We don’t blame anyone who has been researching Disney cruises lately. With waterslides galore, and a reputation of luxury, Disney cruises can prove to be quite entertaining. However, they can be expensive and can increase if you go with others.

We have the answer to your question: “How much does a Disney cruise cost?” Let’s take a look at what cruises are available, their costs and the ways that you can make them more affordable.

Where is Disney sailing?

Disney has likely got a cruise that will take you to any destination you want. While you won’t see ships going to Antarctica, there are many other destinations that you can choose from, such as:

Disney cruise destinations

  • Australia.

  • Caribbean.

  • New Zealand.

  • Pacific Coast.

  • Panama Canal.

  • South Pacific.

  • Trans-Atlantic.

While many of these destinations are targeted at North American tourists, there are plenty of options for travelers from all around the globe.

All the Disney cruise ships

Disney only operates five ships despite its vast array of destinations. The Disney Wish, its newest ship, was launched June 2022 to great fanfare. It features interactive elements and a high-end design.

You can choose to sail with:

  • Disney Dream.

  • Disney Fantasy.

  • Disney Magic.

  • Disney Wonder.

Disney purchased a sixth ship in December 2022. It will be based in the United States and set sail in 2025.

Disney cruise prices

How much money should you be saving to pay for Disney Cruises? It all depends.

It’s not likely that you want to hear this, but it is the truth. There are many factors that influence the price of a Disney cruise.

  • Where are you going?

  • The trip duration.

  • What Disney ship are you on?

  • The number of people with you.

  • Type of stateroom that you book.

  • You can add any specialty bookings or add-ons that you wish.

It’s easy to get a huge bill if you want an extravagant experience. Disney Cruises are a well-known option that is expensive. However, adding on luxury touches like a concierge and spa visits to your cruise will increase the cost.

You’ll find the cheapest cruises departing from San Diego. They also have the longest trips. We searched the calendar for sailings and found that the cheapest rate was $1,326 per person in an inside room for a three-night trip departing from San Diego.

The cheapest cruise, however, was a 10-night trip that takes you through France, Denmark, Norway, France, and Denmark. For two people, the price was $6,489 in an interior cabin. It rose to $28,089 in a concierge-level room.

How to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

It’s not hard to believe that Disney cruises are expensive. There are many ways to save money when booking a Disney cruise.

Get discounted sailings

Although this first option may seem obvious, you will need to search for discounted sailings. While Disney does not always offer sales, you can find them on the Disney Cruise Line page. Just click “Show special offer filter” to search.

You can use the special offer filter to see what discounts are available.

Do not use add-ons

These trips include almost everything. If you want to lower the cost of your Disney cruise, avoid adding-ons. This means you can skip wine tastings and specialty beverages, as well as forgoing dinner at Palo (an Italian restaurant open only to adults), which comes with additional charges.

Enjoy the many complimentary activities such as swimming pools, movies, shows and karaoke. You can also enjoy complimentary food and beverages. Just sip the soda or coffee and eat the delicious (already great) food. Don’t forget to get a Mickey icecream bar with your complimentary room service.

Disney allows guests to bring their own alcohol aboard. This is a unique feature. Guests over 21 years old can bring two bottles of wine and six cans beer to the first port of call. This is a great way to save money, as alcohol can be quite expensive onboard ships.

Use a promo

Are you a resident of Florida or Southern California Perhaps you are a U.S. citizen? military? You may be eligible for special discounts on Disney cruises if any of these apply to your situation.

These deals can be found via the special offers filter. The three-night San Diego sailing we mentioned earlier dropped to $1,326 from $1,164 after we selected the U.S. military filter.

Redeem points

The last but not least is the ability to redeem points for Disney cruises. There are ways to use points towards your booking, even though there is no way to directly transfer points.

These redemptions can even be combined with other discounts to help you lower your costs. A member of the U.S. Military can redeem 116.400 Capital One Miles for their entire cruise. This is a great double dip that saves time and money.

Disney Cruise Costs, Recapped

Your needs and preferences can affect the cost of your Disney cruise. For two people, expect to spend at most $1,000. The cost of a cruise for two people will vary depending on the cabin you choose, the trip duration, and your destination choice.

You can save money on your Disney cruise by waiting for a deal, looking for discounts, or redeeming points. If you enjoy a alcoholic beverage, you can bring your favorite drink along onboard.

(Top Photo courtesy Disney Cruise Line)

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