Are you a frequent visitor to theme parks? No more empty streets or walk-on rides. Expect crowds, long lines, and at most a little sweat.

This is especially true for Universal Studios, regardless of whether you are visiting California or Florida. Universal offers an Express Pass to help reduce fatigue and skip the lines.

Is the Universal Express Pass really worth it? Let’s take an in-depth look.

What is the Universal Express Pass?

The Universal Express Pass, in short, is a ticket that allows you to skip the line at participating attractions and rides.

Pass holders can use lane numbers that are shorter than the standard line. This is especially useful if you are visiting during peak periods, such as spring break and summer holidays.

Universal Express Passes come in two forms. The first lets you skip the line only once per attraction or ride. You can skip the line up to three times per attraction or ride. The Unlimited version allows you to do it as many times as possible, even for the same ride.


There are different types of passes available at every Universal park. To find out which version is available, you will need to research the park you are visiting.

Costs vary depending on many factors such as when you visit and how much you are paying. We’ll discuss that further below.

Be aware, however, that these passes are limited and only a small number are available per day. Once they are gone, it’s over.

What is the cost of a Universal Express Pass?

How much are Universal Express Passes worth? The cost of your Universal Express Pass will depend on a number of factors.

  • No matter if you are purchasing the Express Unlimited or Express Express,

  • While you’re browsing.

  • How many Express Passes are left?

  • The park you are visiting.

  • The number of parks you visit.

A one-day pass that includes limited rides at Universal Orlando starts at $90 plus taxes. These can be up to $350 plus tax and are often available during busy times.

The Universal Express Unlimited Pass is slightly more expensive. A single park visit during off-peak hours can be as low as $100, but a multipark Unlimited Pass will cost you around $380.


Universal Express Pass prices are often cheaper in California but the park is smaller.

The short version: The price of a Universal Express Pass varies greatly and can vary from $90 to $380.

How do I get a Universal Express Pass

There is two main ways to obtain one of these passes. However, it will depend on your circumstances.

Buy a Pass

First, and most importantly, you need to buy the pass. This process will vary depending on the park you are visiting.

  • You can purchase your Florida park tickets separately and then add the Express Pass to your order.

  • California residents will need to bundle the Express Pass and their admission ticket.

You can upgrade your ticket to the theme parks if you visit both.

Enjoy a Universal Resort

You can also get an Express Pass by staying at a Universal Studios resort. Although it is not always available, it can still be an option for people who are traveling to Universal Studios Orlando.

Universal guests have four options for resorts, each with different price points: Prime Value, Value, Preferred, and Premier.

The names of the Premier properties and the Value hotels indicate that they are the most expensive.

Premier resorts offer you unlimited Universal Express Unlimited Passes to use with your fellow guests in your room.

These hotels offer standard rooms that can sleep two adults and two kids. Room rates start at $325 per night.

It is an amenity that you get free of charge, no matter where you are visiting. This means your daily value could be more than $1,500.

Also, you will receive Universal Express Unlimited passes on the day that you check in and the morning you check out. This means that a one-night stay includes two days of Universal Express Unlimited passes.

Is it worth the Universal Express Pass?

The Universal Express Pass is a great option for those who don’t like waiting in lines. It can be quite expensive, especially if the parks are crowded.

Before you decide if the Universal Studios Express Pass worth it, consider these factors:

  • How crowded will the parks get when you visit them?

  • Are you able to afford a pass?

  • With whom are you travelling? (Can you make your children wait in the line? )

  • Would you prefer to stay in a Universal resort?

  • What are your travel days? Are you able to return for more rides on another date?

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea if the Express Pass is worth it.

Imagine that you are visiting Universal Orlando for two days during Christmas. It’s likely that you won’t return to the Midwest for several years. You won’t be able to return anytime soon because the park is very busy.

A Universal Express Pass might be able help you make the most out of your travel time.

Universal Express Passes – recapped

A Universal Express Pass is a great way for you to skip the regular line. However, the price will vary depending on where you are traveling and what parks you visit.

You can save money by staying at Universal resorts, but you should do the math before you buy a pass.

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