Do you think about purchasing travel insurance for your next holiday? This could be a smart move, especially given the current climate of travel delays, overbooked flights and lost luggage. Nationwide Insurance can offer you travel insurance that will protect you in case things go against plan.

Let’s look at Nationwide travel insurance. We will be looking at the available policies and the benefits they offer.

What is Nationwide’s travel insurance?

Nationwide offers two types of travel insurance plans to its customers: an Essential and a Prime option. Prime, as the name suggests, offers more coverage but is more costly.

What does Nationwide’s travel insurance cost?

We entered a search for a Michigan 28-year old who was traveling to France for three week on a $7,000 trip in order to do a Nationwide review of travel insurance.

Essential plan

Prime plan

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption

Trip delay

$600 (150 per day limit, minimum 6 hour delay).

$2,000 (250 per day limit, minimum 6 hour delay).

Financial default

10 Day Wait, if you purchase insurance within 10 days of your initial trip payment.

10 Day Wait, if you purchase insurance within 21 days of your initial trip payment.

Missed connection

Not covered.

Itinerary Change

Not covered.

Cancel any reason (CFAR).

Not covered.

Maximum 75% non-refundable trip costs.

Medical expense for accident & sickness

24 hour accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D).

Repatriation and emergency medical evacuation

$1 million.

Emergency dental

$500 is included in your medical coverage.

$750 includes in your medical coverage.

Baggage and personal effects

$600 ($250 for each article, $500 per item).

$2,000 ($250 for each article, $500 per item).

Baggage delay

$100 within 12 hours.

$600 within 12 hours.


$1 million.

Exclusion of pre-existing conditions and waiver

60-day look back, 10-day waiver (certain conditions apply).

60-day look back, 21-day waiver (certain conditions apply).

Policy Cost

Trip cost

Nationwide’s quick review of travel insurance shows that the Prime plan has many more benefits than the Essential plan. However, neither plan is particularly expensive. The Essential plan does not cover missed connections reimbursement, itinerary changes reimbursement, or 24-hour AD&D insurance. However, this can be added to.

You can also expect a significant drop in the monetary reimbursement for Essential plans when things go wrong. Although the Essential plan is 38% less expensive than the Prime plan it offers significantly reduced coverage. This is especially evident with baggage delay ($100 instead of $600), lost baggage ($600 instead of $2,000) or trip delay ($600 instead of $2,000). The only area of coverage that is not affected by any plan is trip cancellation.

Add-ons and options

Without mentioning add-ons, no review of Nationwide travel insurance is complete. Your options will vary depending on which plan you select.

Essential plan

Prime plan

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR).

Not available.

75% non-refundable trip cost (purchased within 21 days). Exceptions may apply. +$338.10 to get this quote ).

24 hour Accidental death and dismemberment

  • $5K plus $100K flight only (add $12 for this quote).

  • $10,000 + $250,000 Flight Only (+$28)

  • $25,000 + $500,000 Flight Only (+$58)

$50,000 included.

Unexpected death or dismemberment (flight only).

Includes 24-hour AD&D addon.

  • $100,000 (+$13 to get this quote).

  • $250,000 (+$34).

  • $500,000 (+$67).

Rental car insurance

$25,000 (+$207)

$35,000 (+$276).

You can see that the options available and their prices can vary quite a lot. It’s possible to get more coverage if you want it.

Prime policyholders are the only ones who can add this expensive option. Cancel for any reason insurance offers the best flexibility. It will refund up to 75% of your trip costs if you cancel.

An Essential plan allows you to choose 24-hour AD&D coverage. This coverage is included in the Prime policy. Although Prime is considered an add-on, Essential plans can be purchased with flight-only coverage.

Rental car insurance is available regardless if you choose a plan, but you will be able to get more coverage with the Prime policy.


Numerous travel credit cards offer complimentary trip insurance when you use the card to pay. These are important to know before you purchase travel insurance.

What’s not covered

Although it might be nice to have comprehensive travel insurance, almost all policies include exclusions. This could mean that your policy doesn’t cover COVID-19, or even the option to jump from a plane.

To understand the coverages that apply to your policy, you will want to carefully read your guide on benefits.

How do I choose a Nationwide Plan online

It’s easy to get a quote if you have read the Nationwide essential travel insurance review. To access Nationwide’s travel insurance website, you will need to fill out a form that asks for your personal data.

As you can see, Nationwide also offers multi-trip plans as well as plans that are focused on cruises.

Who should have Nationwide travel insurance?

Do you want strong coverage for a broad range of events? You might consider Nationwide as a travel insurance option, but only if it is more costly.

However, it is likely that your travel credit card already includes some type of complimentary travel insurance. This will allow you to verify that the benefits offered are sufficient for your trip. If not, Nationwide insurance policies could be a good option.

Maximizing your Rewards

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