You may be able, next time you shop for American Express credit cards, to see your chances of approval before you apply. AmEx officially announced the piloting of this feature on its website, after softly launching it earlier in 2022.

“With our brand new application experience, prospective card holders can apply for a card and find out if they are approved before they accept it,” Sara Milsten, American Express executive vice-president of U.S. consumer market, said in a news release.

The feature is in some ways similar to the prequalification process but has important distinctions.

What can you expect from the feature?

How it works

Select applicants can use the “apply with confidence” feature, which is available to both existing AmEx cardholders as well as those without an AmEx card. It can be found online at AmEx’s credit card page. AmEx cards with the option will have an “apply to confidence” box nearby. For more information, you can call AmEx.


You must visit AmEx’s website or call the issuer to use the “apply without confidence” feature. You may not be able to access the feature if you apply through NerdWallet or another channel.

The feature does not have an immediate impact on credit scores. However, if you are approved and accept the offer your credit scores could be affected by the issuer running a hard inquiry. This is a common process for most credit card applications.

This makes the “apply with confidence” feature similar to other issuers’ pre-qualification processes. AmEx, however, provides a final decision and no additional information after receiving it.

Three steps are required to apply for

1. Send us your personal data

To complete your profile, you will need to enter your full name, address and email.

Even if you don’t have credit history in the U.S. you can still benefit from the feature as long as the box is checked under the Social Security number field. If you have a credit record in a qualifying country, AmEx allows you to be eligible without the need for a Social Security Number through Nova Credit.

2. Check out the terms of your credit card

After you have submitted your personal information, you will be able to view the credit card’s general terms and conditions. You will see, for example, the annual percentage rate (or APR) range of the credit card, but not necessarily the specific APR that applies to your credit.

The application will be submitted without any credit score impact. You may be able to add authorized users if the card allows it. However, if you are the only cardholder, you can skip this step.

3. Make a decision, accept or decline the offer

Last, you’ll get a decision. You have two options: accept or withdraw your application if the offer is accepted. If your application is denied, American Express will contact you by mail or email to provide more information.

You may see your credit score drop if you accept and are approved, but you can still make that decision after you know the outcome.

It is normal to experience a slight drop in credit scores when you apply for a credit card. You can bounce back eventually with a strong payment history but it is something you should be aware of if your plan to apply for credit elsewhere or if you are working to improve your credit score.