Travelers can switch loyalty without having to start over in a new program by using an airline or hotel elite status match. You can use your existing elite status to receive perks on cruises. It may only take a few steps.

How to leverage hotel elite status for a discounted cruise

Get elite status

You must have elite status before you can start any elite status match merry go-round. Casino status is necessary for the Carnival promotion. The better the tier,

You don’t have to gamble if you aren’t a casino player. Matching certain elite hotel statuses, such as Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Rewards and World of Hyatt Rewards to MGM Rewards, can help you score casino status.

You don’t have to be elite in Hyatt or Wyndham, but you are still eligible. These are the steps to obtaining either of these elite statuses.

Wyndham Rewards

With just one credit card, travelers can get Wyndham Rewards elite status. Wyndham Rewards(r), Earner(sm), Business Credit Card is available to small-business owners. You’ll be automatically granted top-tier Diamond elite status for a $95 annually fee. Wyndham Platinum elite status is available to those who don’t own a small business.

World of Hyatt

Hyatt does not offer a credit card that can be used to get World of Hyatt elite status. Only cardholders with the World of Hyatt Credit Card can attain entry-level Discoverist elite status. The card can help you achieve higher status: You get five elite-qualifying nights boosts and two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent over a calendar year.


Alternatively, you could get a FoundersCard to bypass the requirement of generating hotel elite status. Caesars Diamond elite status is one of the many perks that the FoundersCard offers. You can save a little money by signing up for a FoundersCard at $595, but you will still need to pay $595 if you click through certain referral links.

This method is only for those who would like to take advantage of the other FoundersCard perks.

Loyalty Programs Match with Status

Next, you will need to match your hotel elite status with a loyalty program at a casino. Wyndham is a partner with Caesars, and Hyatt is a partner with MGM. Your next step will depend on the status of your hotel elite status.

We recommend that you match Wyndham Rewards with World of Hyatt elite status if you have both Wyndham Rewards as well as World of Hyatt. It takes only a few moments.

Matching Wyndham to Caesars Reward

Click this link to match your Wyndham elite status with Caesars Log in if you have an existing Caesars Rewards account to start the match process. If not, you can create a Caesars Rewards account.

Enter your Wyndham Rewards number, and then click “request matching status”. It will take seven business days for the match process to occur, according to the confirmation page.

To match to Carnival, your Caesars Rewards card will be required once your status match has been completed. A digital Caesars Rewards membership card is not available. To get a digital card, you will need to download the Caesars Rewards App.

Matching Hyatt with MGM Rewards

Log in to your World of Hyatt account to start your match from Hyatt and MGM Rewards. Next, click on “opt in” to go Hyatt’s MGM Match Page. ”

To complete the match, log in to your MGM Rewards account when prompted. Your new status may not reflect in your account for up to 24 hours.

After you have completed your match, receive a digital copy of your card. This can be accessed in your MGM Rewards account dashboard. Click the “MGM Rewards card logo” to get it.

Status match with Carnival

To speed up your personal information, enter your Very Important Fun Person Club number (VIFP) and your email if you have sailed on Carnival before. If you don’t have a phone number or address, please enter your name and date of birth.

This is the place where you can show off your newly-minted elite casino status.

To the Carnival Players Club Fun Match application, upload images of your card’s front and back. Click “Add another loyalty card” if you are an elite member of multiple loyalty programs at casinos. Are you interested in other offers? Upload photos of your loyalty cards.

Search for the best Carnival cruise offer

You’re probably ready to get your discounted cruise offer after all that. Patience is the key to this promotion. If an offer does not appeal to you, don’t worry. You can always wait for the next one.

You might receive a disappointing offer to begin, such as a complimentary cruise in an interior cabin or a cash bonus for using an onboard casino.

You’ll get a follow up email from Carnival Player Club. It will likely contain a better offer, such as a “free” balcony (before taxes and fees). This email usually arrives a few days following the initial one.

Do not let deadlines intimidate you into booking a cruise you don’t like. My wife has been receiving new offers every month since she matched her Caesars Diamond elite status. Carnival Players Club sends another offer to my wife a few days after the expiration of one promotion.

Book your Carnival Cruise

After you have found the right deal, this is where your hard work pays off. You will receive a greatly discounted cruise. To see a complete list of current cruises, click the personalized link in your mail.

You can find free cruise deals based on the time you search. These range from 2-night cruises to Bahamas to 3-week repositioning cruises throughout the Pacific.

These options, like discount offers, fluctuate. Don’t hesitate to book an offer that appeals to you.

Remember that these “free” offers may not be free. You will typically pay $100 per person, plus taxes, fees, and port expenses. You should also consider gratuities for onboard staff as these can be costly on longer sailings.

You can still get a great deal. A six-night balcony cruise for two people costs $720. Prepaid gratuities are included. You’ll also get $200 in onboard credit.

You can fly on a multi-week cruise to reposition your ship if you have the time and flexibility. This 22-day cruise, which includes gratuities, from Brisbane, Australia to Seattle costs just $1,236. It takes place in a Cloud 9 Balcony room.

Looking for a Carnival cruise at a bargain price?

Carnival Players Club clearly invests heavily in marketing to attract gamblers who want to take Carnival cruises.

There are many people who have high-tier, mid- or high-ranking elite status in a major casino loyalty programme that receive attractive offers for Carnival cruises. You don’t have to gamble to qualify for casino elite status. There are a few partnerships that allow you to join hotel loyalty programs.

Maximizing your Rewards

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