Are you interested in flying business class with Lufthansa Perhaps you have read a Lufthansa review on business class and are inspired to go. No matter what your reason for flying, there are some things you need to know. We’ll show you how to book a Lufthansa flight, what amenities you will receive and what to do to get the best value.

What can you expect to fly business class with Lufthansa

  • Baggage allowance: Business class passengers who book with Lufthansa can bring two pieces of luggage (up to 70 pounds) up to 32 kilograms. You can also bring two 17-pound (8 kilogram) carry-on bags.

  • Boarding – Business Class Passenger will receive priority boarding. Priority Group 2 will be used for Priority Group 2.

  • Priority check-in: Business class customers will be able to enjoy priority check-in at airports

  • Seats: The seats will differ depending on the flight. Lufthansa business reviews have shown that long-haul flights are dominated by lie-flat seats with 2x2x2 configurations. However, the airline has introduced a new business class seat with 1x2x1 configuration. This will allow everyone to access the aisle. A modified economy class seat is available for short-haul flights.

  • Baggage delivery: Business Class passengers will be able to receive their bags first, with priority delivery.

  • Food No matter if you fly short- or long-haul you will be served a full-course meal in business class.

  • Cancellations and changes: The fare type will determine which options you have for cancellations or changes. Basic business class tickets are able to make changes, but they cannot be refunded. Basic Plus tickets may be eligible for refunds, but they cannot be cancelled or changed. Flex tickets are also available for cancellations and changes.

  • Lounge access: Business Class passengers have access to Lufthansa lounges upon arrival and departure.

How to Book a Business Class Ticket on Lufthansa

Did these Lufthansa business-class reviews spark your curiosity? We can understand your curiosity — business class on Lufthansa is a very special experience. Booking the ticket can be quite simple.

You can simply go to Lufthansa’s site if you are paying cash. You can search the homepage to find your flight information.

After you have entered your travel dates, fare class, and route details, click the “Search Flights” button.

You can then choose your flight. Next, you will be guided through the checkout process. This includes selecting the business class fare that you would like to purchase.

You will also be taken to the seat selection page. Here you can choose where you want to sit.

Make sure you have all of your personal information handy, as it is necessary to book your flight. After entering your information and choosing your seat, you will be asked to pay.

Economy vs. Business Class on Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airlines Business Class Reviews will not fail to show the differences between business and economy class. This is especially true when the price difference can be substantial.

Although business class can look more like economy on short- and mid-haul flights (thanks to the modified economy seats), there are still significant differences no matter where you fly.

These include

  • Earlier boarding.

  • Flexible tickets

  • Increased baggage allowance.

  • Lounge access.

  • Priority checked luggage

  • More seats.

How to Get a Great Value on Lufthansa Flights

International travel can make flying expensive. You can get great value flying with Lufthansa, regardless of whether you are in business or economy class.

Book Miles and More Deals

There are many airlines that offer discounted award flights. Lufthansa is the only one that does so on a monthly basis. Each month, it offers up to half-off award flights worldwide through its Miles & More Bargains promotions. This applies to all fare classes including economy, premium economy, and business.

It’s easy to get a business class award flight for half the price by using Lufthansa points.


Miles & More deals are available for flights operated by multiple airlines, not just Lufthansa. These discounted flights are available from Austrian, LOT and Swiss airlines.

Earn miles when you partner

Lufthansa is one airline that adds large surcharges to flights. If you are looking to book an award flight, make sure you choose a program that does not charge surcharges. Avianca Lifemiles is another.

Fly the brand new business class

Are you interested in the new business-class product? If you are one of the first to test this seat, you can be the face for Lufthansa’s business class reviews.

Lufthansa’s new business class is only available on select flights. They are worth the effort if you can locate them. The seating arrangement is better, allowing people with windows to reach the aisle without having to climb over someone else. Additionally, the seats are larger. This product is not available on any Boeing 787 Dreamliners, but you will find it on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Earn Star Alliance elite status

This is something we mention quite often. However, it is because frequent travelers can benefit from airline elite status. Lufthansa members with Star Alliance Gold status will receive perks like early boarding, extra checked baggage, priority luggage delivery, and faster security. This applies to business and economy classes.

Business Class on Lufthansa recapped

Lufthansa’s business-class experience can be very luxurious, especially if you are on one of the new aircraft. However, the cost of a business-class ticket can be quite expensive. You can book your Lufthansa business-class flight using award miles if you want to enjoy extra luggage, lounge access, and front row seats.

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