• Access to a revolving credit line
  • Depending on the retailer, it may take 3 to 36 months for purchases to be repaid
  • Ability to prequalify


  • Only available through our partner retailers
  • Minimum purchase amounts can be different
  • Fees and interest could apply
  • This could encourage spending too much

What you should know about Citizens Pay

Citizens Pay, one of America’s oldest financial institutions, is a point-of sale tool for retailers. Citizens Pay allows merchants to offer financing to their customers when they sign up.

What is Citizens Pay?

Citizens Pay, like other apps that allow you to pay in smaller installments, allows you to break down large purchases into manageable costs. Citizens Pay, unlike other BNPL apps allows you to access a revolving credit line. Citizens Pay allows you to make multiple purchases within your credit limit without needing to submit another credit application.

What is Citizens Pay?

Citizens Pay financing is available to merchants who enroll with Citizens Bank. Citizens Bank finances all lines of credit under Citizens Pay, not the merchant.

Citizens Pay is available to you when you shop at its partner retailers. Citizens Pay is accepted by merchants. You can choose to use it at checkout. Depending on the amount of the credit, you may be able to split the purchase into monthly payments. You can also repay the line in 36 months.

Can Citizens Pay impact your credit score?

Merchants offering Citizens Pay can provide prequalification tools. To determine if you are eligible for Citizens Pay, fill out the preapproval section.

Citizens will conduct a credit check on you if you decide to move forward. This could have a negative impact on your credit score.

What type of purchases can CitizensPay be used for?

Citizens Pay was initially launched in partnership by Microsoft. It has been expanded to include many merchants since its initial launch. Citizens Pay can be used to purchase the following items and services.

  • Health & fitness CitizensPay can be used for payment of fitness equipment at retailers such as Horizon Fitness.
  • Home improvements contractors Citizens, in partnership with Arlington Financial allows customers to finance projects with partner contractors.
  • Education Customers can use Citizens Pay to purchase educational products and services via Wiley Efficient Learning.
  • Electronics If you are looking for a new gaming system, laptop, or any other electronic device, Citizens Pay can be used at checkout with Microsoft. Citizens Pay is required to purchase Xbox All Access at Best Buy.
  • Furniture You can buy sofas, bedroom sets, and home office furniture using Citizens Pay at selected retailers such as Z Gallerie or Wayfair.
  • Medical Procedures Citizens Pay, in partnership with PrimaHealth Credit can be used for certain medical procedures such as braces or dental treatment, as well as Lasik eye corrective surgery.

Take a closer look at Citizens pay

Here are some additional things you should know if Citizens Pay is something that you are considering to use to finance your purchase.

  • Minimum cart purchases — Each merchant determines their Citizens Pay purchase minimum. The minimum may be as high or low as $900, depending on the merchant.
  • Terms of repayment The available repayment options may vary depending on the merchant and the amount that you finance. Generally, terms are between three and 36 months.
  • APR While some merchants offer 0% APRs, others may charge variable APRs.
  • Late fees If you fail to pay a payment, you may be subject to a substantial late fee. Some merchants may charge fees up to $38.

For whom is Citizens Pay good?

Using BNPL financing to finance retail purchases can lead to an easy overspending and higher interest rates. Citizens Pay should only be used if your monthly budget allows for it. Not sure? Use our budget calculator to help you make a decision.

Citizens Pay is a good option for people who have a large purchase planned and wish to spread out the payments. You may qualify for 0% APR depending on the merchant. You won’t be charged any additional fees if your payments are made on time.

Citizens Pay cannot be used anywhere. You might be better shopping around for 0% credit cards or another BNPL app with more retailers. Personal loans are also an option.

How to Apply with Citizens Pay

The application process for Citizens Pay is very simple if you are making a purchase at a merchant that accepts Citizens Pay.

  • Find a partner merchant. You can finance any purchase from any retailer using some BNPL apps like Affirm. Citizens Pay works in a different way. It’s only available to select merchants. Citizens Pay will be available at the merchant’s checkout section if it is.
  • Add items to your cart. Add the items to your cart. You may need to spend a minimum amount depending on the merchant before Citizens Pay can be used.
  • Be sure to review the terms and conditions. The fees and annual percentage rates can vary depending on which merchant you choose. You should carefully read the terms and conditions, as they may vary depending on which retailer you choose and how much you spend.
  • You must consent to a credit search. Citizens will ask you to agree to a credit search in order to complete the transaction. Citizens will conduct a credit check, which could affect your credit scores.

Are you unsure if Citizens Pay is right to you? These are some alternatives.

  • Klarna There are no interest fees or charges with Klarna’s “Pay later in 4” and “Pay in 30 Days” options.
  • Affirm With Affirm you can have your loan amount loaded onto virtual Visa cards that you can use at any merchant or retailer.