JetBlue has announced major updates to its TrueBlue loyalty program. These include customizable perks and four levels of Mosaic elite rank. A new tile system will track your progress towards rewards. JetBlue’s loyalty program is even more valuable to non-elites because some of the customizable perks are available before you qualify for elite status.

JetBlue TrueBlue’s new loyalty program will go live in spring 2023. However, many earning opportunities start at the beginning of each year. This article will explain the changes to JetBlue’s loyalty program and how to earn status and rewards under the new system.

A new tile system that tracks awards and status

One of the most significant changes in TrueBlue’s overhaul is the new tiles system. This is used to measure and track progress towards Mosaic status. Each dollar spent on JetBlue travel and with JetBlue credit cards count towards your tiles.

How the earnings rates are broken down:

  • For every $100 you spend on JetBlue travel (JetBlue Vacations, JetBlue Paisly), you earn one tile

    JetBlue add-ons

  • Get one tile for every $1000 spent on JetBlue credit card.

Tiles dictate your level of Mosaic elite status

JetBlue will expand its Mosaic elite program to offer four levels of elite status. This is in addition to the two Mosaic+ and Mosaic+ elite status programs. This could be good news for casual travelers, who would not have achieved Mosaic+ status.

You might get some extra goodies for being loyal, even though you won’t be able to receive the elite status at the top tiers.

You are eligible for the lowest tier Mosaic elite status if you have attained 50 tiles. Earn 250 tiles for top-tier status. These are the four levels of elite status and the best benefits they offer:

Tiles required to earn

How much Do you need to spend to get that many tiles?

Top Benefits (higher Mosaic Tiers include all the benefits of lower levels)

Get JetBlue Travel for $5,000

  • Priority boarding.

  • Get your first two checked bags for free.

  • Beer and wine, as well as liquor.

  • Check-In: More Space

  • Same-day switches.

  • Check-in and priority security.

Get JetBlue Travel for $10,000

  • Free upgrade to Even More Space Seats during booking (pending availability).

$15,000 JetBlue travel.

  • Four free upgrades to any Mint seat from the core

$25,000 JetBlue travel.

  • Two additional upgrade certificate

  • Credits to get four free BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan, JFK and EWR.

*To earn those tiles, you can combine JetBlue flying and spending on credit cards.

The Mosaic 3 Tier is most similar to JetBlue Mosaic+ which was introduced in 2022.

Mosaic+ members will be able to enjoy a few additional benefits as a result of the expansion to four tiers. JetBlue’s helicopter transfer benefits could make it a very expensive way to fly right into the Big Apple for those who spend a lot.

New “Perks You Pick” rewards

Tiles count towards elite status and can also be used as milestone rewards. You might still be able to earn a small reward, even if you don’t earn all 50 tiles required for elite status.

You can pick from a variety of “Perks you Pick” for every 10 tiles you earn (until 50 to get you Mosaic 1 status).

  • Early Boarding in Group B (except Blue Basic fares).

  • Access to an expedited screening line at participating airports.

  • Get your first alcoholic beverage free of charge on all subsequent flights for those 21 years and older.

  • One-time, 2x points bonus for a JetBlue Vacations package.

This is a taster of elite status for as low as $1,000 in JetBlue spend.

The milestone benefits continue to accrue once you reach the JetBlue elite rank ranks. Every time you reach a higher level of Mosaic elite status you will be able choose one perk from the Mosaic Perks you Pick menu.


  • FoundersCard blue Membership offers loyalty status upgrades and discounts at other travel brands.

  • For subsequent flights, a pet fee waiver of $125 is available.

  • One-time 20-Tile bonus that will get you to the next level of elite status faster.

  • 15,000 bonus point (worth approximately $225).

    • Increase your TrueBlue balance by 15,000 bonus points

  • Priority access for Mint Suite selections on select aircraft (pending availability, arriving later in 2023), except Mint Studio.

The pros and cons of new loyalty programs

Pros: JetBlue TrueBlue has added new status tiers to give passengers of all budgets more opportunities to earn perks. It is easy to understand the tile system and earn status.

The new program offers casual travelers the chance to get some benefits, even though they aren’t as lavish as those who travel extensively. JetBlue will give you your first “Perks You Pick” for as low as $1,000. This is a way to show your loyalty and maybe even a consolation prize for the last-minute, expensive holiday flight you booked.

Cons: Some people who were able to earn JetBlue elite status by Mosaic-qualifying segments and points might be disappointed. Mosaic-qualifying segments and points will be discontinued in spring 2023.

The amount you have spent in 2023 will determine how many tiles are held by Mosaic members. For next year, Mosaic levels are based on the amount you spent in 2022, or 2023, depending on which is greater.

TrueBlue benefits that won’t affect

Many airlines have been increasing the requirements for elite status or cutting benefits. This is bad news for those who want to be invited into the inner circle of loyalists.

JetBlue TrueBlue has seen many changes over the years, but there are still many reasons to love JetBlue TrueBlue. These are just a few examples of TrueBlue members that remain.

Image courtesy JetBlue.

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