Amusement parks can be very exciting and lively. Many families love the unique experiences, lights, sounds, and rides that amusement parks offer. For those with cognitive impairments or other health conditions, however, traveling with others can cause significant stress and tension.

Universal Studios offers a Universal Disability Pass, which allows people with disabilities to enjoy the parks.

Learn more about the Universal Attraction Assistance Pass and how it works to help you plan your trip to Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood or other attractions.

What’s the Universal Attraction Assistance Pass?

The Universal Attraction Assistance Pass, also known as the Universal Disability Pass, is a way to provide visitors with a practical and more convenient way to enjoy attractions and rides.

You can use this pass to get to Universal Studios Hollywood in California or Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.

What is the Attraction Assistance Pass?

Guests with cognitive and physical disabilities may not be able to stand in long lines at Universal Studios parks. Upon arrival, guests can request a pass from guest services.

Universal Studios’ website does not provide much information on how to obtain the Universal Studios Attraction Assistance Pass. However, you will need to explain why your family member or you would benefit from this pass.

While you don’t have to provide any medical records or proof, it can help if you are willing to share. The park employee will then decide if you are a good candidate for the pass.

If they do, the pass holder will receive a lined card with their name and how many people they have in their group that allows them to take rides from one ride to the next. The attendant will give the card to them at the entrance of the queue. He or she will then schedule a time for their return. They’ll be allowed to ride the attraction or ride when they return at the scheduled time.

The return time will be the same as the wait time for inline guests. However, pass holders can leave the park and find shade, or whatever else they need. They can then return to their chosen attraction or ride for their scheduled experience.

The accessibility pass is limited to one active return time. You can’t use it for multiple rides in one day.

The pass allows for more freedom and flexibility, so people who struggle with overstimulation or are confined to waiting in long lines can avoid uncomfortable or triggering situations.

What disabilities are eligible for a Universal Studios disability pass

You may need to consider whether someone in your group is eligible for the pass.

That’s because most rides and attractions at the park in Orlando (except for Pteranodon Flyers at Universal’s Islands of Adventure) feature wheelchair-accessible queues, so a special pass isn’t required.

Who does the pass belong to?

For anxiety, can you obtain a Universal Disability Pass? The Universal Attraction Assistance Pass can be used by people with cognitive disabilities or other health conditions that make it difficult, dangerous, or impossible to stand in long lines.

It is not possible to establish a list of criteria that will determine who can receive a pass. You’ll need to talk to guest services about the specific circumstances of your family members to determine eligibility.

Additional information about Universal for people with disabilities

Universal Studios offers several places for families with children who require special assistance, regardless of whether they request an Attraction Assistance Pass.

The Quiet Room can be found at Health Services in Orlando at the park’s front, and at The Family Center in Hollywood.

Each room is different depending on where it is located. However, they may have an activity panel, sensory toys and weighted blankets. You can use them for 30 minutes per family, on a first come, first served basis.

There are also family restrooms in the parks that offer privacy and additional space for those who require it.

The guides are available at both parks. Universal Studios Orlando has a Guide for Guests With Cognitive Disabilities. These guides are intended to assist individuals in planning by letting them know where to go and what to expect at different locations around the park. These resources also offer tips for keeping everyone happy and healthy in your group.

The Universal Studios Orlando disability card can be combined with the Universal Express Pass. This pass is either available to purchase or given free to guests staying at Universal Orlando hotels. Universal Studios Hollywood also offers the Express Pass.

The Express Pass may be worth the cost for families who want to avoid long lines at all attractions. However, there are some rides that aren’t included. An Express Pass combined with the Accessibility Assistance Pass might be your best option.

Tickets to both parks can also be bought online, so there’s no need to stand in line at the entry booth.

Universal Studios’ disability pass recapped

If you are asking “Does Universal have an accessibility pass for people with disabilities?” then the answer is yes.

If you or someone in your group is suffering from a cognitive impairment or other condition that makes it difficult to wait in line, the Universal Attraction Assistance Pass may be an effective tool. It can be paired with an Express Pass to help you and your group have a memorable experience.

(Top Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando Resort).

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