Many travelers find staying connected essential. American Airlines Wi-Fi, unlike other ground-based Wi-Fi, is fast and ubiquitous.

The best part is that you may be able get American Airlines Wi Fi for free with your credit card benefits or on some special American Airlines flights. This is everything you need about American Airlines Wi Fi.

American Airlines has Wi-Fi?

American Airlines has made significant investments in satellite-based Wi Fi on its aircraft. American Airlines claimed that it offered “more aircraft with high speed Wi-Fi than any other airline” in 2019. Flyers can now expect Wi-Fi connectivity on nearly every American Airlines flight.

Two types of Embraer Regional Jets, specifically the ERJ-145 or ERJ-170 small jets, are the only exceptions. These are operated by American Eagle regional subsidiaries. Except for these regional jets you can rest assured that your aircraft is Wi-Fi enabled, regardless of whether you are flying to Abilene or Texas.

Check your flight status to confirm American Airlines’ Wi-Fi in-flight WiFi. American Airlines will list a WiFi symbol for Wi-Fi-equipped flights in addition to information such as terminals, gates, and baggage claim locations.

What is Wi-Fi cost on American Airlines?

American Airlines Wi Fi costs depend on the length of your flight and the Wi-Fi provider that is providing it. For some American Airlines international flights, the cost of Wi-Fi can drop as low as $10 or even as high as $35.

A monthly pass may be an option for frequent American Airlines passengers. American Airlines Wi-Fi Subscription Plans cost $49.95 per Month or $59.95 for a 2-device plan.

The pass allows you to connect to Wi-Fi on most domestic and short-haul international flights at no extra cost. You can’t use the American Airlines Wi-Fi Plan to connect to Wi-Fi on long-haul international flight — this is where a subscription may be the best option.

All American Airlines passengers have access to free of charge. This allows you to check your flight status, locate your connecting gate, and even book additional flights.

American Airlines offers free Wi-Fi.

American Airlines does not offer Wi-Fi for elite passengers, premium cabin passengers, or credit card holders. Passengers can view a brief advertisement on certain American Airlines flights in exchange for 20 to 30 minutes of free Wi Fi, depending on the advertiser.

You can also get American Airlines Wi-Fi free of charge by taking the American Airlines bus. All passengers on Landline-operated buses receive free Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment. But don’t expect much. NerdWallet tests showed that this connection only reached a few megabits per sec. This bus service is only currently available to three Philadelphia airports.

Savings on American Airlines Wi Fi using Credit Cards

Annual statement credit of $25 for Wi-Fi purchases in-flight is available to AAdvantage(r), Aviator(r), Red World Elite Mastercard (r) holders. Holders of AAdvantage (r) Aviator (r) Silver Mastercard(r), receive $50 annually as a statement credits for in-flight Wi Fi purchases

To offset monthly Wi-Fi purchases or monthly passes, travelers can also use airline fees credits or travel credit offered by certain credit cards. Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), cardholders, can use the $300 annual travel credit to charge American Airlines WiFi purchases to their Chase Sapphire Reserve(r).

American Express cardholders can get a credit for the airline fee to pay American Airlines Wi-Fi purchases. These cards are eligible:

Terms apply.

How do I connect to American Airlines Wi Fi

Connect to the Wi-Fi signal once you have boarded your American Airlines flight. The terms and conditions of the network will be presented to you. You will be able to access but not connected to the internet until you do so.

Browse to to purchase a pass, or log in to your subscription plan. You won’t find that subscription plans are available for long-haul international flights.

Wi-Fi connections are available on many American Airlines flights. You might want to connect as soon as possible, regardless of whether you are purchasing a full-flight ticket or using a subscription.

Compare American Airlines Wi-Fi with other airlines

When evaluating onboard entertainment, one factor that we took into account was the Wi-Fi availability of each airline. We also considered the cost per flight and per day of the perk, as well as whether it was free to certain elite members and co-branded airline credit card holders.

American is in this regard on par with many of its peer countries.

JetBlue’s unique Wi-Fi service has been a hallmark of the airline for years. This helped JetBlue win first place in NerdWallet analysis.

JetBlue is losing ground to Delta, and Delta may be able to take the first place very soon. All Delta SkyMiles members will be able to use free Wi-Fi on nearly all domestic flights starting February 2023. By the end 2024, Delta will also be offering free Wi-Fi for international and regional flights.

Southwest is third on our list thanks to its free messaging service and flat $8 per day for internet access.

American Airlines is in the middle of our analysis, with Wi-Fi and messaging costs as high as $35 per flight.

To connect to American Airlines Wi Fi

American Airlines offers WiFi on nearly all its flights. Connecting inflight will generally cost between $10 and $35 for American Airlines flights.

This cost can be reduced by charging purchases to American Airlines credit cards, or credit cards that offer travel credit. Advertising promotions and the American Airlines Landline bus service are the only ways to receive free Wi-Fi from American Airlines.

NerdWallet has collected all information about the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, CitiBusiness(r), / AAdvantage (r) Platinum Select(r), Mastercard(r). NerdWallet no longer offers the Hilton Honors American Express Card and CitiBusiness(r), / AAdvantage (r) Platinum Select (r) Mastercard(r).

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