Virgin Atlantic was built differently than other airlines, as you would expect from a legendary founder like Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Atlantic’s mission is to be the “most loved and most respected travel company that delivers incredible things.” ”

Virgin Atlantic economy is an excellent way to cross the Atlantic. The airline’s “Upper Class” business product is considered to be one of the most popular ways to fly to London. What about the middle ground? Virgin Atlantic premium economy.

What you need to know about Virgin Atlantic premium economics so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is worth booking your next international flight.

Virgin Atlantic premium economy tickets

Premium economy seats are more spacious and offer more legroom. This is why premium economy is preferred to economy. Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy usually delivers in this regard.

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

All premium economy Virgin Atlantic seats have a pitch of 38 inches. This is 7 inches more legroom than the standard for long-haul economy seats, including Virgin Atlantic’s. It’s also 4 inches more than the extra-legroom Economy Delight seat at Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic claims that their premium economy seats can be as wide as 21 inches. Your experience may vary depending on the aircraft type. Premium economy seats on the airline’s Airbus A330-300 aircraft measure 21 inches in width. The airline’s Airbus A350-300 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft have seats that shrink to almost economy size.

All premium economy Virgin Atlantic seats have universal power and USB outlets. The screen sizes of aircraft vary, but the pattern is reversed. Airbus A350 aircraft have the largest screens at 13.3 inches, while Airbus A330-300 has only 10.5 inches.

Virgin Atlantic premium economy seats can recline between 7 to 8 inches. You can also adjust the headrests and feet of your seats to make it more comfortable for naps. Virgin Atlantic does not offer leg rests for premium economy customers.

It is worth noting how large Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy cabins can be. The majority of premium economy cabins are limited to a few dozen seats. Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy cabins, however, are huge.

  • Airbus A350: 56 Premium Economy Seats — Seven rows with eight seats each row.

  • Airbus A330: 48 premium economy seating — six rows with seven seats each, plus two partial rows

  • Boeing 787: 35 Premium Economy Seats — Five rows, seven per row.

There are pros and cons to larger capacities. Although more seats can mean greater availability, they can also reduce the sense of exclusivity in the fare class. Additionally, large cabins may have slower service and take longer lines to the bathroom.

Food & drink in Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic is known for its high standards in onboard food quality and service. That starts on the ground. Virgin Atlantic premium economy passengers receive a pre-departure beverage of choice: water, orange juice, or bubbly

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic premium economy passengers fly to destinations around the world and receive a meal that includes an appetizer, dessert, and a choice of three main dishes, including one vegetarian option. The meals are served elegantly on metal cutlery and real dishes. You can also use the linen napkin to tidy up.

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic offers premium economy passengers a second dinner before they land. It can vary from a classic English tea to a “destination-inspired” light meal.

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

Do you want to sleep through a meal? Virgin Atlantic has your back. Premium economy passengers have the option to choose from a variety of packaged sweet or savory snacks at Virgin Atlantic’s Wander Wall.

Benefits and other perks in Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy

Virgin Atlantic premium economy customers get more than extra legroom and better meals. The “soft” product also offers better service, including priority service at the airport, amenity kits, and better headphones.

Perks start at your departure airport. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy passengers receive a VIP check-in and bag drop service. Next, passengers board in Group 2 of 9 span.

Virgin Atlantic checked baggage allowance

Virgin Atlantic Premium Flyers can free-of-charge check up to two bags of up to 23 kg (50 pounds) each These checked bags will arrive faster thanks to priority baggage delivery.

Virgin Economy Light fares, on the other hand, don’t have a check-in allowance. Extra-legroom Economy Delight fares only allow one checked bag. You should consider the cost of two bags if you plan to check them both. The first bag you check will cost $75, and the second one will cost $100.

Virgin Atlantic premium Economy Amenity Kit

(Photo by Virgin Atlantic)

On most flights, Virgin Atlantic premium economy passengers get a “goodie bag” amenity kit. The kit includes everything you need: an eye mask and brush, pen, earplugs (earplugs), toothbrush, toothpaste, and a pen.

Virgin Atlantic claims that these amenity packs are only available for overnight flights. Premium economy passengers reported that they were received on daytime flights across Atlantic.

Other aspects Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy

  • Select your seat: Premium economy Virgin Atlantic passengers can select their seat for free up to 331 days prior to departure.

  • Headphones: Virgin Atlantic claims that its premium passengers receive “premium” headphones. Passengers report that they aren’t noise cancelling.

  • On-flight entertainment: Virgin Atlantic offers over 300 hours worth of movies and TV shows for passengers in its premium economy.

  • No priority security or lounge access: Premium economy Virgin Atlantic passengers receive airport perks such as priority check-in, priority boarding and priority check-in. However, they do not get access to lounges or priority security.

Virgin Atlantic premium Economy, recapped

Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy is a way to fly over the Atlantic and possibly onwards to any of its dozens of international destinations. Premium economy seats offer more legroom, greater recline, larger entertainment screens, and a footrest.

You’ll also get perks such as priority check-in, priority board and two checked bags. Virgin Atlantic offers high quality food and drinks on board. Virgin Atlantic starts with a glass champagne before departure, and continues with real meals with metal cutlery.

Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy does not meet all of the requirements. You won’t be able to access the airport’s lounges or priority security. Virgin Atlantic premium economy seats may not be suitable for some aircraft. The large premium economy cabins could cause slow service.

(Top Photo courtesy Virgin Atlantic)

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