A cash back debit card is an option if you don’t want a credit card, but still want cash back on purchases.

Cash back rewards or credit cards are two common options. But what about cashback debit cards? A cash back debit card, which works in the same way as a cashback credit card, allows you to get rewards for eligible purchases.

To help you sort through the options, we’ve compiled a list of top cash-back debit cards. Some of the top cash back debit cards that we reviewed offer additional benefits, such as faster access to your paycheck or no ATM fees. Let’s look at our selections.

Best for extra cash back offers: Bank of America Visa debit

This card is unique because Merchants offer limited-time cash back offers through Bank of America’s AmeriDeals Program.

  • Fees –Bank of America has a monthly maintenance fee. However, you might be eligible to have this fee waived if your account is a student or you meet certain minimum balance requirements or direct deposit requirements.
  • Mobile app —Bank of America customers have access to a mobile app that allows them to set savings goals and receive personalized alerts. You can also chat with Erica (Bank of America’s virtual assistant).
  • Reward — Your cash back rewards will be credited to your checking or savings account within the month after your cash back redemption.

Best with no fees: Credit Karma Visa(r), debit

The reason this card is so special:Credit Karma does not charge any fees and there is no minimum balance.

  • Cashback — With the Credit Karma Visa(r), you can get cash back when you make eligible purchases with your debit card.
  • Additional benefits — With a Credit Karma Money(tm), you can access your paycheck up until two days before you sign up for direct deposit.

Get unlimited cash back with American Express Prepaid Debt

This card is unique: Unlike other cards, which require you to have checking accounts, the Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Card is a prepaid option. A debit card can be obtained without a checking account. You can reload the card with cash whenever you need it.

  • Cashback — With this card, you will earn unlimited 1% cashback when you shop online or in-store.
  • Reward — Instead of waiting to get your rewards, you can use them as soon as you receive them. Or you can save them to be used later.
  • Additional benefits — With this debit card you can enjoy perks such as roadside assistance or purchase protection.

The best way to get cash back on common categories. Upgrade Rewards:

Why this card is so special: Upgrade had the highest cash-back rate of any debit cards that we examined. Earn 2% cashback at gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, and streaming subscriptions, plus unlimited 1% cashback on all other transactions.

  • There are no fees —Upgrade does not charge fees for their rewards checking accounts.
  • There is no minimum balance. Upgrade does not require that you keep a specific amount of money in your account.
  • Lower rates on loans — If you have an Upgrade Rewards checking account you could get a rate as low as 20% on an Upgrade personal loan.

What you need to know when considering cash-back debit cards

You may be focused on the highest cashback rate when shopping for a cash-back card debit card. There are many other factors you should consider.

  • Fees Some cash back debit cards have no fees while others charge overdraft fees, maintenance fees and other additional costs.
  • ATM access You can use your debit card to pay at the register, or make online purchases. However, you can also withdraw cash from ATMs using your debit card. You can check with your bank to find out how many ATMs it has and the ATM fees they charge.
  • Additional tools —Some banks provide customers with additional resources and tools, such as accessing their credit scores or budgeting software.
  • Minimum balance —Minimum amounts vary from bank to bank. Some banks require that you deposit hundreds of dollars to open an account. Other banks do not have a minimum balance requirement.

How did we pick these cash-back debit cards

We looked at a variety of cash-back debit card options, but we mainly focused on those that are available to customers across the country. We didn’t include cash-back debit cards from credit unions or regional banks. We evaluated cash-back debit card offers by regional banks and credit unions. We looked at the cash-back rates available, which purchases qualify for cash-back rewards, reward redemption options, and additional account fees. We looked for accounts with very low minimum balance requirements.