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  • Solid rewards rates
  • Integration seamless with Apple devices
  • Capability to track spending habits
  • There are no fees


  • Access all features with an Apple device
  • Apple Pay is required to get the maximum cashback
  • You will need to use your physical card if Apply Pay isn’t accepted

The Apple Card is right for you?

The Apple Card is a credit card with no annual fee that offers some flash, but not much substance. This is especially true if you aren’t an Apple product user. Apple allows anyone with an Apple ID and an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, to apply for the new card.

Here are some other things you should know about the Apple Card.

Integrated Apple experience

Apple Card allows you to enjoy a seamless experience using Apple devices with your Apple ID.

The card can be applied online or via the Apple Wallet app. Your Apple Card will be automatically loaded into your Wallet once you are approved. You can then start using it immediately.

You should be able make instant purchases from your smartphone or any other Apple Wallet-enabled device as long as the store accepts Apple Pay or mobile wallet payments.

It offers solid rewards

The Apple Card’s limited earning potential might make it difficult to find a rewards credit card that offers strong rewards, especially when compared with other cash back cards. If you are looking for a simple cash back card, and Apple’s reward categories match your spending habits well, they might be useful.

Here are the Apple Card’s Daily Cash rewards.

  • Apple Wallet users get 3% Daily Cash for Apple purchases, and with selected merchants and partners, including Ace, T-Mobile and Nike, Uber, Uber Eats and Panera Bread.
  • Receive 2% Daily Cash for every purchase you make using the Apple Wallet
  • All other purchases eligible for 1% Daily Cash

When it comes to redeeming, the Apple Card cash back is immediately available from your Apple device. There are no minimum redemption amounts or waiting periods.

Track your spending habits

The Apple Card allows you to keep track of your spending habits right from your iPhone.

It is possible to see which purchases you make over the course of a month or a week. You can also view the location of your purchases on the map.

This is a great feature that will help you manage your finances responsibly. Apple’s monthly installment plan at 0% interest might be a better option. This could encourage you to buy more Apple products than you would otherwise.

More information about the Apple Card

These are just a few of the things you need to know about the Apple Card.

  • A metal card may be required To use Apple Pay at certain places, a titanium card can be ordered. To request a card, you will need to have the digital version of your Apple Wallet card and an iPhone or iPad.
  • No fees This card doesn’t have any fees You won’t be charged an annual fee, late fees, foreign transaction fees, or over-the-limit fees.
  • You can apply with a friend or family member This feature is called Apple Card Family. It allows you to co-own an account with one member in your Family Sharing Group. You can also invite another Apple Card cardholder and co-own one account.
  • You can share the card with up six people – This card allows up to six people to be on the same card. You can add people to your account to get Daily Cash. They may also be eligible to order a metal card or be listed as authorized users. This will allow them to build credit history and start building credit. You can also set spending limits to anyone you share the card with.

Can the Apple Card affect your credit score?

When you apply for credit cards, the issuer usually checks your credit. This leads to hard inquiries showing up in your credit reports. Although this can have a minimal impact on your credit score, the impact is different for each person.

The Apple Card allows you to prequalify before you apply. You won’t be hit with any hard inquiries right away. Instead, the issuer conducts a soft inquiry. Apple will then check your credit if you accept the offer.

You can apply for the card again if your financial situation improves.

Is it worth the Apple Card?

For loyal iPhone and Apple customers, the Apple Card may be worth it — especially if you want to earn rewards on purchases at Apple and select partners such as Walgreens and Uber.

Keep in mind, however, that not all store credit cards offer the same 3% cashback rate as the Apple Card. Prime members can get 5% off Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Cards.

You might also be disappointed with the card’s limited earning potential if you are looking for a rewards credit card that offers strong rewards, especially compared to cashback credit cards that offer higher rewards rates.

People who feel comfortable using Apple’s digital wallet can also get the Apple card. The Apple Card may not be right for you if you prefer to pay with a physical credit or if the stores where you shop most often do not accept contactless payments.

You may not be interested in an Apple Card if you are a Samsung user, or if you prefer another brand.

Are you unsure if this card is right for you? These are some alternatives.

The Apple Card may not be right for you, especially if your aren’t an Apple fan. These are some other cards that you might be interested in.