Parents traveling with children may find it difficult to get guaranteed seats side-by-side. It can be frustrating, stressful, and annoying for both the parents and those who are forced to sit next to a child who seems to be flying solo.

To ensure their child’s safety, many families pay a fee for a seat. These fees can easily exceed $20 per person and per direction.

The United Airlines family seating policy has been abolished for this year.

United introduces a new and improved family seating policy

United has announced a new family seating policy. Children under 12 years old can sit with an adult free of charge when they travel on basic economic tickets .

It was free for children to travel with an adult on standard economy flights, but it was difficult. United’s news will simplify the booking process.

United states that customers who travel with children under 12 years old will have more options for seats, beginning in March 2023. It applies only to economy and basic economy seats, not United Polaris, United First Class, or Economy Plus.

According to United, the airline released a statement saying that the new policy was possible because of a series of investments made in a new seat mapping feature that dynamically locates adjacent seats at the time of booking. “The online seat engine reviews all available economy seats, then offers complimentary upgrades to Preferred Seats if necessary span>

United’s new policy allows customers who have children to switch flights to other destinations with the same seat availability.

This means that families will not be responsible for the difference in price if the flight is more expensive.

Could United’s news start a trend towards lower fees?

Additional fees for services that were not included in the original contract or don’t cover all costs (it costs United equally whether you are sitting in row 15 or 16 have been the topic of debate at the federal regulatory level).

The Junk Fees Prevention Act has been proposed by the Biden-Harris Administration. It would reduce hidden fees and surcharges in a few industries, including resort fees at hotels, concert service fees, and surcharges for family members to travel together on airline flights.

President Joe Biden made mention of family seating fees in his February 2023 State of the Union address.

He stated that airlines will not be allowed to charge $50 roundtrip to a family to allow them to sit together. Baggage fees are unacceptable. “Baggage fees are too much.

How to avoid paying airline seat selection fees

United’s new family seating policy applies only to children younger than 12. You can still avoid paying seat selection fees for families that want to keep their teens together, or just sit with their spouses.

Southwest Airlines is a standout. The airline has made low-fees a cornerstone, but it also has a unique boarding process that doesn’t assign seats. Instead, passengers are assigned a boarding number and can choose any seat available once they board.

Family boarding is offered by the airline. This allows families with children under 6 years old to board early in the boarding process, so it’s almost certain that all families will be seated together.

If you are unsure, ask the agent in person. Some gate agents are willing to facilitate seat swaps before boarding. You might also have luck by simply asking your loved one to swap seats.

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