Ryanair, an Irish airline with no frills, is well-known for its low ticket prices and ability to fly to many European destinations. Ryanair is a great option for travelers who plan to travel outside of the United States.

Ryanair is safe? Ryanair is safe?

This article will examine the safety and reliability of Ryanair so that you can make an informed decision before making a booking.

Ryanair at a Glance

Ryanair is a low-cost carrier. Before you board, make sure you understand your expectations. Ryanair is a low cost carrier.

Although the airline offers low-cost tickets, additional fees such as checked baggage fees and seat selection can increase the cost of your flight.

If you are a budget traveler and want to save money, Ryanair is a good option.

Ryanair has a network of routes that connects countries in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Ryanair never experienced a fatal crash

It’s a good idea to review the safety records of any airline before you board a plane.

Ryanair’s safety record is excellent. Zero deaths have occurred in the 37 years that Ryanair has been operating.

According to the Aviation Safety Network there have been thirteen incidents reported by the airline, with the latest occurring in 2019. Many of these incidents involved minor collisions between other planes and taxiways on the runway.

Ryanair was recognized for its safety

AirlineRatings.com reviews regularly the safety of international airlines companies to help air travelers feel more comfortable choosing them. AirlineRatings.com has given Ryanair a 7-star safety rating.

Ryanair was listed as one of AirlineRatings.com’s Top Ten Safest Low Cost Airlines for 2022.

These factors were taken into consideration when deciding which airlines should be included in this list.

  • Incident records for the past two years.

  • Record breaking crashes in the last five years.

  • Audit results of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The ICAO inspects the safety and security of aviation in its 193 member states.

  • European Union Banned List Status — Does the airline have to be blocked from operating under certain conditions or prohibited from operating altogether in Europe?

  • Fleet age.

There were also other low-cost airlines on the list:

Is Ryanair reliable?

Ryanair’s safety rating is now clear. You may be wondering if this airline is reliable. Book a flight and you want to be confident you will get there.

Ryanair is a reliable airline. This conclusion was reached by reviewing data from The Official Aviation Guide on flight cancellations and arrival times.

The Official Aviation Guide compiles data about airport and airline reliability. Some of these data were used to compare Ryanair’s reliability with other European low-cost airlines.

The September 2022 cancellation and arrival stats are shown below:

On-time arrivals %

Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway)

Norwegian (Ireland)

Vueling Airlines

Wizz Air (Hungary)

Wizz Air UK (U.K.)

Ryanair does not have the fastest on-time arrival rate, as shown by the above data. It’s not bad, however. Ryanair’s on time arrival rate is actually better than EasyJet, Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK.

Ryanair charges a lower cancellation fee than

  • Eurowings.

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle.

  • Wizz Air UK.

There are no guarantees that your flight will be cancelled or delayed. After all, travel doesn’t always go as planned. These figures will help you feel confident booking with Ryanair.

If your trip does not go according to plan, consider buying travel coverage

Fly with Ryanair?

Is it a good idea for Ryanair to fly?

Ryanair is safe to fly because there have been no fatalities and a strong safety record.

Ryanair’s reliability ratings aren’t as high as those of other European budget airlines. However, Ryanair has shown that it is still reliable in terms of flight cancellations and on-time arrivals. Ryanair’s flight cancellation rate and on-time arrivals are good.

You can book with Ryanair as long as you are aware that Ryanair is a low-cost airline.

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