You might want to purchase long-term travel insurance in case of an emergency if you plan on taking multiple trips per year. Travel insurance usually covers you when you travel abroad. This is especially true for those who have U.S. health insurance.

Long-term coverage and considerations differ from single-trip policies. NerdWallet has searched for the best long-term travel insurance plans in the United States.

We have compiled a list of the top long-term travel insurers:

  • Allianz Global Assistance.

  • Travel Security.

  • USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services.

Factors We Considered

The following considerations were made when choosing the best long-term travel insurer companies:

  • Coverage. We examined the coverage options available and the coverage that you could buy.

  • Cost. It is important to be affordable. If the policy is too costly, it won’t provide the best coverage anywhere.

  • Easy purchase. It is crucial to be able quickly and easily search for quotes and sign up in order to choose the right policy.

  • Customization. You have more options to customize a plan that suits your needs.

Not all companies require that you list the dates, lengths and locations of your trips in order to purchase insurance policies. These details are not required by most travel companies.

A review of the best long-term insurance

We compared prices and coverage levels by looking at quotes for a 1-year policy for a 35 year-old Californian traveler. We chose the entry-level option if a company offered more than one level of travel insurance.

The average price for a policy offered was $171.

Company name

Basic coverage

Recommended for


Allianz Global Assistance

Travelers who want an affordable option and are willing to accept a limited trip delay.

This plan does not cover trips that last more than 45 days.

Travel Guardian

For travelers who travel to places where safety is a concern, security evacuation is covered.

This policy does not cover pre-existing conditions.

USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services

For those who are looking for minimal coverage and a low price.

No cancellation or trip interruption coverage.

Foreign travelers who might need to fill prescriptions abroad.

You will need a primary insurance plan to be eligible for this type of insurance.

For travelers looking for a tech-forward business that offers additional services and a return policy,

Selecting addons can make this the most expensive option.

Best long-term travel insurance for U.S citizens

Let’s have a closer look at the five long-term recommendations we made for travel insurance.

Allianz Global Assistance

What makes Allianz Global Assistance so great?

  • Easy-to-use website.

  • Affordable coverage.

  • Different options for different budgets.

Allianz Global Assistance’s basic coverage cost $138 for our test. This is about 19% less than the average.

Travel Protection by AIG

Why Travel Guard is so great:

We tested Travel Guard’s basic coverage for $259, which is 51% more than the average.

USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services

The best part about USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services:

  • Budget-friendly option.

  • Includes emergency medical evaluation.

  • Easy-to-use website.

The basic coverage of USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services cost $100 for our test. This is almost 42% less than the average.


GeoBlue is great because of

  • Prescription drugs may be covered.

  • Permitted to travel unlimitedly outside the U.S., for a maximum 70-day trip.

GeoBlue’s basic coverage cost $125 for our test. This is 27% less than the average.


Heymondo is great because of

  • Provides a one month refund policy, provided that the trip hasn’t started and there have been no claims.

  • Add coverage for electronics, cruises and adventure sports.

  • You can chat with your doctor 24/7 and file claims.

Heymondo’s basic coverage cost $232 for our test, which is 36% more than the average.

Recapped Travel insurance coverage for long-term trips

You should consider your needs and budget before purchasing long-term travel insurance.

A good plan can give you peace of mind and help you save money in an emergency.

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