American Express’ newest and largest lounge is the Centurion Lounge, which covers 15,000 square feet. It can be found on two floors at New York-John F. Kennedy Airport. You will find free Wi-Fi in the lounge, space for relaxation and work, a chef-curated menu, and an Equinox Body Lab that offers mini spa treatments. There is also a speakeasy bar.

Centurion Lounges offer more exclusive experiences than other credit card perks like Priority Pass lounges. Centurion Lounges can be difficult to access (since they’re only available as perks for a handful of cards), but they’re generally less crowded. They’re also part of American Express so there’s a continuity and theme that’s always present in the lounges. This is unlike Priority Pass lounges which aren’t owned by one entity.

You’ve probably been curious about Centurion Lounges , and you want to visit the lounge at New York JFK. Here’s what you can look forward to

Food & Beverage Options

Buffet dining at JFK’s Centurion Lounge (Photo by Elina Geler)

This Centurion Lounge is the largest, so there are many buffet-style stations. Ignacio Mattos from New York, a four-time James Beard nominee, has curated the entire menu.

This meal includes a roasted shawarma chicken, orecchiette pasta and spring vegetables. It also includes a summer corn soup. (Photo by Elina Gale)

Lounge guests can expect to find some signature dishes such as a caciocavallo, egg sandwich with tomato mamarmalade, fenne salad with castelvetrano Olives, provolone, and steak with romesco, taleggio sauce.

The Centurion Lounge, JFK. (Photo by Elina Geler)

This lounge is a nod towards New York’s theme and features local coffee from Irving Farm New York as well as local wine selected by Anthony Giglio, Centurion Lounge wine director.

Centurion Lounges are distinguished by their attention to detail and quality when creating the food menu. Centurion Lounges provide a premium dining experience that is not available in Priority Pass lounges.

1850 Speakeasy Bar

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

The 1850 Speakeasy Bar is one of the most unique features of Centurion Lounge JFK. You must pass through a metal gate to get inside. Once you are inside, it doesn’t feel like you are in an airport lounge. 1850 is a bar that feels authentic with dark finishes, wood paneling, and private booths.

You can have a great coffee before you fly if you are in the lounge during the day at 1850.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

Jim Meehan created the drink menu. He is an award-winning mixologist, best known for his work at PDT, a chic, low-key speakeasy located in New York City. The rotating experiential menu is available and it’s titled “Travel meets New York”. The lounge also features 1850 and a bar that offers a full menu of cocktails featuring local spirits.

Equinox Body Lab

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

The Equinox Body Lab is another great feature in this lounge. This area allows you to relax and indulge in self-care. The Equinox Body Lab is typically only available to Equinox Club members. The Equinox Body Lab provides restorative therapy such as self-guided meditation, stretching sessions, vibroacoustic chair, and Normatec recovery compress boots.

Normatec compression boots at Equinox Body Lab. (Photo by Elina Gill)

Normatec compression boots are worn over your legs. They inflate or deflate depending on the resistance level. These boots are said to improve circulation, reduce swelling and revive muscles. They were comfortable and I felt relaxed when I tried them on in the lounge.


You can enjoy all the Equinox Body Lab pre-flight pampering if you visit the lounge as soon as possible to make an appointment. It is limited in space and can only hold a handful of people at once, so make sure to sign up early.

Relax and Work

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

The lounge is located on two floors. However, the layout is narrower than the rest. Most of the seating is along windows that offer a great view of the planes.

(Photo courtesy of Elina Geller

The lounge has plenty of seating, including six small areas to do work or take calls.

A TV in a sitting area at JFK’s Centurion Lounge. (Photo by Elina Geler)

A multipurpose room is available for families with children, and there’s also an area that can be used as a co-working space with a long table with desk lamps and desk lamps.

What’s the American Express Centurion Lounge?

Centurion Lounges make up the Centurion Network with more than 40 locations around the world. These lounges also belong to American Express’s larger network of lounges, the Global Lounge Collection. It includes over 1,400 lounges in 140 countries.

These lounges tend to be more exclusive than Priority Pass, and are often more crowded. Centurion Lounges feature premium food prepared by award-winning chefs, as well as top-shelf cocktails made by mixologists. The lounges offer plenty of space for both relaxation and work.

How to enter the Centurion Lounge at JFK

You can only get into the Centurion Lounge if you have a same day boarding pass for your onward travel, and one of these cards:

Terms and Conditions apply.

Only departing passengers can access the lounge. You cannot enter if your flight is just completed. The Centurion Lounge can only be accessed by passengers who are departing from Terminal 4 at JFK.

To be admitted, you will need your boarding card and a government-issued I.D. Your eligible card will be required to gain entry. Only Delta SkyMiles (r) Reserve American Express Card or Delta SkyMiles (r) Reserve Business American Express Card holders have access to lounges in the United States of America, Hong Kong, and London.

Centurion Lounge guest policy

The Platinum Card(r), The Business Platinum Card(r), and Centurion credit card holders can currently bring up to two guests free of charge.

If you have The Platinum Card(r), American Express, or The Business Platinum Card(r), you will be required to pay $50 for each guest, $30 for children 2-17, with proof, unless you spend $75,000 in eligible purchases on your card in 2022.

Although it is unwelcome, the change to the guest policy was likely made in order to reduce overcrowding. It may be a good idea to add your frequent travel companion to The Platinum Card(r), or The Business Platinum Card (r) from American Express depending on your travel habits.

A $175 fee is required to add an authorized person. If you plan to visit Centurion Lounges at least four times per year with a travel companion, it is well worth the cost.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Hours of Operation and Directions to Centurion Lounge JFK

New York-JFK has six terminals and is an enormous airport. The Centurion Lounge is located at New York-JFK. You can’t get in to the Centurion Lounge unless you are flying out of Terminal 4.

Final thoughts about the Centurion Lounge at JFK

This is the largest Centurion Lounge, located on two floors. This lounge is ideal for anyone looking to relax, get work done, or enjoy fancy cocktails.

Featured photo by Elina Geller.

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