Giveaways for business are a great way of engaging with existing customers and attracting new business. This is especially true for those who have a strong social network following or want to grow it.

You can expand your brand’s reach by choosing the right business giveaway ideas. It doesn’t seem like a sales pitch like traditional advertising. Even if you’re looking for an email address or a follow on social media, giveaways don’t feel as transactional.

A giveaway can also help you reach many marketing goals, such as to promote your products and services, reach new clients, increase your mailing list size, engage with social media followers, or connect with other local business owners.

Promotional Ideas


The sweepstakes’ premise is simple. Each customer can enter once by signing up for your company’s email or following your social media accounts. After that, you select a winner within a time frame. You should give away a product or service that is related to your company. You can have people drop by your storefront to enter the sweepstakes, or they can go online via your social media accounts.


A raffle in-store may allow customers to enter for a chance to win prizes each time they do a specific act within a specified time frame. You could make a purchase, bring your own bag, choose paperless receipts, follow your social channels, subscribe to your email list, or refer a customer. Multiple entries can increase your business’s sales. You can give away whatever you like: a discount on their next purchase, or a product of your choice for a set price.

Photo contest

Ask your customers to snap photos of your products, and then share them on social media. You can choose to randomly select someone or pick your favorite post as the winner. You can track the entries by following your page and tagging your business when they share your photos. This will help boost engagement for your business.

Surprise coupon

To encourage customers to buy, give them a surprise coupon. This can be given to them in-store or by email. To encourage customers to return, you can give them a coupon for a discount on their next purchase.


A questionnaire or quiz can be emailed to customers to help you find out what they like and dislike about your business. It also allows you to get suggestions for products or services. You can offer a discount on their next purchase, a complimentary service, or other incentive as a thank-you for their participation.


You need help naming a product, company mascot, or brand campaign. Customers can bring their ideas to the table, either in person or via social media. This will give you new ideas and allow you to offer the winning customer a product or gift card.

Get a free product when you buy

Customers can get a freebie if they make a purchase. This will help you increase sales. A great way to thank customers for shopping is to give them branded company swag such as a water bottle or tote bag.

Get the best offers

You can encourage customers to interact with your business by creating a wheel that offers various rewards. Customers can spin the wheel to reveal their prize. Give away products or coupons from your business. You can also give away small branded items.

Tips for running a successful business

Choose a platform

Your resources, goals, and customer behavior will all play a role in whether you host your giveaway online or in person. If you want to increase your Instagram followers or engagement, your giveaway should be on that platform. It may be beneficial to partner up with a small business for a joint giveaway when you are first building your brand. Cross-promotions will help your brand reach new audiences and increase your followers.

If you don’t have a physical location or don’t want to use social channels, you can consider using a third party giveaway site. These websites can host your giveaway or partner with you.

In-person giveaways are a great way to increase foot traffic to your shopfront. The best part is that the prize winners don’t need to be shipped — they can simply walk out of your store.

Enter your entry parameters

Then, decide what action you want your customers to take. Create your giveaway around that. You might offer a gift as a bonus if you want to increase sales. You can also take the following actions:

  • Refer a friend to you business.

  • Subscribe to your marketing emails.

  • Follow your brand’s social media channels.

  • Tag friends in the comments section of your post.

  • Upload a photo of a product/interaction with your business, and tag your business.

  • Posting your brand’s content in their stories.

  • Like your business’s blog post.

Remember the rules

Terms and conditions are required for any giveaway you host, especially if it is online. While most can be created from templates online, you will need to ensure that they are available for all entrants. Consider hosting your terms and conditions on your website if you have a business. You can also direct people to your link through your social media pages.

This article was originally published on Fundera, a subsidiary by NerdWallet. Katie Campbell contributed.