You will have fun on a cruise to the Bahamas, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the sun. There are great shopping, dining, and watersports available on the islands. The journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination when you cruise. How much does a Bahamas cruise cost? It all depends.

You can find amazing deals online for shorter, three-night cruises for as low as $100. However, a longer cruise in the most luxurious cabin can cost up to five figures depending on when it is. A cruise to the Bahamas can cost less than $1,000 depending on the length of the cruise and the time of the year. To save money, it is more appealing to live near a cruise port. If you are looking to save money, avoid holiday periods when cruises to Bahamas take place.

These are important things to consider when calculating the cost of a Bahamas cruise. If you are able to use points and miles on your trip, or are willing not to indulge in frills onboard, it may be less expensive than you think.

How much does a Bahamas cruise cost?

The base price for a sailing is often advertised by cruise companies. This may not include taxes or port fees. It is possible that the super-low prices you see may not be completely transparent. It is important to take into account the taxes and fees, as well as the cabin type you choose for your trip.

A cruise’s base fare can range from $169 to $98 for an entry-level cabin on a shorter cruise. However, there are often discounts that can bring the cost down to $98. These prices include taxes and fees for two- or three-night cruises. These prices are per person. They assume at least two people (double occupancy) in the cabin.

In October 2023, we looked at short-term cruises to Bahamas from multiple cruise lines. We found that the average price of a Bahamas cruise less than one week is $186.50.

Cruise Line


Basis price

Miami to Nassau.

Miami to Nassau, and Bimini.

MSC Cruises

Port Canaveral, to Nassau.

Royal Caribbean

Port Canaveral, CocoCay.

This doesn’t include travel to/from the port-of-departure, or other expenses.

Other expenses beyond the base price

Port fees and taxes

If you are lucky enough to find a very cheap cruise fare, taxes and port charges can sometimes be nearly as high as the cruise cost. The Carnival $149 cruise ticket has $129.20 per person taxes and fees. The cruise starts at $278 per person. This is not all.


Tips are a part of everyone’s salary. Some cruise lines include gratuities in their rates. Others do not. As a guideline, there are flat rates that can be used to help you tip.

Carnival offers a gratuity suggestion of $14.50 per person per day for a standard cabin, and $16.50 per per person per day for suites. A three-day cruise for two persons in the lowest category room would cost $87. This applies only to the stateroom attendant. You should tip the stateroom attendant if you order drinks at the bar or dine at the restaurant.

Let’s add the gratuity and taxes to the base price and taxes for the purpose of calculating the rate. This is $321.50 per person, or $643 for a three-day cruise for two persons span>

Cabin upgrades

Like any other business, cruise lines advertise the lowest fares. However, there are options to upgrade to a better cabin. Maybe you want a cabin with large windows or a balcony. A suite will be more expensive. This is important to remember when calculating the cost of a Bahamas cruise. It is easy for costs to spiral outof control if you aren’t careful.

Loyalty Programs

A good tip is to sign up for a loyalty program with a cruise line. You can become an elite member of a cruise line if you travel frequently enough. This will give you different benefits. These benefits include cabin upgrades, discounted onboard services such as laundry or the gift shop and welcome drinks.

Cruise credit card

Cardholders who have a co-branded credit with the cruise line are eligible for additional perks. This can also be a great way to save on your Bahamas cruise costs, as sailors are well-informed. Carnival World Mastercard is free of annual fees and you can earn 20,000 FunPoints that can be used to redeem $200 towards your next cruise. You can also get a 10% discount on your next cruise with the card.

The price of the cabin will drop dramatically if you use the $200 credit towards the previous example, which shows the starting price for the cabin without any shore excursions. Before you set sail, it might be worthwhile to consider a credit card that is no-cost for your cruise line.

What is the cost of a week-long cruise to The Bahamas?

The longer the cruise, obviously, the more costly it will be. Consider this especially if you are flying to a port for cruises, as your expenses could be higher. You might enjoy a longer sail if you are paying for a flight.

As part of your overall cruise cost, you will also be able to enjoy shore excursions and other onboard activities. These are the main factors that will affect the cost of a Bahamas cruise.

In fall 2023, we compared a selection of weeklong cruises to Bahamas with multiple cruise lines. Based on our findings, the average price of a weeklong cruise to the Bahamas was $570.

Cruise Line


Basis price

Baltimore to Nassau and Half Moon Cay, Freeport.

Tampa to Nassaua, and Bimini.

MSC Cruises

Port Canaveral, Ocean Cay (Bahamas), and Costa Maya (Cozumel) (Mexico).

Royal Caribbean

Cape Liberty to Orlando CocoCay, and Nassau.

These base prices are semi-misleading. You will still have to pay taxes, port fees, gratuities, and other costs.

Extra expenses for longer cruises that you plan to take

Longer cruises can often offer more opportunities to experience land-based adventures or other activities, in addition to the above expenses. These are some other things you should consider when planning your Bahamas cruise budget.

Shore excursions

Many prefer to explore the islands on their own rather than booking a costly shore excursion. While this can help you save significant money, you will still be responsible for additional expenses if your ship does not arrive on time.

Before you board, review the ports of call to decide what you would like to do. A local vendor may be able arrange a lower-cost excursion or you can just hire a taxi and go where you want to.

Specialty Dining

There are many free meals on cruise ships. There are many options for food, including buffets, late-night meals, snacks by the pool, and even late-night dinners. Some cruise lines offer a more luxurious experience with specialty restaurants.

These include sushi and teppanyaki restaurants, gourmet steakhouses, celebrity chefs-inspired restaurants, and Japanese sushi. These restaurants will charge an additional per-person fee. However, the quality and experience of these restaurants will be significantly higher.

It will vary depending on which restaurant you choose. A burger joint might cost $7, while a more expensive venue may charge over $100. A specialty restaurant’s average cost per head (before gratuity and alcoholic drinks) is $30-50


While cruise lines might offer tap water, juices and coffee along with hot or iced drinks, on mainline lines most beverages (including soft drinks), will be charged an additional fee. You may also find specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccino and espresso. These drinks can also be expensive if you are looking for something heavier like wine, beer, or a cocktail.

You have the option to either pay as you go, or you can opt for one of the many beverage packages that include bottled water and premium liquors. This may be a good choice if you drink a lot. You may spend more if you do not do the math before purchasing this package.

You should think twice before bringing your own alcohol and bottled water along. Cruise lines have a limit on how much alcohol you can bring along. If you exceed that limit, you will be asked to leave it at the port or pick it up at the end. There may also be a corkage charge if you bring your wine to a restaurant.

Onboard recreation

These extra costs can be incurred whether you are looking to indulge in spa treatments or take part in organized games, amusement rides or casino activities (some ships even have race tracks and thrill rides).

Budget these in your overall spending plan to ensure you don’t end up with a larger bill than expected.

Bahamas cruise prices recapped

Prices can vary depending on the cruise line, the length of the trip, the type of cabin, and the amenities that you have onboard and ashore. There are amazing deals available if you’re able to make your own entertainment and not overindulge onboard.

An elite status with a cruise company or perks from a credit card co-branded can make your experience even more enjoyable. You will receive a variety of discounts and freebies that can help you to reduce the cost of your Bahamas cruise.

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