The airline will add a milestone reward to flyers who don’t yet have elite status. This is similar to JetBlues new Perks you Pick .

These are the major changes to American Airlines’ AAdvantage loyalty program for 2023.

Tougher Gold elite status

Unfortunately, higher airfares and inflation don’t necessarily mean that elite status is more accessible. American has increased the number required to achieve its Gold tier status, 33 %.

The higher tiers will not change, however. These are the new thresholds.

Aadvantage Status tier

Previous Loyalty points

Loyalty Points Needed

Platinum Pro

Executive Silver

Loyalty Points

American Airlines allows its members to choose a Loyalty Selection Reward such as Admirals Club Day Passes or bonus AAdvantage Miles when they reach Platinum Pro status.

To unlock your first reward, you will only need 15,000 Loyalty points. This has been renamed Loyalty Rewards. This means that you can still earn a small recognition for your loyalty even before you reach AAdvantage Gold status.

To earn 15,000 loyalty points, you will receive Group 5, boarding during your membership year. You can choose between or .

1. Priority check-in and security for one trip. Group 4 boarding

2. Five seats preferred coupons

American also announced new Loyalty points benefits, which come as bonus goodies for elite status holders who are between tiers. This is great for Gold status holders who may not have earned the 75,000 points required to reach Platinum status. With 60,000 points, for example, you can get Avis Preferred Plus elite status, and a 20% Loyalty Point Bonus when you shop with select American Airlines partners.

People who earn more than 200,000 loyalty points to achieve Executive Platinum status will receive even greater rewards. After you have earned 550,000 points and reached Executive Platinum status, you will be able to choose from two reward options:

The 3 million Loyalty points milestone rewards will continue. This is a reminder to keep earning points even when you seem to be at the top.

There are more earning opportunities for large spenders than there are for those who can afford it

American Airlines offers a better service for those who have accumulated Platinum status or more and are already spending a lot.

American has removed the 75,000 mile limit that was previously available on one ticket, which is good news for those who spend a lot.

Miles for flights are earned on the basis of both ticket price and status. Sometimes, the maximum number of miles a member could earn on a single flight was determined by the cost of the tickets.

Budget travelers will be disappointed to learn that AAdvantage members now earn 2 miles per dollar on basic economy tickets for any tickets issued after January 1, 2023 for travel beginning March 1, 2023. Tickets that were purchased before this date earned a minimum of 5 miles per dollar.

It is becoming harder to achieve Elite status across many airlines

American Airlines is not the only airline that has struggled to achieve elite status. United, JetBlue, and Delta have all made changes to their loyalty programs in 2023, especially regarding qualification requirements.

Similar to Southwest Airlines, Delta tightened its rules regarding who can access its lounges, and increased the number of Rapid Rewards points required to earn its Companion Pass.

(Top Photo courtesy American Airlines)

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