? Let’s look at how to contact Marriott Bonvoy regarding common concerns and issues.

Contact the hotel directly

Before you call Marriott Bonvoy, make sure to check if the hotel is the right place to start.

If you have any questions about the hotel’s housekeeping schedule, breakfast options, or laundry services, it is a good idea to contact the front desk directly, not Marriott Bonvoy.

These types of questions can be answered directly by calling the hotel. If you call Marriott Bonvoy, an agent will most likely transfer you to the hotel, or put you on hold so you can call the hotel again.

To find the hotel’s phone number, either search online for the name of the hotel or go to your Marriott Bonvoy account and select the page to view the contact information.

You can send a query to the contact form at Marriott’s website if you prefer a written answer about the hotel’s amenities or service. Select “Hotel Information (Service, Facilities)” from the dropdown menu and then enter the name of the property or hotel.

Contact number Marriott Bonvoy

For U.S. or Canadian travelers, you can call the Marriott Bonvoy Contact Number at 800-627-7468 if you have any problems with your Marriott Bonvoy account. Marriott provides a list of local numbers for members who are based in 17 countries or regions.

For the fastest assistance, ensure your phone number is stored in your Marriott Bonvoy Account. Then call that number. This will allow the phone system to recognize you automatically and speed up the process of retrieving your account information.

Marriott also lists half a dozen mailing addresses and numbers by fax for guest services. These are arranged by region.

Marriott phone numbers to make reservations

For U.S. and Canadian travellers, call 888-236-2427 to make a new Marriott reservation. For certain types of reservations, Marriott does have separate numbers:

  • Ritz-Carlton reservations: 800-542-8680.

  • Gaylord Hotel Reservations: 877-382-7199

  • Atlantis Reservations: 800-285-2684.

  • Reservations for all-inclusive resorts: 844-683-9599.

Call 800-831-4004 to inquire about booking events or meetings.

Chat with Marriott Bonvoy.

Marriott Bonvoy provides a chat service through its website. To access it, you will need to navigate to their Help page. To start the chat, click on the question mark bubble at the lower right corner.

There are three options available: Help with your Marriott Bonvoy Account, Help with a Future or Past Stay or Something else.

You can choose from one of the options to navigate through a series related questions with the goal of answering your question. If you are unable to find the answer you seek, you will be asked if it would be possible to speak with someone.

You can also reach Marriott Bonvoy via Twitter @MBonvoyAssist. This method is not likely to provide any solutions.

The Marriott Bonvoy account team will usually open an internal case, or reach out to the hotel management with your concern.

Get a copy of your Marriott bill

Have you lost your hotel folio. It’s easy to request a duplicate of your bill from Marriott through its website. This is useful if you have any questions or find out about unanticipated charges on your card.

Log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account and go to the Marriott Contact Form. Select “Copy of Hotel Bill”, from the drop-down menu.

If you have it, enter the property name, check in and checkout dates, and your confirmation number. Submit your contact and member details.

Request a Marriott Bonvoy Stay Credit

You didn’t earn Bonvoy points, Elite Night Credits or Bonvoy points for your stay. Marriott offers a dedicated missing stay request form to address these requests.

Logging into your Marriott Bonvoy account will automate the process. The confirmation number, check in date, checkout day, hotel name, and a photo of the hotel bill will still be required.

For a copy to your hotel bill, please see the section on how you can request one.

What can I do to complain about Marriott?

This contact form will allow you to give feedback to Marriott, good or not. From the dropdown, select “Compliment/Concerns about a Stay”. Depending on the situation, choose either “Complimentary” or “Concern”.

You can submit complaints by selecting one of the following seven categories: Guest room Feedback, Common Space/Exterior feedback, Meeting and Event Feedback, Staff Feedback and Food and Beverage Feedback.

Enter the name of your hotel or property, check-in and checkout dates, confirmation numbers, comments, and contact information.

Get to Marriott Bonvoy faster with the elite status

Bonvoy elite members with Platinum status or more receive dedicated support from Marriott Bonvoy. Bonvoy elite status is one of the fastest ways to get help.

Plus: You can get Bonvoy elite status by using hotel credit cards.

All Marriott co-branded cards currently available offer at least 15 elite night credits. This is enough to earn Silver Elite status, which includes perks such as 10% bonus points or priority late checkout. These cards are eligible for Silver Elite status

Next tier cards offer Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status. This elite status gives you 25% bonus points, 2 pm late checkout (subjects to availability), and room upgrades. To claim certain cards, you will need to register.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Platinum Elite is the ultimate Marriott elite status. It offers 50% bonus points, guaranteed 4:pm checkout at all properties, upgrade to standard suites, lounge access, and dedicated support.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact Marriott Bonvoy

Before you contact Marriott, think about whether contacting the hotel is your first step.

Many Marriott hotels are independently owned and managed. This means that the front desk of hotels will probably have more information about specific questions than Marriott Bonvoy.

If you have any questions about your stay, or have problems with the Marriott website, you should contact Marriott Bonvoy immediately.

A Marriott contact form can be used to expedite some requests, such as obtaining a copy your hotel bill.

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