Lufthansa is a Star Alliance member and passengers can choose to fly in one of several cabins. Lufthansa offers passengers economy, premium economy and business class cabins depending on their flight.

We have a review of Lufthansa’s premium Economy.

Lufthansa premium economy tickets

The main benefit of flying Lufthansa Premium Economy is the additional legroom and space that you will get in comparison to economy. Lufthansa’s premium economy seats have 50% more space on all sides than the economy class. Lufthansa premium economy seats have 38 inches of pitch, a seat that’s 18-19 inches wide and 8 inches of recline.

Premium economy seats from Lufthansa have a cocktail table on the armrest that you can use to enjoy your pre-departure and in-flight beverages. We found that the footrest makes in-flight napping more enjoyable.

All perks and amenities in Lufthansa’s premium economy

In addition to the larger seats, there are many other amenities and perks included in Lufthansa’s premium economy.

  • Inflight entertainment screen. 11 or 12 inches.

  • You will be served a non-alcoholic welcome drink and a bottle mineral water at your table.

  • Fine china tableware is used to serve meals.

  • Two pieces of luggage, each weighing approximately 50 pounds (23 kg) each, are yours for free.

  • An amenity package.

You will be the first to leave the plane. This is a great option for those with tight connections.

Food & drink in Lufthansa’s premium economy

Lufthansa’s premium Economy class is different. They offer a menu and drinks that passengers can choose from while on their flight. Lufthansa’s premium economic menu is based on Central European cuisine.

The food options in Lufthansa’s premium economy vary according to flight length:

  • For flights less than 6 1/2 hours you will receive a main dish, dessert, and snack (like a wrap).

  • For flights lasting at least 6 1/2 hours, you will be served a main dish, dessert, and cold breakfast.

  • For flights of at least nine hours, you will receive a main dish, dessert, and warm breakfast such as an omelet or a hot soup, along with freshly baked bread rolls.

Remember that Lufthansa no more offers premium economy passengers complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Questions frequently asked

Which aircrafts are eligible for Lufthansa’s premium economy?

Lufthansa’s premium economy is available on long-haul flights.

  • Airbus A380-800

  • Airbus A350 – 900.

  • Airbus A340–600.

  • Airbus A340-3300.

  • Airbus A330-3300.

  • Boeing 7474-8.

  • Boeing 747-400.

How does the premium economy of Lufthansa look?

Depending upon the aircraft, Lufthansa may use either 2-4-2 or 2-3-2 seats layouts for its premium economy. This means that there are either two seats at the windows or three to four seats in the middle.

Is Lufthansa’s premium economy worth more miles?

Flying in Lufthansa Premium Economy can give you more Lufthansa Miles and More miles depending on which fare class is purchased. You’ll get 1x miles on Class N fares, and 1.5x miles on Class E and G bookings if you book a premium economy ticket.

Based on your fare class, for example, if you fly 2,000 kms, you would earn either 2,000 or 3000 Miles & More miles.

Depending on your fare class, economy class tickets can earn you anywhere from 0.25x to 1.5x mile for each distance traveled. While you may earn more miles flying economy, premium economy will usually give you more.

Lufthansa premium Economy Routes

Lufthansa offers premium economy for long-haul flights, including those between Munich/Frankfurt or the following cities:

  • Cape Town South Africa.

  • Hong Kong.

  • Los Angeles.

  • New Delhi.

This is not a complete list. Please visit to see if long-haul Lufthansa flights offer premium economy.

Lufthansa premium economy price

Prices for a Lufthansa Premium Economy ticket vary depending on the dates and route, but we last checked flights from

  • $2.068 one-way from Los Angeles to Munich (compared to $887 in economy).

  • $1.543 one-way from Hong Kong to Frankfurt (compared to $657 in economy).

  • $24,434 one-way from Munich to New York City’s JFK Airport (compared with $474 for economy).

Due to the large price difference between economy economy and premium economy, we recommend booking Lufthansa Premium Economy if you value extra space, better dining options, and being in the front of your aircraft.

The bottom line

Lufthansa offers long-haul flights in its premium economy cabin, which can be used to travel to New York City, Miami, and Tokyo. Lufthansa’s premium economy cabin offers 50% more space than economy seats, a better dining experience, and seating towards the front of the aircraft.

Premium economy tickets on Lufthansa can have many advantages. However, premium economy tickets are often more expensive than regular economy.

(Top Photo courtesy of Lufthansa).

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