World of Hyatt Points can be a great way to get a lot of value, especially if your Hyatt loyalty program earns you points for every stay. If you are looking to book a Hyatt hotel on your next vacation, you may also have the World of Hyatt Credit Card

If you are short of points, there is an easy way to boost your account balance quickly: Chase Ultimate Reward(r) Transfers

What should you do if your points transfer is delayed or doesn’t go through?

Here are some things to know about possible hiccups when you transfer points between Chase Ultimate Rewards(r), and World of Hyatt. Start here if your Chase transfer to Hyatt has stopped working.

How it should function

Chase Ultimate Rewards(r), is the points currency you earn when you spend on eligible Chase cards. There are many categories that offer bonus points. You can earn 3x points for dining and travel with Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), or 3x points for online grocery, dining, and select streaming services with Chase Sapphire Preferred(r).

These points can be used to redeem cash for travel expenses through Chase Ultimate Rewards(r), at a rate 1 point per 1.5c with the Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), or 1 point per 1.25c with the Chase Sapphire Prreferred(r).

Chase has many transfer partners within the Ultimate Rewards(r), including loyalty programs such as World of Hyatt, United MileagePlus and Flying Blue Air France–KLM, Marriott Bonvoy, and IHG One Reward.


You can get more value per Chase point by transferring Chase points to partners rather than redeeming them for cash. NerdWallet analysis showed that Chase points can be worth as little as 2.8 cents per piece when they are transferred to World of Hyatt.

Chase points are transferred at a 1:1 ratio to World of Hyatt transfers. The transfer should occur immediately. This is good news for anyone who needs to reserve an award quickly.

Why don’t my points transfer?

Sometimes, it doesn’t go as smoothly when you transfer points. Sometimes, a move that should be quick can become a problem. The culprit could be one of these reasons:

  • Card not eligible. Only Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), and Ink Business Preferred(r), credit cards can transfer Ultimate Rewards(r).

  • Unauthorized account Transfers to unauthorized accounts will not work. You can transfer points to your Chase account to make a transfer to a member of your household, provided they are authorized users.

  • Name mismatch. A common problem is that the names on the Chase Ultimate Rewards (r) and World of Hyatt accounts don’t match. The names don’t have to match exactly, but it could be that they use different middle initials or nicknames from longer names in order to cause mismatches.

How do you solve the problem

This issue can be solved by verifying that you have the correct Chase card.

If it doesn’t work, contact Chase to inquire if Chase can assist with the transfer. If it doesn’t, you will know that the problem is with World of Hyatt.

If your name does not match, Hyatt can adjust it. The process shouldn’t take too long and, once your name matches, transfers should occur immediately.

It can be difficult for long or hyphenated names to match the correct format. Hyatt will be able to help you ensure that they match Chase’s format.

To whom can you transfer points?

Chase points can only be transferred to your World of Hyatt account. They can also be transferred to a household member, provided they are authorized users on your Chase account.

If you wish to transfer your Hyatt points to another person, provided they have a World of Hyatt Account, it is possible. Hyatt members can combine their points but there are some restrictions.

Transferring points is limited to once per 30 days. You may not transfer enough points to allow the recipient of an award stay to redeem them. This form is required to initiate the transfer.

Resolution of Chase to Hyatt Transfer Problems, recapped

There is a possibility that the normally instantaneous transfer might be delayed if your names are not identical on your Chase or Hyatt accounts or if you try to transfer points to an ineligible account or card with an invalid number.

Chase can be reached at the number listed above if you have any questions.

World of Hyatt will be able to assist Chase if there are no problems. If everything goes according to plan, you will be able to redeem your award in no time.

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