Travel insurance is a good option if you’re looking to plan your next adventure. Travel insurance is a good idea. It can protect your investment in accommodations and plane tickets, as well as your health and safety. There are many insurance companies available, so it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

Let’s take a look at Cat 70 travel insurance. What is Cat 70? Are you sure it is the right choice?

What is Cat 70’s travel insurance?

Cat 70 coverage can be used for domestic and international travel. Cat 70, unlike many other travel insurance companies offers only one plan: The Cat 70 Travel Plan.

The Cat 70 Travel Plan covers:

What is the cost?

We searched for coverage for a $2,000 one-week trip to Canada by a 35-year old resident of Texas in order to better understand the coverage.

We have more information about the included services. This plan costs $113 and is approximately 5.65% of total trip cost.

Cat70 Travel Plan

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption

Cancel for COVID-19 illness

Included in trip cancellation or interruption.

Weather and Hurricane

  • 48 hour delay by common carrier

  • Mandatory evacuation conditionally protected.

  • Accommodation made uninhabitable.

  • Must have been purchased before the storm is called.

Domestic and foreign.

Financial default

Covered after a 14-day waiting period.

Cancel for medical reasons

Included in trip cancellation or interruption.

Cancel to work reasons

No coverage.

Travel delay

$500 (150 USD daily limit, minimum six hours delay)

Missed connection

$500 covered after a delay of three hours

Emergent medical (including COVID-19 illness)

Repatriation and emergency medical evacuation

24 hour

Baggage and personal items loss

$500 maximum. Maximum $500, $100 per item.

Baggage delay

$200 maximum. $100 daily limit (after a 24-hour delay span>

Cat 70 offers only one travel insurance policy. This makes it easy to compare the benefits to other plans and to evaluate them. The main benefit is that you are covered for COVID-19 illness, which includes treatment during travel.

Although emergency medical evacuation may not be as strong as other plans, baggage delay, sporting equipment loss, trip interruption, and travel delay are comparable to many other plans.

Add-ons and options

Optional Addons

Cat70 Travel Plan

Cancel for Any Reason (75% of the trip cost)

Cancel for any reason, or CFAR coverage, provides peace of mind if your trip is canceled. This covers all reasons, not just those that are typically covered (like medical emergencies). This add-on will reimburse you up to 75% of your nonrefundable, prepaid trip payments.

This additional coverage must be purchased within 14 days from the date of your first payment. If you feel you may need it, do not delay. You must cancel your trip at the latest two days before you are due to leave.

What’s Not Covered

Travel insurance policies do not cover all areas. The following areas are not included in the Cat 70 insurance policy:

  • Extreme Sports: Activities like rock climbing and horse racing are not covered.

  • Cancelling for fear of COVID-19 – You can’t cancel because you are concerned that you might be exposed to COVID-19 while on vacation.

  • You may lose certain items in your checked luggage. Art, tickets to events, glasses, hearing aids and money are some examples of items that are not covered by lost luggage.

How do I find a policy

Search for Cat 70 travel insurance for your trip by going to Cat 70’s website . Once there, click on “Search Policies” and enter your trip details.

This website will display a list of policies that you can compare with Cat 70 at its top.

Who should purchase a Cat 70 travel policy?

A Cat 70 Travel Plan is a great option for anyone who travels domestically and internationally. The coverage for trip cancellations is excellent, the delayed luggage policies are comparable to other companies’ offerings, and there is an option to cancel in case of financial default.

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