It can be difficult to get car insurance if you don’t hold a driver’s licence. However, it is possible. If you don’t hold a license, there are many reasons why you may need insurance. A medical condition might prevent you from obtaining a license for a short time. While you may not be able to […]

It can be difficult to get car insurance if you don’t hold a driver’s licence. However, it is possible.

If you don’t hold a license, there are many reasons why you may need insurance. A medical condition might prevent you from obtaining a license for a short time. While you may not be able to drive your car anymore, you might have someone else driving it for you. Perhaps your license has been suspended and you want to have it reinstated.

Most states require you to have insurance coverage if someone is driving your vehicle for you. If you have financed your vehicle, your lender may also require insurance. Even though no one is telling anyone to get insurance, it’s a good idea to have some coverage in case something happens to your vehicle.

How to get auto insurance without a license

Talk to an agent or broker to find out if there are any insurance companies that offer policies without a license.

It might be more convenient to work with an agent or broker than to contact companies directly. You will need to call the company to ask if you are willing to work with them.

Compare car insurance quotes from different companies in every case. While you want to select the most affordable option with the right level of coverage, you should also consider that auto insurance premiums may be higher than what you would pay for a license driver. These tips may be worth looking at depending on your situation.

Register yourself as an exclusion driver

You might be eligible to purchase insurance that lists a family member, friend or other driver as the rated driver. This would mean you are the driver of the vehicle.

An excluded driver is a driver who the insurance company does not have to pay for if you cause an accident and drive the vehicle. You cannot legally drive if you don’t hold a license.

If an insurer considers you too risky and refuses to cover you, exclusion might be the only way you can get car insurance. An exclusion can reduce the cost of your insurance if the insurance company considers the driver to be a safer choice.

However, exclusions may not be possible in all states. You will need to remove the exclusion if you wish to reinstate your driver’s license and resume driving.

Request an SR-22 Certificate if required by law

Your state may require that you obtain an SR-22 certificate from the insurer if your license has been suspended or revoked. This document proves that you have the minimum required insurance coverage in your state.

To get your driver’s licence back, you will need to submit an SR-22 form to your state. This is to show that you are following the law. You might not get insurance from certain companies if an SR-22 is required. Make sure you check the availability of this form.

Get parked car coverage

“Parked car coverage” is typically a comprehensive insurance policy that does not include liability or collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage is available for those who are not driving the vehicle.

Full coverage auto insurance may not be necessary. However, it provides greater protection in the event of a car accident. You could save money by purchasing parked car insurance.

Why car insurance might be necessary even if you don’t have a license

These are just a few reasons why a person might not have a driver’s licence but still require insurance.

  • Your medical condition might prevent you from driving. If you are unable to drive, you may be able to renew your license. You might also need to have eye surgery or a medical procedure before you are able to obtain a license. Even if you aren’t using your car while you heal, insurance may be required to protect your vehicle from damage or theft, as well as meet the lender’s requirements that your coverage continue while you repay your car loan.
  • Your family no longer drives, but they use your car for transportation. In case of an accident while they are driving your car, you need insurance.
  • Your hobby is collecting cars. Classic car insurance will protect your investment from theft and damage.
  • A DUI conviction. To get your license back, you may need to show proof of car insurance.
  • You have a learner’s permit. To practice driving and go on the road, you will need to purchase car insurance.

What companies offer car insurance that doesn’t require a driver’s license?

This option is not usually advertised by major insurers. These are the ones we could find, but there may be more.

The Hartford

According to The Hartford, customers without driver’s licenses may be eligible for car insurance. Rates are determined by factors like your driving record, the time you spend in your car, whether your car has been used for a long time, whether your vehicle is still in good condition, and your current location. To qualify, you will need to be a member at least one year of the AARP.


OnGuard insurance boasts that it has access to multiple companies, allowing them to offer multiple quotes even if they don’t have a license. Nonstandard (high-risk) insurance options are available to people who have never been licensed or those who have revoked, suspended, or obtained a foreign license.


Access auto insurance provides insurance policies for people with suspended licenses or temporary licenses. Foreign licenses are also available. Access auto insurance doesn’t stop you from getting ticketed for driving with a suspended license, temporary license or no license.

FAQs regarding car insurance without a driver’s license

Is it possible to register a car in the absence of a driver’s licence?

A driver’s license is not required by most states to register a vehicle. However, you will need to present another acceptable form of identification such as a photo ID issued by the state.

Does it cost more to insure a car with no license?

Insurers might consider someone without a license to be more risky and charge them a higher premium. Even if your license is reinstated, high insurance costs could result if you are without one. Insurers may charge you more if you don’t have a driving record, even if you have never held a license.

What insurance company doesn’t ask for a driver’s license?

Major insurers will generally request a driver’s licence as part of their application process. You’ll need this license to obtain an online quote. Although you may find an insurer willing to sell you a policy once you have explained your situation, they will likely first need your license number.