The X1 card will get a sibling, the X1+, which will offer unique travel rewards for an annual $75 fee.

(Image by X1)

The X1+ is a metal credit card issued in Coastal Community Bank. It will be similar to the original X1. Although there is no hard credit check to determine whether you are pre-qualified, you can expect a hard inquiry once you accept your offer.

The company behind the cards, X1, has opened the waitlist to receive the travel-focused X1+ card. However, there is no date for distribution. Deepak Rao (co-founder and CEO at X1) said that the card will be distributed in stages based on where you are in line.

What do you need to know about the X1+ card?

What will the X1+ card offer

The X1+ will have some of the same features as the original X1 Card. To prove income, you will need to link your bank account to a third party service provider. Rao says that if income is emphasized in the application process, it may be possible to get a credit limit higher than what is available for other credit cards.

The X1+ Card will offer a wide range of travel-focused features, which will make it stand out from the original X1 Card.


Earn with the X1+ card

  • 4 points for every $1 spent on Expedia or, and Vrbo

  • Spend $1 on eligible purchases to earn 2 points. After spending $1,000 on eligible purchases within a single month, you can increase this rate to 3 points per £1. These terms and conditions apply.

  • 10 points for every $1 spent with a few select merchants. However, this is only available when you shop in the X1 App


The original X1 card earns 2 points for every $1 spent. Both cards offer ways to increase your reward rates. You can refer friends or hit a spending threshold.

Benefits and redemption for travel

Reward points earned with the X1+ card can be used to earn cash back at a rate 1 cent per point, or a statement credit towards purchases with selected merchants. The X1+ Card’s qualifying merchants will include travel-specific companies such as the Four Seasons and Intercontinental, Westins, Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and JSX (a private jet service). For travel-related redemptions, points are worth one penny.

Additional travel-related features in the X1+ include:

  • Priority Pass lounge access complimentary for flight delays: If their flight is delayed more than one hour, cardholders and up four additional passengers can get complimentary access to Priority Pass airport Lounges.

  • Rao says cardholders will now be able to purchase lounge access at more than 1,000 Priority Pass lounges on-demand.

  • Cardholders get $100 per day protection for delayed bags. This protection lasts three days. Cardholders will receive $3,000 protection for lost luggage per trip. You can also get trip cancellation coverage up to $5,000 per person and per trip. Primary coverage will also be offered for car rentals domestically and internationally.

  • Purchase Protection: This card covers up to $10,000 per incident, including porch Piracy. There is a limit of $50,000 per cardholder.

  • Three design options available: The X1+ offers three design options, including silver, gold, and rose-gold metal. Cardholders have the option to choose not to display a number on their card.

Base Features

FutureX1+ cardholders also have the opportunity to enjoy the following:

  • No late fees.

  • No foreign transaction fees.

  • The APR ranges from 15.25% to 27.50% (as at this writing).

  • You can use one virtual credit card number to shop anonymously, or pay for free trials .

Is this a good deal?

You won’t find the X1+ card with as many features or at a similar price on any other travel credit card, particularly in terms of its lounge access benefits. It could also be useful for people who prefer to book travel via online aggregators such as Expedia rather than directly with an airline or hotel.

To make the most of the card’s travel benefits, you will need to be prepared for anything. To offset the $75 annual fee, you would need to travel at least $1875 annually to get the card’s 4x rate. You can only earn this rate by visiting three sites. )

While it is difficult to find comparable lounge perks on travel cards of the same class, the X1+ card notably fails to offer something that its competition does: a generous, upfront, easy to earn sign-up bonus. This can help you fund your next vacation. Refer a friend to get X1+ points.

Other travel credit cards may offer better options than the X1+, which can help offset their higher annual fees. If the idea of paying over $100 per year is too much, the X1+ may be an option for you. It offers convenient features and travel protections that make spending easier.