Travel insurance protects travelers in the event that they are unable or delayed in completing their trip as planned. These policies cover cancellations or delays of flights, lost or damaged luggage and illness, among other things. You can cancel your trip with certain types of travel policies, even if your mind changes.

Cancel For Any Reason policies also known as Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance. We’ll tell you what they are, their cost, and whether they are worth it.

What’s Cancel for Any Reason?

CFAR Travel Insurance is an option to add to your existing travel insurance policy. This feature allows travelers the ability to cancel prepaid, non-refundable reservations at any time. It is not limited to reasons that are covered by standard travel insurance policies.

You will pay an additional cost for this flexibility. You’ll have to pay an extra fee to upgrade your travel insurance policy to include Cancel For Any Reason. Second, policies typically only reimburse a portion of your travel expenses when you submit a claim — usually between 50% and 75% depending on which policy.

It’s important that you weigh the cost of a policy upgrade against the amount you will receive if you file a claim.

What is Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance coverage typically?

Only reservations that are pre-paid and non-refundable will be covered by a travel insurance policy. You can cancel a refundable reservation you already have without incurring any penalties by calling your travel insurance company.

The policy coverage will vary depending on the type of policy and the insurer. Check the coverage of your travel insurance policy before you buy it. Here are some examples of non-refundable, prepaid travel reservations:

  • Tickets for non-refundable flights.

  • Hotel reservations that are prepaid and non-refundable.

  • Prepaid car rental.

  • Cruises.

  • Event tickets.

  • Reservations for Campgrounds.

Most travel insurance policies don’t cover award reservations. You can cancel your flights and rooms booked using points and miles at many hotels and airlines without any penalty.

Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance allows you to cancel your reservation at any time. These are some reasons that travelers might use to cancel their trip:

  • Concerns regarding COVID cases and quarantine requirements.

  • Passport wasn’t received in time

  • Safety concerns regarding the destination.

  • Family and work obligations.

  • You don’t need a travel companion and you don’t want to travel by yourself.

  • A pre-existing condition can limit your ability to travel.

  • You are starting a new job but cannot take time off.

Claim Guidelines for CFAR Policies

Travelers can get additional protection if they have to cancel a reservation. To be eligible for approval, claims must be made in accordance with specific guidelines. These guidelines will vary depending on the policy or insurer, but they are common.

  • Purchase date. The policy must be purchased by the traveler within 10-21 days after they have made their first trip payment.

  • Deadline to cancel travel plans. You must cancel your travel arrangements at least 48-72 hours before you depart.

  • Maximum coverage. Most policies will require you to purchase coverage that covers 100% of your prepaid expenses and non-refundable expenses in order to be eligible for CFAR benefits.

  • Partial reimbursement. The insurer usually reimburses 50% to 75% of eligible travel expenses when you file a claim.

What is Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance?

The total cost of your trip is one of the main variables in travel insurance premiums. To get a quote for your entire trip, include the cost of all nonrefundable and prepaid reservations, tickets, and travel expenses.

Travel insurance policies that include CFAR benefits can vary in cost depending on the provider, length and cost of the trip, number of travelers, and other factors. We priced out a policy that covers a family of four on a seven-day trip to Spain from the U.S. for $5,000.

Base Policy Price

Add-On CFAR Price for 50% Refund

Add-On CFAR Price for 75% Refund


Atlas Journey Preferred.

Trawick International

Safe Travels Voyager.

International Travel Insurance

Worldwide Trip Protection.


Travel Protector Preferred.

Policy quotes from, as of November 25, 2022.

Do you need it if you have other travel insurances?

Travel insurance that covers cancellations for any reason protects your trip. But, do you really need it if there are other travel protections? Let’s look at common coverage options and see if they provide the same protections.

Credit card travel insurance

You can get valuable travel protections from credit cards. These include coverage for delayed flights, cancellations, sickness, lost bags, and damaged luggage. They do not offer Cancel for Any Reason benefits so you will not receive reimbursement if you cancel.

Refundable Reservations

Many airlines, hotels, and other travel companies made positive adjustments to their refund policies during COVID-19. You don’t have to purchase a CFAR insurance policy if you can cancel your reservation and get a refund. You should be familiar with cancellation policies for the airline, hotel, or other provider so that you are aware of what is required to cancel your reservation.

Cruise cancellation policy

You may have the option to purchase insurance when you book a cruise or airline reservation. These policies only cover the cruise or flight reservation and do not cover your entire trip.

Although travel insurance policies offered by cruise lines and airlines vary, many include Cancel for Any Reason benefits. You’ll only get a fraction of the trip cost if you cancel, just like other CFAR policies. Carnival Cruises, for example, will reimburse up to 75% of the cost of your non-refundable, prepaid cruise.

Cancel for any reason benefits are not usually included in airline travel insurance policies. You must cancel your travel insurance policy for an eligible reason to submit a claim.

Is cancel for any reason travel insurance worth it?

Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance covers travel expenses, both prepaid and non-refundable. Although you may have travel insurance protections on your credit card or other policies they do not usually cover your entire trip. Compare the benefits and costs of Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance when you are considering a CFAR update to your policy.

CFAR policies provide additional flexibility if you have to cancel a reservation. However, it is important to follow your policy’s claim guidelines in order to get money back for your reservations.

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