The IRS has some online resources that can help you track your status if you have filed Form 1040X to amend an earlier year’s tax return.

But don’t expect results right away. It may take up to three weeks for your case to appear in the IRS’s “Where is My Amended Return?” tool.

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Call the IRS

Check your Form 1040X.

Remember that it is possible to track your files for quite some time before you see any action. It can take up 20 weeks for your amended return to be processed by the IRS.

How do I track my amended return?

Before you can track your amended returns, you will need to verify your identity.

Be prepared with the following information when you log in or phone:

This information will allow you to look up amended returns that you may have filed for tax purposes up to three years ago. Note that this system differs from the IRS’s online “Amended Return Lookup System”.

Where is my refund?



What is the status of my amended returns?

After you have located your return, the IRS will provide a brief description of its status. Below is a description of what the various results might look like and their meaning.

You have received your amended return.

If the IRS says it has received your tax return, it means that the IRS has completed its review. You may need to wait for the processing to be completed up to 20 weeks.

Your amended returns are adjusted

The IRS has adjusted your account to reflect your amended tax returns. The IRS states that this adjustment can result in a refund, balance due, or no tax change.

You have completed your amended return.

The IRS will complete its review of your documents once the amended return has been filed. The IRS states that you will be mailed all information related to the processing of your amended return.

Why does my amended return take so long?

Sometimes an issue with your tax return could slow down the review process by the IRS. This could lead to the review taking longer than 20 weeks.

The IRS lists a few factors that could cause delays.

  • The amended return contains errors, is incomplete or was not signed.

  • You may have received a request from the IRS to provide more information.

  • Your amended return may be a target for identity theft or fraud.

Other issues, according to the IRS, can slow down your return. It can take up to 20 weeks for a return that needs to be reviewed by a specialized section of the IRS such as the bankruptcy Section. If the agency requires additional information, it will contact you.

The past few years have seen processing slow down. The standard processing process used to take 16 weeks rather than the current 20 weeks. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the IRS will likely still be clearing backlogs of returns and amended returns as the 2022 tax filing season ramps-up.


What happens if the IRS tool doesn’t allow me to locate my amended return?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to access the “Where is My Amended Return?” tool. According to the IRS, there are a few possible explanations.

  • Carryback claims and modifications to your amended return are included in the amended return.

  • The amended return contains a foreign address.